Sanjay Jha

Arun Shourie: True Colors of Saffron


  1. Why doesn’t Shourie openly admit to his political agenda and drop any pretense of being a independent investigative journalist ?

    Why does’nt he investigate..
    – The disappearance of huge funds collected in the name of building the temple in Ayodhya.
    – The huge bribes given to independent MLAs to form the present govt in Karnatak and
    – The meticulous pre-planning and execution of the 2002 Gujarat/Godhra genocide by
    his tribe that brought them (almost)permanently into power in that state.

    The Mumbai terrorist attacks and Shivraj Patil are his latest punching bag. Has Shourie
    forgotten that the Indian Parliament was attacked when his party was in power at the center ? What about the “intelligence” failure then ? What about the security failure at the Parliament ? The terrorists managed to procure vehicles locally and managed to pass the outer security layers unchallenged. They were stopped just short of entering the Parliament itself. Did Advani resign ?

    He calls himself a nationalist but is nothing but a religious fascist masquerading as an intellectual to forward the narrow political convictions and agendas of his tribe. He is talking about the defamation of the senior cop Sharma in the Batla house encounter by the present government. He is beating his chest and shedding crocodile tears for every cop killed in the Mumbai attack on every public forum. What about the BJPs unwarranted harassment of the
    late ATS chief Hemant Karkare and others after a few of its Sangh Parivar affiliates were implicated for terrorism? Karkare’s wife very much confirmed the same after his death.

    He is complaining about the gross discrimination to the armed forces in the Pay
    Commission. The Indian defence forces especially the lower ranks, got the one of the best deals till date under A. K. Antony be it pension policies or perks. Ask the soldiers and
    they will confirm this. Has Shourie forgotten the unfair dismissal of the naval chief Adm. Vishnu Bhagwat during the Vajpayee regime after labelling that distinguished officer a security threat ? The real reason was that the naval chief did not favour Harinder Singh, an incompetent and blacklisted but politically well-connected officer who was pushing his case for the top post through the Akali Dal (a partner of the NDA regime then). The BJP had no qualms about sacking a service chief unceremoniously and unjustly for it’s own political continuity. And Shourie and his tribe crap about the “izzat” (honour) of soldiers ! Ridiculous !

    He was opposing the recent Nuclear deal with US on BJP’s behalf; it’s most illogical and shameful public stand that one can remember of. What did the BJP do other than faking the nuclear tests thereby undermining our nuclear credibility ? Indira Gandhi is rightly the mother” of the Indian atomic bomb; Vajpayee was just an inept “midwife” who managed to get a dead baby out !

    He is harping on Congress sparing Afzal Guru. Maybe Shourie should ensure that the more deserving types like of Narender Modi should hang first !


  2. What you are being is nothing but a stooge of a Conman minus the grace. How can you claim to have any moral ethics when you support Conmen minus the grace?

    Just cut the crap. You guys are morally bankrupt so it doesn’t behoove you that you people give moral sermons to others. Don’t make a fool out of yourself in public anymore.

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