BJP untruths Congress success

The Sting of Flint

Outlook Magazine’s Smita Gupta traces the recent emergence of our usually reticent and retiring PM as a strongman, matching intellect with caustic comment directed at his blustering Opposition. And his appeal lies not only amongst the educated middle-class, she points out:

Indeed, Manmohan has touched more lives than even he might have imagined. Two weeks ago, while travelling through central and eastern Uttar Pradesh, where the contest is essentially between the BSP and the Samajwadi Party, the question, “Which party would you like at the Centre?” evoked a remarkably similar answer from potential voters. Cutting across the urban-rural barrier, religious and caste lines, a majority said, “The Congress and Manmohan Singh.” Why Manmohan Singh? Even in rural areas, the answer was remarkably uniform-in this era of an economic meltdown, it was important to have an arthshastri at the helm of affairs; at a time when India was engaging with the world, India needed a leader who could converse with world leaders on equal terms.

Read her analysis of how the BJP’s offensive against the PM failed over here.

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  1. Well I think this is the half part of the story presented. Number of people below poverty line had increased during congress than previous NDA government.
    Just quoting an Article by pro-congress journalist does not proves the fact.

    Take Source form some international independent news source.

    first by BBC ( which clearly states that ” according to the available evidence, the proportion of the poor below the poverty line significantly fell in both rural and urban areas during Mr Vajpayee’s rule.”

    Then an Article by world renowned Financial Times, whose credibility even Manmohan Singh cant deny
    Which states the fact that why congress should loose election if India has to prosper.

    Congress is just a pseudo secular party . What congress ahd did for so called minorities or other backward people in 50 years of its rule. The whole system of Democracy was under threat under the rule of dictator like Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. Its a family party not a National party, which leads us back to the days of imperialism and a threat to the idea of democracy, which was clearly show cased during emergency rule of 1970s.

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