Women unsafe in Gujarat; police follows them, taps their phones


    • People who ran the government in Delhi have run away to other states, says Mr Rahul Gandhi
    • Women unsafe in Gujarat; police follows them, taps their phones
    • Sikh farmers being thrown out of Gujarat because they are “outsiders”
    • We made mistakes that hurt the people of Delhi; we are making necessary changes


NEW DELHI, April 6 – Addressing a massive rally at the DDA ground in Dakshinpuri, Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi on Sunday accused the Aam Aadmi Party of running away from Delhi after making false promises.

Acknowledging the Party’s performance in the Assembly elections he said, “We made mistakes that hurt the people of Delhi. We supported the opposition because we thought they had the people’s mandate…But they did not fulfill their promises.” Mr Gandhi said to a cheering crowd. “The truth is that the people who were running the government here have run away to other states,” he said.

Mr Gandhi said that the message to the Congress Party from voters in last year’s Assembly elections was that it won’t win supporters if it kept its doors closed, and added that the party was taking steps to change itself. Reminding people of the development work the Congress Party did in Delhi during its 15-year rule, Mr Gandhi said that the UPA ran a government for the common man and gave the poor benefits that helped them raise their standard of living.

He came down heavily on the BJP’s political plank built around one man, and said the 2014 Lok Sabha election was a battle between two ideologies. While the BJP is of the view that there should be a government of a chosen few backed by big business, the Congress Party believed in progress and growth that would benefit the poor and dispossessed.

He said the so-called Gujarat model of development that the BJP has been hawking to voters has too many holes in it. “They say they want to give power to women, In Gujarat, the police taps women’s phones, they keep tabs on their movement…That is the Gujarat model of development,” he told the rally, adding that right-wing activists attacked and beat women in Bangalore during the BJP rule in Karnataka.

‘The Congress Party truly respects women and I want to see more and more of you in the parliament. The opposition stalled passage of women’s reservation bill. But we will pass it when we form the government now” he said.

Mr. Gandhi told the audience to enquire about the state of Sikh farmers in Gujarat. “They are thrown out of the state (Gujarat) because they are considered to be ‘outsiders’,” he said. The BJP’s politics is all about one man, who seems to know everything and will change everything if he becomes Prime Minister, Mr Gandhi said. “India is not run by its leaders, but by its people. We want to give the people more rights so that this country can be run better,” he told a cheering crowd.

“The BJP has put in place its chowkidar and wants to make him Prime Minister. We
want crores of chowkidars with the right to question,” he added.

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