BJP election failure

Confusion over Hindutva cost the BJP

Tehelka has a series of articles analysing the BJP debacle at the polls. In this one, which looks like the fourth of the ‘Hindu Divided Family’ series, NDA Convenor Sharad Yadav tells Neha Dixit that the BJP must resolve the lack of clarity on its agenda.

There were many reasons for the defeat. The BJP was in charge of our national strategy while the JD(U) was in the driver’s seat in Bihar. The BJP should sit down and examine why this loss happened. Had this analysis happened earlier, we would not have lost. As the NDA convener, I have raised this issue with the BJP; there is a need to engage in serious introspection.

More here.

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  1. Tehelka is doing a very valuable job by serving the people the analysis of the verdict through the eyes of those who can not be dismissed as anti BJP agents of the congress or communists.The beauty of the moment is that it has created a space for the people like Kulkarni and Sharad Yadav to speak the truth.The verdict has been doing its ideological work so well and effectively since its declaration that one can not be but happy feeling the the peoples power in their collective wisdom.At one time after Gujarat experiment many among had begun to talk about the possibility of temporary success for Sanghi fascism.Now everything seems changing in the positive direction:The impact of the big lesson being taught to Sangha Parivar these days.

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