By Sanjay Jha

January 15, 2014

Because India was the second fastest growing economy in the world in the last 10 years, even as many carped, cribbed and complained.

Because despite the world’s worst recession since 1931, we raced ahead. The India story remained intact.

Because we accepted our mistakes and defeat with grace and dignity when we did not do well. And were humble in victory.

Because the Indian National Congress party, its leaders and many of our fellow country-men fought valiantly for the freedom of India from the British. And succeeded.

Because Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Subhas Chandra Bose, and many other great freedom-fighters were Congressmen.

Because Mrs Sonia Gandhi refused to be PM, even as others are getting sleepless nights in their hunger for power.

Because during UPA, the common man got empowered; the world’s largest food security program was rolled out.

Because despite opposition obstruction of Parliament, we passed historic laws.

Because for a young democracy, we have changed the face of India with Right To Information, Right To Education and Right To Employment.

Because as former PM Rajiv Gandhi once said, India is an old country but a young nation.

Because Rahul Gandhi understands the common man, not just a few billionaires

Because India lifted 140 million out of poverty, while others only held Bharat bandh and wasted tax-payer’s money

Because India does not need a leader enmeshed in a genocide case, snooping on individuals, intimidating witnesses, encouraging fake encounters and protecting the corrupt

Because the Congress has been admittedly weak at marketing and communication. But it does not spend resources on fake followers.

Because on social media , Congress supporters get abused , but never retaliate by stooping low

Because we do not believe in the concept of Internet Hindu. We believe in a true Indian, not hiding behind anonymity.

Because we backed the LGBT community. Many scoffed at them, called them “ unnatural”.

Because despite severe and often unfair criticism, the Congress party has stood steadfastly for press freedom. No news black-outs.

Because we stand for anti-corruption; we did not just talk, but made the RTI and Lok Pal a reality.

Because while others screamed and shouted in TV studios, we were amongst the people

Because we eradicated polio, banned manual scavenging and made a law against sexual harassment

Because the stock-markets touched record-highs, we brought in the new Companies Act, allowed FDI , and made e-governance a way of life

Because we still have a long way to go; we need to combat poverty, encourage entrepreneurs and industry, reduce inequality and unleash India’s animal spirit

Because Jawaharlal Nehru’s tryst with destiny speech is our great inspiration

Because Mrs Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi sacrificed their lives for the country

Because despite pedestrian personal attacks, the Prime Minister maintained a dignified silence.

Because we unleashed many a revolution; the green , white and blue revolution; the revolution of the mind. No limits.

Because Lal Bahadur Shastri took a car loan even as PM. Others give free land worth crores to auto-behemoths.

Because we have the best talent and team amongst all political parties. Others have a yoga guru giving financial advice.

Because the brightest young politicians are in the Congress party; some of the others are “poster-boys” at 63.

Because the great Indian middle-class , aspirational and strong, is a result of our policies

Because technology and telecom growth reflects how we are narrowing the gap between Bharat and India

Because foreign policy is not done by 10- heads- for- 1 rhetoric. We kept India’s reputation flying high.

Because Rahul Gandhi is a visionary, and a man on a mission.

Because 2014 elections matter. They are important. They are about India. And it’s future.

Because if the Congress party does not deserve another opportunity to continue to build a greater India, who does????

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