Congress success

Rahul Gandhi on a roll!

Rahul Gandhi's blog allows small media outlets to access coverage of his campaign trail with a 24/7 updated blog

Rahul works hard, his website harder!

No, it’s not just us saying that. Here’s a great story from the DNA (Daily News and Analysis) today, which tells us that:

Rahul Gandhi spends over 16 hours a day on the campaign trail, but that’s nothing compared to what his website does – it’s on 24X7.

He manages to cover two states a day and address four public meetings, while his website ‘’ relays as many meetings and that too across the world. The customised portal also replays streaming videos and audio of past public meetings of not just Rahul, but that of the entire Nehru-Gandhi family.

The site, run by what Congressmen call “Team Rahul, feeds the media with latest videos, photographs and speeches of Rahul, Priyanka and Sonia, and has all that the party offices, the media and the cable networks need.

Nice to see some IT that actually works! Story here.


  1. As an alert & dutifull senior citizen of India and being born 0n 24th
    sept 1944 in a poor Brahman family of Benaras state(Kashi Rajya)& Convenor of Vishwa Brahman Congress , I feel that Rahul Gandhi wants to build a better India for humanbeing by breaking all types of sackels to provide full opportunities for constructive activties to the youth of India to infuse new life among them.

  2. Dear sir!,
    I am very much impressed by the speeches and action of mr.rahul gandhi.I would like to become a part of INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS under the leadership of Rahul gandhi.Kindly tell me the procedure to become the member.

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