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Body of evidence


The Sanjay Dud-Mayawati fracas over the “jhappi and pappi” stuff provided comic relief from the never-ending venom, vitriol , Varun and vehemence on constant display during this summer-time election. Almost everyone has had an EC warning, and the standard pretext has been the ” context” in which the happening sentences have been gleefully uttered. Either way, what has been conspicuously missing in this election has been a sarcastic exchange laced with biting humor. For instance, just why hasn’t anyone from the Congress yet said about Narendra Modi that he is always trying to save both his faces??????

The electronic media has had a field-day as most political parties have appointed spokespeople for dedicated channels on permanent standby. So sound-bytes are completely underwritten, and it is a win-win proposition on both sides, which is a fair deal . But what has been particularly noticeable is the almost condescending manner and ” judgmental” overtones of some senior editorial types from well-known TV channels. Absolute no-no, if you ask me, and defying basic norms of studio hospitality. One of them was openly damning the spokesperson of a political party, passing his own personal opinion with vigorous body language to boot , and sounding like a pompous, self-righteous indignant judge. The job of an anchor is to create an animated debate and ensure fair-play in the time allotment sphere, and let the best man( men ) score the points. But when anchors behave like football match referees, we have a serious problem. Worse, some of them come across as a Pope.

President Zardari in Pakistan does not believe in a ” body of evidence”, which given the Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab affair should hardly come as a surprise. But his rather outrageous statement that Osama bin Laden was dead, was an incredible shocker. Of course, Mr Zardari added that that was his personal assessment, as he had no ” evidence”, which must have given the US plenty to introspect on , given Zardari’s arbitrary interpretation of ” proof”. Promptly, the US President Barack Obama contradicted the fictitious tale, but one wonders where is all the new tranche of USD 400 million military help for Pakistan headed for if the head of state is as clueless as I am when solving trigonometry for high-school kids. Besides Zardari’s foot-in -the-mouth disease, Obama should seriously worry as unaccounted US funds could be actually be invested in a dubious portfolio, some of which could boomerang ( pun intended) on the US itself.

Today my very famous Malbar-Hill flavored South Mumbai constituency has gone to vote, and I shall soon find out if some of them were holidaying in the snowy Alps, doing a lazy brunch , or those who are the recession-conscious kind , taking a long week-end break at Alibaug. It’s possible that others just chose to avoid the insufferable surly weather as it would mean an appointment with the dermatologist. Either way when I voted this morning, the crowds looked thinner than Kareena Kapoor in a size zero or whatever, although the general expectation was that once the afternoon sun set in, they would troop by in dark glares covering three fourths of their prized beauty to press the buzzer. In a few hours we will know.

Till such time, let us watch a 7 over IPL match with a 7.5 minutes of a strategy break. Enjoy!


  1. Congress as a party & Manish Tiwari in particular has completely lost it. Comparing Modi with Dawood Ibrahim? How can he even think about it? One has to be even more insane than a superlunatic to think like this. Manish Tiwari fulfills those criteria. But interestingly, Gujarat Congress has been absolutely quiet on the matter. They haven’t spoken anything against Amitabh Bachchan neither against their party. I joyfully pity their position. They can’t go against their own party neither they can speak against Amitabh Bachchan otherwise they will even lose the remaining support in Gujarat from Gujarati people. They are in a fix & their own party is digging their grave in Gujarat. I think Congress just wants to gain more minority votes from rest of India appeasing them by bashing Gujarat for everything. They are making their minority votes secure at the expense of Gujarat and Gujarati people. And Gujaratis will not forgive Congress for this outrageous behavior. If Congress has a problem with Narendra Modi, fight with him. Why are they harassing Amitabh Bachchan who wants to do something good for tourism in Gujarat and Gujarati people? If more tourists come to Gujarat, it will help Gujarati people and state of Gujarat, not Modi personally. This is unbelievable and ridiculous.


    YOU can disagree with Mr. MODIJI but you have stand for GUJARAT. BUT NO, THESE socalled smart CONGRESS BASTARDS are selfish and they are POWER HUNGRY GUNDAS.

    MR. MODIJI, Most of all GUJARATIS are with YOU…..


