After the elections, BJP leaders will question why did they waste so much money on marketing the ‘Gujarat model’


    • Haryana does not need Gujarat model, says Mr. Rahul Gandhi
    • A day left for polls, where is the BJP manifesto?
    • Wherever BJP goes, they divide people and spread anger
    • After the elections, BJP leaders will question why did they waste
      so much money on marketing the ‘Gujarat model’
    • Congress Vice President addressed two rallies in the state


Panipat/Sirsa, April 6 – Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi today told the people of Haryana that their state does not need the ‘Gujarat model’ to grow and that such a model would be detrimental to the interests of the poor, farmers and backward classes. He also cautioned the voters against being misled by the big speeches and false dreams marketed by the BJP.

“Only a day is left for polling, and the BJP manifesto is nowhere in sight. Their leaders make big speeches and sell big dreams, but they haven’t presented the manifesto to the people. They are selling the Gujarat model but Haryana does not need Gujarat model. Be it wheat production or the number of sportspersons from Haryana, the state is ahead of Gujarat,” said Mr. Gandhi, adding that the BJP does not believe in listening to the people. He addressed two rallies in the state, one at Panipat and the other at Sirsa.

The Congress Party released its manifesto more than ten days ago, after wide consultations with people from all over the country. Close to 5 lakh people gave their inputs for the manifesto. Congress Vice President himself held close to 40 meetings with different groups, such as rickshaw pullers, farmers, coolies, daily wage labourers, among others, to seek their views and inputs.

Mr Gandhi said that the BJP’s balloon will burst again, just like it happened in 2004 and 2009. “After the elections, BJP leaders will question why they wasted so much money on marketing this model” he told a massive rally in Sirsa. He also charged the BJP of adopting double standards on corruption, as it conveniently overlooks the corruption in the states governed by it.

Mr. Gandhi also said that while the Congress believes in listening to and taking everybody along, the BJP divides people and spreads anger. He also elaborated on the plans of the Congress Party for the future. “Our plan is to bring 70 crore people into the middle class in the next five years. We will provide right to shelter and healthcare. We are building industrial corridors which will generate millions of jobs for the youth. We will make more colleges and universities and ensure there is space for the poor in these institutions,” he said at the rally in Panipat.

He added that the Congress Party has worked for the welfare and benefit of farmers, labourers and other backward sections of the society in the last ten years. “The money that you receive now for your
agricultural produce is the highest historically. We waived farmer loans worth Rs. 70,000 crore. We fought the battle for your land and ensured that you get four times the market rate. When we wanted to pass these bills, the BJP opposed them vehemently,” he said.

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