By Sanjay Jha

I must confess to not being surprised by the passionate , laced in acerbic-dressing response to my article : Ayodhya ; 10 Reasons Why India Cannot Really Move On, given below on this website.  Expectedly, there is a lot of bitterness, anger, and shall I add, even hate prodigiously interspersed in the feedback. That indeed is the power of faith, a powerful human condition, a fact reiterated as the core essence of my piece. And I respect that, even if we may have diametrically opposite stands on the subject with some.

Interestingly, Mr Madhav Godbole  who was the Home Secretary at the time of the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992 and subsequently resigned , has stated exactly the same violation in his interview to Rediff.com that I think is germane to the Ayodhya dispute, the illegal encroachment of the mosque through the placing of Lord Ram’s idols in December 1949. He thinks the Allahabad High Court has legitimized that wrongful act. Then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel had severely condemned that act and wanted an immediate reversal , but were persuaded to do otherwise by local counsel. The rest is history. 1992 was much later, and is perhaps more talked about by us now because most of our generation either read about it or saw it happen. But the historical dispute actually exacerbated into a virulent wrangle post-1949, that is the critical juncture of conflict, in my opinion.

Secondly, what did the Supreme Court or the Government of India do to put the Kalyan Singh government into the docks for its outrageous violation of a promise given in the form of a written assurance to the Supreme Court that the mosque would not be brought down? Frankly, isn’t the argument of “an unstoppable spontaneous response of mob fury” truly and factually unsustainable? If so, was it really condemned by one and all, or was it given a tacit blessing by the local state apparatus? I think the whole act smacked of casual contempt for the highest judiciary in the country, and should we Indians actually condone that act ? The Allahabad High Court took no cognizance of either of the above contraventions. It could have. It should have. After all, they do have a quintessential bearing on the case. Do we Indians deserve the right to really criticize our politicians for their wanton, immoral and perfidious ways, if we are kosher with their blatant challenge of  our own judicial systems? Truly, aren’t we getting the political leadership we deserve.

Thirdly, majority populations have a huge responsibility towards those who are relatively minor in group size. For instance, I believe that no matter what the local sensitivities, compelling majority sentiment and insurmountable challenges, once a work permit is given , US President Barack Obama is fully responsible for the life, protection, justice and equal opportunity given to  a Non Resident Indian software engineer from Bangalore in Silicon Valley as he is to any given American. And he does not have to  be even be a Green card holder or a US passport-holder . As a nation, we were correctly furious at the raw-deal being given to Indian nationals in Australia recently. It was grossly unjust.  Smaller minorities look for unqualified support from state institutions, that is the cornerstone on which multiracial communities live and prosper together as a single cohesive community , not just on political platitudes. Our Muslim brothers  in India ( numbering a humongous 140 million and more  )  need to feel and believe that justice is being done to their grievances and issues that further alienate them are being addressed in a transparent and inclusive manner.  Just as we Hindus rightly feel so involved about Lord Ram’s birthplace at the same spot in Ayodhya , they have a right to believe that it is the Supreme Court that should be the final arbiter if the Allahabad High Court judgment . For those who are today quoting the ASI findings , they are forgetting a significant factor, the ASI actually described Lord Ram as a mythological figure and not a historical one, so technically how does one justify a birthplace? It is indeed therefore a complex case where faith and belief are intertwined with broken bricks and mortar.

There are many of you who do constantly complain that HamaraCongress.Com is just a  Congress mouthpiece, in fact, nothing can be farther from the truth. If you read the Ayodhya piece carefully, you will find a dispassionate appraisal of the entire controversy, a full-on condemnation of the Sangh Parivar’s discordant, divisive ways and equal castigation of the domestic vote-bank considerations of the Congress. Both parties have been fairly denunciated. I wonder if BJP supporters , characteristically jaundiced, are even remotely capable of an evenhanded treatment on delicate issues like us from the Congress side. In fact, on the Kashmir problem , in several of our other write-ups on the site we have buttressed the review of the redundant Article 370, a subject considered sacrilege by typical Congress acolytes (Kashmir not for talks). It will be fair to say, we are an independent voice, and fully support the core Congress ideology and overall policies for the country but at no point have we endorsed an act or decision that we have not agreed with. In fact, in an article titled Why Singh Is Not King ? we have questioned the dissipating credentials of PM Manmohan Singh for national governance.

It is appropriate that the Ayodhya dispute is resolved by the highest court in India, the Supreme Court. And that final verdict , whatever that may be, will conclude what has become post-Independent India’s most contentious issue. There is nothing better than the anticipation of a closure that is near. And now inevitable.

Enjoy your Sunday brunch!


  1. Hi Mr. Jha,
    I agree that the minority community should beleive that justice is done for them, but it does not mean that we need to bend backwards to appease their every whim and fancy. Taking care of minorities does NOT mean bashing the majority.

    Do you think you will be happy if the Supreme Court upholds this verdict. You will still go on your rant.

    You said you are not a mouthpiece of the Congress since you wrote ‘Singh is not King’, but it doesnot ring true because Manmohanji is not really a leader as far as you Congies are concerned.

    Can you write an article where you question the dissipating credentials of Sonia or Rahul. I bet you wont and you cant. So please spare us the talk of you being unbiased.


  2. So Madhav Godbole agrees with you. And quoting him proves that you are on the right side and judiciary is not? You think his opinion holds more weight (while he sits far away from the case and judgment) than judiciary? You are laughable.

    1949 and 1992 is not right. But what you just can’t comprehend is that this case was not about 1949 or 1992. This is about land title, which doesn’t get decided by incidents and events. It gets decided by ownership. And even Mr Mahdav has not comprehended that.

    And now your counter argument is that majority have responsibility towards minority. What does it have to do with judgment? This is irrelevant to judicial process.

    You say that ASI findings are not valid because Lord Ram is a mythological figure according to ASI. How does this fact matter to the case again? Even if Lord Ram was mythological, the land in dispute had a Hindu religious structure. Even if it was built on the Hindus misbelief and misgivings about Lord Ram. Land still belonged to Hindus, before the structure was razed down to build mosque

    You just keep on throwing irrelevant facts in the mix, thinking that they are important. You are so confused dude.

  3. Mr.sanjaya jha,accept the fact that your are on payroll of Madam Sonia.You neither have shame nor integrity,if u have perhaps you would have also mentioned the atrocites of muslims worldwide.There is no society which is as tolerant as ours.Even barack obama is
    repeatedly mentioning that he is a muslim which shows how US society gives importance to relegion.but we have chosen many non-hindus for top positions.

  4. Have you forgotten how Somnath was re-built by Sardar Patel. Pl revisit the history. Swami Vivekanand said that just visit Somanth and you will learn Indian history thousand times better than reading text books. You have lost significance of Somanth because of your appeasement. You have lost your pride beause you have forgotten even your leader Mahatma Gandhi and his Ram Raj. Your govts do not figure in even first 5 progressive states on the test of governance. by your own assessment agencies. So you have lost your Dharma and therefore your governance because you do not know that they are one and same.

    Bharat will not pardon you and your appeasement policy.

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