    Congress like the hardline blood-thristy religious zealots feels offended whenever someone opposes riots and brings up law and order as appropriately done by Shree Narendrabhai Modi.


    This video was telecast on Doordarshan on 28 February 2002, a day after 54 Hindus were burnt in Godhra .

    Visit for Video :

    Amidst all mud throwing by Congress and leftists, foreign funded NGOs and media, this video given above shows reality of Narendra Modi’s stand during Godhra riots of year 2002. This video reveals how baseless and completely false are the allegations made by section of media, NGOs and politicians of the country against Narendra Modi for last eight years in connection with Godhra riots.

    This video was telecast on Doordarshan channel a day after the Muslims burnt 54 Hindu pilgrims returning back from Ayodhya.

    In this video Mr. Modi requests the people of Gujarat to maintain law and order and peace in the state. The video has subtitles in English.

    It is good that Modi presented himself before SIT, because now he will come out clean, as he was and he is.

    The untruth bombarded for crores of times again and again never becomes truth. They shouted untruth for thousands of time that Modi was called by SIT on 21 March, but it didn’t become truth. They shouted thousands of times that Modi was not honoring law because he didn’t appear on 21 March before SIT, but it didn’t become truth, the date was not 21st, they had to admit. They shouted that Modi called SIT investigator at his bungalow for interrogation citing security issue, but it didn’t become truth, Modi himself went to SIT office, the world watched it. They shouted and cried over Chief Justice sharing dias with Modi, but the Chief Justice shared. They shouted over Zimbabve’s ex Chief Justice Ibrahim Moosa sharing stage with Modi, but Moosa not only shared the stage but also praised Modi in his speech in very same program. They shouted over Amitabh Bachchan’s consent to become Brand Ambassador of Gujarat Tourism and criticized it in worst possible manner, but Amitabh did not succumb to their cry, And they are shouting day and night for last eight years that Modi is involved in Godhra riots, but this untruth will not become truth, because it is a sheer lie and glorified untruth.

    Modi’s stand during Godhra riot is up and clear in the video above. If he wanted more riots, he could avoid telecasting this appeal. After all, this was not mandatory for him at that time. He was going against his own people’s anger to relay this appeal.

    The transcripts of this video is available in Gujarati and Hindi in PDF format on the blog.


  3. The Congress party is setting not only lowest example of politics but even political statements. None ruling party in any country would behave in so irresponsible manner. We are seeing how Amitabh Bachchan is being targeted for his consent to work for few ads of Gujarat Tourism. The ruling Congress party is behaving in fashion like Gujarat is in Pakistan. Even an actor who supported Pakistan was given the best treatment by ruling Congress government in Maharashtra. And we saw what treatment a Hero who supports Gujarat is having in the same state under the same government!

    On Tuesday, the main spokesperson of ruling Congress party shockingly compared Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi with Dawood Ibrahim! This was like comparing Ram with Ravan or Krishna with Kansa or Day with Night and black with white!

    “The BJP consistently is saying that Gujarat’s Chief Minister has done a great favour by appearing before the Special Investigating Team (SIT). If you don’t follow the law of the land, then have to face the consequence. If tomorrow Dawood is brought before the law, then will people say that he is doing the law a favour? This is a childish thing to say,” said Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari.

    Was Manish Tiwari drunk while giving this statement? Is there a whiskey named ‘Anti-Modi’ available these days in Delhi? or ‘Anti-Big B? of Anti-Gujarat?’ The last one seems working.

  4. I know my Comments will not be published, as this is Congress ( From family of NEHRU / GANDHI ).

    No other than the RAJVI FAMILY ( NEHRU / GANDHI) can state anything. All the Congressies are falling on feets of SONIA MADAM & the LITTLE BOY RAHUL like a pet DOG.
    I have seen the LIVE on Doordarshan in previous Loksabha after Election while Madam (?) SONIA Gandhi has rejected the PM post, the MPs (Member of Parliaments), who were elected by us & sent to Delhi for driving the country (INDIA not the Congress family) were falled at Feet of Madam SONIA Gandhi (?) & were crying to be PM. If these are the elected members by ourselves, who are not caring for County, INDIA, Indian People then how the Country can have progress ? This is the Largest Assembly (?) in world & the MPs are like this ? I am shamed.

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