On the Record

The Shashi Tharoor profile

We’ve posted what it was like to work on Shashi Tharoor’s small but determined campaign team during the General Election. We’ve posted about his tweeting. And now, here’s one of the full-length interviews that Tharoor has given since assuming charge as Minister of State, MEA and MP, Thiruvananthapuram.

From the outside, the minister’s office looks like any other in the vast complex. Inside, however, the room is bathed in the diffused golden glow of five-star hotel lobbies. Neatly arranged hard-bound volumes line the rows of the large bookshelf to one side. Many of the books have the name of one or the other member of the Gandhi family on the spine—by Nehru, about Rajiv, etc. We spot no copies of the minister’s own 11 books, published over 27 years.

But before there is time to get overwhelmed, Tharoor rushes out of his chair, around his large desk, and reaches out to shake hands. With the ease of someone who has occupied the office for years, and not just a few weeks, he ushers us into a meeting area in the corner. Even as I fiddle with the buttons on my audio recorder,Puthenparambil is already casting disapproving glances at a watch and then a printout of Tharoor’s schedule.

More here.

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