Congress success

But for Congress party’s commitment, Telangana would not have been formed, says Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Mahbubnagar, AndhraPradesh
April 21, 2014


  • But for Congress party’s commitment, Telangana wouldnot have been formed, says Mr. Rahul Gandhi
  • Congress Party will now fulfil the promises made to thepeople of Telangana & Seemandhra
  • TDP & BJP created hurdles in the formation of Telangana
  • TRS and its leaders only want power


Underscoring the contribution of the Congress Party inrealizing the long standing demand of the people of Telangana for a separatestate, Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi assured the people of the twostates that the Congress Party will fulfil their dreams and bring developmentto the region.

“The dream you had for the past 60 years will be a realityon June 2nd. Many people from the state fought for and sacrificedtheir life for this dream. Without the Congress Party, this dream would nothave materialized. We heard your voice, we tried to build consensus, followedthe democratic process and as a result, in a few days a new state of Telanganawill be formed. We have made promises to the people of Telangana and Seemandhraand the Congress Party will fulfil all the promises made… the truth is, withoutSmt. Sonia Gandhi, Telangana would not have been formed,” he said at a massiverally in Mahbubnagar.

Exposing the inability of other parties to address the needsand aspirations of the people of Telangana, Mr. Gandhi asked the people tosupport the Congress Party for it is the only party that will cater to theirgrowth and development in a secular and inclusive manner. “TDP and BJP createdhurdles in the formation of Telangana. TRS was missing when we were draftingthe bill for creation of Telangana. TRS makes promises but fails to followthrough. They promised that they will merge with the Congress Party, they didnot fulfil it. They said that there will be a dalit CM for the state, they have forgotten about it. Soon, theywill forget all other promises made to you. TRS and TRS leaders only wantpower… when the Congress Party forms the government here it will bringdevelopment and progress to the state and its people,” he said.

Mr. Gandhi also cautioned the people against the divisivepolitics of the BJP and said that the opposition party will be detrimental forthe state and the country. He also elaborated on the measures that the CongressParty will take for the people and the youth of the state, such as, a 4000 MWpower plant, 10-year tax holiday for the backward regions of the state andmanufacturing corridors, among other things.

“We will ensure that every section of the societyprogresses. We will take everybody along the path of development… this will bea new state and you have to decide whether you want to dream small or big. Ifyou want to dream big and change your life, then vote for the Congress Party,”he said.

Building on the rights-based paradigm that the CongressParty has been working on for the last decade, Mr. Gandhi told the people thatthey will now be given the right to shelter, health and free medicine andpension. He added that the pro-poor polices of the Congress led UPA governmenthad pulled 15 crore people out of poverty line in the last ten years.

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