Guest Post Post Election UPA vs NDA

Stable government will facilitate India investment

– by guest contributor VARAD PANDE

In an environment of uncertainty accompanying the General Elections, foreign investors are naturally keen to know what a new Government could hold for them, says Varad Pande, who takes a look at the possible outcomes of the election and the implications in store for global players.

It is likely that at a broad level, there may not be major differences between the policy directions taken by a Congress Party-led or a BJP-led alliance. Some subtle differences may exist that will have implications for investors – such as the Congress Party focusing more on rural and social issues, giving a fillip to the agricultural and consumer goods sectors, while the BJP would have a bigger urban agenda, impacting infrastructure, logistics and capital goods sectors. Neither may focus strongly on capital inflows in financial services nor embark on a disinvestment drive just yet, however, given the weak global economic environment and the lack of political consensus on these issues.

Read Varad’s analysis of the impact of various possible outcomes of this election here.

Our guest blogger Varad Pande is a senior consultant in the UAE office of Monitor Group, a global strategy consulting firm.

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