bad economics

Promises and lies

Rice for Rs 2/kg: a pet BJP promise in Karnataka but here's why it hasn't got off the ground

It’s not just about proposing grandiose plans that India can ill afford, it’s also about making budget promises that simply can’t be kept. That’s what’s happening in Karnataka, say journalists from The Hindu, Bageshree S. and Muralidhara Khajane in their critique of the BJP’s government’s apparent pet obsession dream: Rice for Rs. 2/kg, but where’s the money to come from, Mr. Yeddyurappa?

The journalists point out that there’s been a mess with the card distribution and not enough fund allocation to the PDS (public distribution system).

Just before the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections, the State government issued applications for BPL cards and even started distributing ‘temporary cards’ without verifying the actual economic status of the applicants. While 78 lakh cards are in circulation, the Department of Food Civil Supplies received close to 30 lakh fresh applications.

Read all the bad news here.

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