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Meet Varun Modi


The Varun Gandhi Pilibhit speeches don’t just show us some nasty truths about the young BJP leader; they show us some nasty truths about where the party itself is headed, says Sanjay Jha.

Yet in deriding and condemning Varun Gandhi we all miss the central, germane issue; what really is the BJP’s plan for governing a billion plus , fast-track, rapidly evolving, world favorite India ? Nothing. It is a resounding vacuum, an empty shell, the saffron party has absolutely no agenda whatsoever, except one—–religious extremism, Hindutva. Riding atop a decorated chariot in 1989, LK Advani may have fooled vulnerable sections of a struggling, confused India into the Ram Mandir dream, when the temple erection at Ayodhya had become a palliative ointment for a disillusioned middle class, and the Hindu psyche. Post-Independence, it saw the re-emergence of militant Hinduism for the first time, evident in the mob fury that was to disintegrate the Babri Masjid. But this is 2009, and two decades have passed.

Read his critique of BJP and how they need to move with the times and gauge the current pulse of India here.

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