What happens if a national political party finds its strength in sowing seeds of doubt and hatred in the hearts and minds of society? We are witnessing that today. There is a considerable amount of doubt and hatred inside that party itself. It has become tough to even breathe inside the party as it is cruelly and inhumanely side-lining the candidates and their voices. The first victim of this phenomenon was the veteran of the party, L K Advani. Then, it spread. It was then the turn of Jaswant Singh. In the future Arun Jaitley, Uma Bharathi or Sushma Swaraj might face the same consequences. Perhaps someone like Venkaiah Naidu might survive. People who are able to give tough competition, have their own voice and have self-respect are being discarded one by one. The stench of revenue minister (and challenger to Modi’s leadership) Hiren Pandya’s mysterious killing, might still linger in the BJP House. Sudhindra Kulkarni, L K Advani’s close aide, once said, “Someone who divided society is now dividing the party”. It is reminiscent of the behaviour of the last sultan of the Mogul Empire during the fall of the Moguls.

That is probably why Jaswant Singh, remembering a French leader’s words, said, “Graveyards on the land have often been dug by people who tout themselves as inevitable to the country”. These words should sound as warning bells for Indian politics today. Modi once said, “Terrorists in Kashmir did not kill just people but they attacked Kashmiriyat and struck at the core of humanity. Then what did Modi do? Did he not kill Indian-ness, democracy and humanity? Can a person who is supposed to stop killing and looting be the cause of the same? How can one survive?

If you observe some of the developments in Gujarat you will realise that only a dictator can be capable of that. E.g. 1,100 acres of land that had been reserved for the Agriculture University by the Gujarat Government has been sold to Tata Nano for INR 900 per sq meter whereas the market price is INR 10,000 per sq meter! Along with that a loan of INR 9,750 crore was arranged, four times more than the project cost. The interest on the loan – 0.10%! If we look at this as a metaphor, tomorrow, if India is under a dictatorship, we might see people driving around the streets in a Tata Nano car in search of food.

Another example: Claiming it was ‘barren and uncultivable wasteland’ the Gujarat government sold 18,000 acres of land to ADANI at between INR 4,000 and INR 130,000 per acre. The same ‘not cultivable’ land was sold to other companies by ADANI at between INR 32 lakhs and 4 crore per acre. The parody is, even some government sector companies also bought the land from ADANI. What kind of a business is this?

Another one: Biotor Industries has been granted a loan of INR 1,500 crore in the name of Bio Fuel. The loan has been sanctioned to purchase raw materials and for fuel production and distribution. But all of this is just on paper. The Gujarat government has also given Biotor Industries 300 acres of land to create a SEZ (Special Economic Zone). Even during the British rule this might not have happened.

There are so many instances like this. It cannot happen without the enthusiastic role of the government in power. If the above things happen in a system of democracy we can protest and question. In a dictatorship protest is not possible. Now, kindly observe the working style of the M B Shah Committee which was appointed to investigate the land mafia scams in Gujarat. The committee made it compulsory to get a notary signature on every page of the document they submit before the committee! A person called Thakar collected all the documents of the scam and struggled for 44 days to get a signature. He gets the signature, eventually from a brave notary. When submitted, the committee questioned Thakar, ‘Who are you? How is it a matter to you?’ to pass the time on the last day. Due to mounting pressure the committee accepts the documents. But the judge of the committee makes the petitioners responsible for bringing in the accused officers and corporate people! The committee was supposed to summon them. The interim report of the M B Shah Committee was tabled on the birthday of Gandhi and the cabinet accepted it. The very next day a BJP spokesperson gives the government a clean bill of health. On 12/12/12 a big debate was happening on “The World Will End” but no-one recognised the real end in Gujarat.

The BJP only sees the looting and corruption of others but assumes its own corruption and robbery as social service. What is Modi’s response to this? In his reign of 13 years Modi has never once participated in the discussion of any bill, never answered the questions of MLAs. The answer to each and every scam is his silence! There is a dictator hidden in that silence. He should have attended the sessions of people’s representatives if Modi had felt that he was elected in a democratic system he wouldn’t have ignored elected representatives. Modi also ignored the actual state of health in Gujarat. The heights of contradiction sprung up when Modi declared “Gujarat is not affected by H1N1. While the reality says that Modi himself was affected by it. What kind of a solution is this? If you want to kill a disease, then kill the disease rather not the diseased.

