Congress success Opposition Sanjay Jha

The Floundering Front


Sanjay sums up the newly formed Third Front in Karnataka and, no, he doesn’t think they’re the biggest, brightest new kids on the block. In fact he describes them as:

political parties who are left-overs from failed alliances, and who are singularly drifting on their own life-boats.

Ouch. His final verdict?

The Third Front will end up helping Congress-UPA.

BJP stands to lose big-time.

The Third Front will see a marginal improvement, but aggregate will not exceed 130, far away from the half-way mark.

The Third Front is more like a regional party itself, and lacks a national representation.

The Congress must strike a deal with the Samajwadi Party in UP to take advantage of a weak BJP, and threaten Mayawati on her home pitch.

Read how he reached this analysis here.

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