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From Khadi to Khaki … Kudos!

On his Facebook wall, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, independent member of the Rajya Sabha from Karnataka, writes: attended a very good presentation on Territorial Army by Pallam Raju and Gen Kapoor! Urges all those between 18-42 interested in serving the nation – look at TA as a good option! Hailing from an air force family, Rajeev has been at the forefront of efforts to honour veterans of the armed forces and to improve the in-service and post-retirement prospects of our brave warriors.

This move to recruit young MPs into the Territorial Army by Pallam Raju, the suave, tech-savvy Union Minister of State for Defence deserves to be commended. All Indians are proud of our excellent track record of civilian control over the armed forces. But it’s equally important that our political leaders have a feel for the risks our jawans take, the lives they lead, and the adequacy of their equipment, as they confront threats to our national security. Such exposure will enhance the legitimacy of civilian authority and lend balance and perspective, while also quelling jingoism and foolhardiness when it comes to utilising the military.

(Perhaps our defence bureaucrats, who are often accused of obstructing the acquisition and deployment of appropriate equipment, should also do stints with the TA!)

Anyway, it looks like the forward-looking minister, Pallam Raju, has done a fine job of inspiring young MPs to join the Territorial Army. Read more here.

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  1. Our MPs an Ministers are good at preaching. How many of our MPs have done a stint in the TA? Before asking the bureaucrats to do a stint in the TA, it would be advisable that Rahul Gandhi and his followers are sent to so a TA stint instead of wasting precious taxpayers’ money on hopeless schemes. Then they will get the right to preach.

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