At least now the people who are wearing the Modi mask should burn it and should burn the dictatorship in Modi before it affects their life. This is today’s immediate need. For India, in order for tomorrow to survive this has to happen.

In spite of all this, how can people see anything when they are trapped in the word ‘development’? We are failing to see the considerable amount of slums that are rising due to competition with the ‘development’. Some European nations who were trapped in the vortex of ‘development’ are barely surviving with rescue packages.

The distance between rich and poor has widened as that between the sky and the land. This has affected our electoral system and democracy. We have closed our eyes to all the anarchy around us. A mad horse called ‘development’ has made us all blind to everything else.

At least now we should open our eyes. A dictator holds a sword at the throat of India. Way back in 1992, Ashish Nandi, a psychology student and a social scientist found a dictator inside Modi. He interviewed Modi whilst working in Delhi and said, “It left me in no doubt that here was a classic, clinical case of a fascist”.

“Modi, it gives me no pleasure to tell the readers, met virtually all the criteria that psychiatrists, psycho-analysts and psychologists had set up after years of empirical work on the authoritarian personality. He had the same mix of puritanical rigidity, narrowing of emotional life, massive use of the ego defense of projection, denial and fear of his own passions combined with fantasies of violence – all set within the matrix of clear paranoid and obsessive personality traits. I still remember the cool, measured tone in which he elaborated a theory of cosmic conspiracy against India that painted every Muslim as a suspected traitor and a potential terrorist”. Ashish Nandi concludes with much concern and fear, “I came out of the interview shaken. For the first time, I had met a textbook case of a fascist and a prospective killer, perhaps even a future mass murderer.” The slaughter Ashish Nandi predicted in 1992 actually happened in 2002. Now that it is written in the pages of history we might expect it in the future too.

Modi claims that only one farmer in Gujarat has committed suicide in the last 10 years. Is Modi claiming that the statistics of the Gujarat and Indian government of thousands of suicides by farmers are false or is it that the other farmers who committed suicide are not human beings?
Even though these atrocious liars promise the sun and moon in their manifestos their assurances and promises will also commit suicide. During the Uttarakhand calamities Modi sponsored promoters publicised that 16,000 Gujaratis were saved. If it was Krishna who saved 16,000 gopikas we could have believed it as a myth.

During last General Elections a local news paper reported an incident. It is haunting me now.

An old man was passing by reading a news paper. As usual the local MLA Ramdas urged the old man to vote for BJP. The old man furiously replied “Which BJP? Even I am from BJP. I am hurt. First stop Operation Kamala. It will curb BJP”. Further, when Ramdas went closer and tried to touch him and convince the old man even became furious and told “Do not touch me else I will lose my sanctity”. An RSS person, Damodar Baliga, who asked the old man to cool down, also faced the fire from the old man. He told “You are also untouchable. Stay Away. Can’t you advice BJP leaders to stop Operation Kamala? Don’t touch me”. All fell short of words meanwhile the old man walked away from them.

This was the report. This should have become the national news. The old man seemed as a divine godman who fired and cursed BJP for spreading dirt in the state politics by doing Operation Kamala. This curse affects all the parties of similar thoughts. To the old man BJP would have seemed as a brothel where someone comes, sleeps and get out in the morning. Another comes, the owner dangerously smiles and welcomes him too. This could have been the reason and his anguish is justified.

If delusion and myth also adds to the characteristics of a dictator where will it lead? BJP was a communal party earlier, now it is on the verge of handing over this country to a dictator and killing itself along with the country. This should have first been reported by the media. In a despotic state, media becomes the first victim. They should have learnt it long ago. While writing, I hope and wish from the bottom of my heart that the fears of Ashish Nandi don’t become a reality and India will never have a terrorist government.

Original Kannada Article by Devanuru Mahadeva
Translated to English by Vivek Prakash
Dated 10.04.2014

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