Sanjay Jha

Sanjay Jha
Sanjay Jha

Mr. Sanjay Jha
Executive Director
Dale Carnegie Training India

Sanjay Jha is the Executive Director of the world-famous Dale Carnegie Training operations in India, which has a global experience of having worked with over 400 of the Top Fortune 500 companies. In India, Dale Carnegie has worked with over 3000 corporate firms, multinational companies, public sector, government and NGOs and trained more than 200,000 Dale Carnegie graduates in the last ten years. His area of professional interest and management science specialization includes leadership development, change management, corporate culture and ethics, business strategy and emotional intelligence. Sanjay is a Motivational speaker, an Executive Coach and Mentor who has advised top management, including CEO’s as well as senior political leaders.

Sanjay has often received an overwhelming feedback and recognition for his high-quality training and leadership talk. He is one of the senior leaders in the worldwide Dale Carnegie Training network, and has addressed global audiences in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Singapore, Bermuda, Taiwan, Mexico and Toronto. Jha has addressed managers and leaders at ICICI Pru, TEDx, IBM, Axis Bank, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Oracle, British Gas, Brookings, Dainik Bhaskar, Crompton Greaves, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Bajaj Electricals, SHRM, Standard Chartered, Tata Motors, CII, IMC, Venture Capital Association, NHRD, Apple, Bharat Petroleum, Citibank, Mahindra & Mahindra etc. He has conducted several corporate programs focused on executive development, advised companies on corporate image management, done executive coaching and consulted with companies. He has also addressed business schools, industry conferences and knowledge symposiums, and has also been engaged frequently as a strategic consultant/ advisor on training to a leading political party.  Mr. Jha is also the National Spokesperson of the Indian National Congress Party.

He has made several contributions to mainline news and business dailies and magazines such as Business Standard, Indian Express, Financial Express, Hindustan Times, Mid-Day, Tehelka, and The Huffington Post, and appears regularly to air his views on print and electronic media.  He is one of India’s top influencers on social media.

He has founded one of the world’s leading internet portals called CricketNext.Com which was ranked once amongst Alexa Top 1000 sites globally, and is now part of the Network 18 media Group.

Prior to starting Dale Carnegie, Sanjay was instrumental in setting up the private sector mutual fund industry in India, having worked as a Senior Vice President with ITC Threadneedle Asset Management ( part of BAT plc, UK) and as a Vice President , Alliance Capital ( New York, USA).  His career in banking included stints with both Bank of America and ANZ Grindlays Bank where he worked in NRI marketing and operation services, product-technology training, retail banking and branch management. He started his career in sales with Bharat Petroleum.

Jha completed his MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur and his Master’s in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, University of Pune. He graduated with distinction in Economics from Fergusson College, Pune.

Sanjay has also written a cricket anthology titled 11—Triumphs, Trials and Turbulence in Indian cricket, two cricket quiz books and published his first collection of poems.  Jha has recently authored a book on leadership called The Superstar Syndrome (The Making Of A Champion), co-authored with Dr. Myra White, who is a Professor at the Harvard Medical School. This book was launched in August 2013 and featured in the Crossword Bestseller list.


  1. I’ve read in your about section that there are 101 reasons why one should not vot for BJP. Dear friend I tell you that there are 1001 reasons why one should not vote for Congress.

    Since you have not enlisted the reasons, I am also skipping. One you enlist the reasons, I’ll start sending you my reasons.

    1. Mr. Jha has’s arguement suggests, he has a poltical ambition & a seeker of congress ticket in future ! Since congress chooses its candidate on few parameter Pshchophancy, Should be master in corruption prefffernce are those who has Phd’s , should demonstrate his/her excenllency in favour of fear of party high command & Mr. Jha is using this site as tool & instrument to achieve his poltical ambition !

      Wish you all the best for your future ambition & assignment,Please do not appear in disguise as a thought leader or as representative of civic society making a individual request/appeal &shall be doing the same to the Media most specific to the (Times Now & NDTV), Since they should avoid intruders in disguise.

      1. Very well said Mr. Biswajit. It is sad that journalists have forgotten their neutrality in politics. Yes to be sure Sanjay Jha will get a ticket to the Rajya Sabha as all sycophants do.

