Mr. Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP of copying the Congress Manifesto

Jhunjhunu & Udaipur, Rajasthan
April 10, 2014

  • Mr. Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP of copying the Congress Manifesto
  • The Congress Party implemented One Rank One Pension and initiated work on building the Industrial Corridors
  • The BJP has failed to generate new ideas, says Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Accusing the BJP of blatantly copying the Congress Party manifesto, Mr. Rahul Gandhi said on Thursday that the opposition party has failed to generate new ideas.

“The BJP has replaced the ‘hand’ symbol from the Congress manifesto with the ‘lotus’ symbol and are calling it their manifesto. The BJP keeps talking about creating industrial corridors, but the Congress party has already started work on this a while ago, the Congress Vice President told a massive rally in Jhunjhunu.

He said the BJP was promising to introduce the “One rank, one pension” scheme that had already been introduced by the UPA government. “They should come up with something original of their own. They keep stealing whatever we are saying and doing, he said.

At another massive rally in Udaipur, he observed that the BJP advertisement blitzkrieg reflected the influence a few industrialists have over the BJP. “Who is funding the BJP’s extravagant ad campaign?” he said.

Mr. Gandhi said in Jhunjhunu that the Congress was the party of the poor and farmers and had worked hard to bring 15 crore people out of poverty in the past decade. “They talk about India shining, we are talking about Rights for the people” he said, adding that the Congress wanted the poor and farmers to be part of India’s progress that cannot be limited only for a few.

“In 2014, they are talking of the Gujarat model, in the same way they spoke about India Shining in 2004. The question is what have these people done for farmers? We have increased the price of wheat significantly, we have waived 70,000 crore worth of farmer loans, we provided farmers with banking facilities… the opposition questioned us time and again on the loan waiver provided to the
farmers,” he told the cheering crowd.

Mr. Gandhi also dismissed BJP’s stand on corruption and said the opposition party was misleading people. Pointing out that the BJP hadn’t talked about the five pending anti-corruption bills in Parliament, he said “There is no Lokayukta, there is no anti-corruption framework in Gujarat. He (Modi) says he wants to become the chowkidar of the country and is asking you to give him the keys to the country’s treasury… They get scared when we want to give you the Rights and when we want to give you the key,” he said.

The Congress Party will provide right to health, shelter and pension, among other measures, to empower the poor, weaker and backward sections of the country, he told the rallies.

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