Congress success UPA vs NDA

Reporting on Infrastructure

The BJP’s recently released ‘Infrastructure Vision’ boldly alleges the UPA regime to have been a ‘disaster’ for the development of infrastructure. But let’s move beyond the allegations to some serious number-crunching and fact-digesting.

Like this: The UPA has invested at least 79% more on infrastructure than the NDA.

Telecom density went up 23 percentage points under the UPA as against 6 percentage points under the NDA.

Trace the graphs right here.

One comment

  1. I am so glad that this site has come about.
    i was begining to feel that i was the only one in the Blogosphere who didn’t support the BJP .

    the chorus or meme on how wonderful the NDA Govt was deafening. Despite the recession i feel ‘better’ than i did 5 years ago !

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