Youth Congress

Meet Rahul the Editor!

From political genius to news editor — India’s most eligible bachelor dons a new hat. In a bid to get youngsters excited about politics, Rahul Gandhi will be launching a magazine, tentatively called Youth March, on August 20.

Slated to be a monthly journal, it will be a mouthpiece for the Youth Congress and an opinion and message board rolled into one. There will also be a Hindi version of it, called Yuva Pragati.

More here.

One comment

  1. hope it will help the youngester to inter in politic n can achieve knowledge abt is a grate job. i want to join politic n help poor people of country so to fulfildmy this dream what i have to do . actually i belong to neighbourhood country. but i took birth in this country n now i m here .i want to join indian politic because my intention is to serve poor people .n i persomally think there is no any terrotary or country boundery to stop to help poor n needy people.I always belive that we have to think as a human being n for the human being
    i kept all these religious ,cast ,culture etc aside. think only being human. i hope i will get chance to do something for country n people

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