India is a garden of many flowers, the opposition wants only one

Wangjing, Manipur
March 19, 2014

  • What has the Gujarat model got to do with Manipur orMeghalaya, asks Rahul Gandhi
  • The only model that will work in Manipur is the Manipurmodel, says Mr. Gandhi
  • India is a garden of many flowers, the opposition wants onlyone

Gujarat model not feasible in every state, says Mr. RahulGandhi

Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi questioned theBJP’s plan to impose the  Gujarat modelof development over all states and said the best model for each state was theone that characterized the aspirations of its people.

“The opposition talks about the Gujarat model everywhere.What has it got to do with Manipur, or UP, or Meghalaya? The only model thatshould work in Manipur is the Manipur model, not the Gujarat model,” Mr. Gandhitold a massive public rally.

He said the Congress party respected everybody, irrespectiveof their religion or the place they came from. “We don’t want to imposeanything on Manipur. We are proud of the language and culture of Manipur as we are proud of all others,” Mr.Gandhi told a cheering crowd.

He said he believed that every person of India deservesrespect, and added that the opposition party treated natives of Uttar Pradeshpoorly in Maharashtra, and the Northeastern people in Delhi. “India is gardenof flowers; big, small, different colors. We respect each of these flowers. Ouropposition wants only one kind,” Mr. Gandhi said.

Reminding people that the Congress had worked hard for theprogress of the state and to connect it with the rest of India, Mr. Gandhi saidthe party had brought a railway line that was under construction, and that thestate capital Imphal now had an international airport.

100-bed hospitals had been built in five districts, andsports complexes were being built in every district of the state, which is hometo Olympian boxer Mary Kom, he added.

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