Congress success

No need for hyperbole

says an article in the TIME magazine on leadership and the compelling example that they use is India’s PM Manmohan Singh.

A speech by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, it has been said, is a natural remedy for sleep disorders. During a raucous debate on a vote of confidence in the Indian Parliament last year, Singh’s closing speech was so subdued that it was drowned out by the opposition. Singh folded up his notes and just submitted the rest of his remarks for the record.

Still, he won the vote and then a sweeping victory in India’s general elections this year. It isn’t Singh’s speeches that win him followers; it’s the fact that first as Finance Minister and since 2004 as Prime Minister, he has led India through a series of radical economic reforms that have made the world’s largest democracy also one of its fastest-growing economies–and protected the poor too. It’s Singh’s actions that have changed tens of millions of lives for the better, not his words.

Read the entire article here.

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