For Sibal: Some Kudos, Lots of Advice

HRD Minister Kapil Sibal has embarked on a shakeup of India’s education system. Lots to discuss on this front. For a start, here are some comments by Sagarika Ghose


  1. DYFI and Nair Service society are not wrong in demanding reservation for the “economically backward” among the forward communities.
    Today, there is no mean of pure social and educational backwardness. One who is economically sound rules the roost. Money itself is the elixir for high social status. No one cares whether others are SC/OBC etc. as long as they have decent standard of living. And actually we need reservation for them who can’t make it due to lack of facilities.
    We always bother why there is high drop out rate after primary school? And the answer is in front of us, i.e. incentive to study. Parents feel better if child earns his daily rather than study. Shear economic burden on the family is the root cause behind the vicious cycle of poverty. Take atleast one generation of poor to the good educational institutions and you will not have to worry for your HPI again.

  2. Stop caststribe reservation.If ever we want to continue this make sure that for what the reservation is whether for education,job or any thing else.Once the person from backward class gets the job or he starts earning then all the facilities related with reservation on the basis of caste must be stoped for him and for his family at once treat him as general public.If we do this then I am sure that we can eradicate poverty

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