      2. Very True Biswajeet……I see him on NDTV and other channels shamelessly arguing for the sadist causes of congress party. If Mr. Jha is so democratic then why is he not questioning the most undemocratic party the Congress….When it comes to this he is competing with Mr. Digvijay Singh to please the ruling family at any cost…..even at the cost of there own self respect. The family led political parties in India will have to change and bring in internal democracy. But hai…..yeh hai mera India…..

      3. Sanjay Jha is in guise of Journalist A PAID DALAL OF CORRUPT & COMMUNAL CONgis. He SHAMELESSLY DEFENDS THEM on NDTV (Again a PAID CHANNEL of CONgis) .Sanjay also co-launched a political blog called during election.He was engaged as a strategic consultant/ advisor on training to Congress party. He probably expects to get some rewards from CONgis – Rajya Sabha seat as PMO MEDIA Advisor is already filled with BIGGER SYCOPHANT KACHORI.

      4. There is nothing wrong, when Anna team members like Kejriwal, Bedi and Prashant can why can’t Jha? Bhushans India’s first Corrupt Family have property in various parts of the country, why don’t they declare the source of their black money? Every one knows one cannot acquire property in India without paying a major chunk of the cost in cash. All the team members are corrupt and are using Anna forum as a cover for their misdeeds. Their only aim is to destabilise the country. That Bangladeshi Kumar Biswas, unknown till recently, wants publicity.

    2. I agree congress has failed miserably. How can some one of the capability of Rahul ever become a leader. It is possible becuse ur born with a silver spoon. There are numerous normal indian citizens who are dedicated and devoted to the nation. Congress should give such people a chance rather then rotating power with in the family.

    3. BJP is a cancer; I still believe it has not been spread in whole country. The only treatment is surgery and that can be done by empowering congress. I sure that people in my country are mature enough now; BJP and its alliances cannot make people fool again . I strongly believe the more they use the cheap ways ( bab aramdev etc) for targeting congress ,it will add more seats to congress telly in 2014.May the ALMIGHTY give Full Majority to congress in 2014!!!!

      1. hahaha………..sanjay jha I CAUGHT YOU…….another post by Sanjay Jha with Fake name……………..Yesterday i saw him in TV arguing & telling that govt. should ban Social community sites…… he wants to ban our freedom………………..WELL DONE SANJAY JHA……………….

    4. Dear Sanjay jha,
      Why not to cheer and vote for the congress. I with u on this issue.. congress is the one and only one party who has given a stable government. All others are power brokers.. U see in BJP.. All fighting and boxing each other to knockout themselves only.. Has anybody does the same is in congress.. NOBODY..


  2. D/R sir , the achivement of indian people that they got a family who gave their bood for the sake of the nation , that is gandhi famili. Hou has personal vote in india is 15/ ,There is no party in indian politice
    can compare with gongress .so i am proud about cong and olso cast my vote for cong .The nation got every thing by the help of the The family from the date of freedom. In west bengal where is on great leader like cader lover , but cong got 15/ vote by the donation of The said family.BJP is not a party but communallike RDX.

  3. Please check out, in the header it says congress ruled states. This tag reminds me of the British Raj, I read few of your articles and find your arguments to be logical, I am unbiased and vote for the person who can best serve regardless of the party he is from. It can be Congress Served states instead, I have brought their attention to this but nothing seems to have changed. If they have such a mentality the they do not deserve to be at the center.

  4. Dear Sanjay

    been an active reader of your comments here and also on IBNLIVE , always agreed to your point of view about the indian politics . I subscribe to your view of congress being the best option among all others today .

    The best party to have a comprehensive insight into how the representation needs to be given to all sections of the country not leaving out any is a example for all other party’s to follow.

    Unfortunately what used to be a big strength earlier is a major weakness for the party today !!!!, i am sure they should be able to come out of it soon .

    I am from bangalore , and this election predictas have missed a major change in the poll fever in karnataka , BJP had earlier 18 seats , is likely to fall to 12-13 kind in just about an year of their Misrule !!!!!!!. A little more smarter decisions on candidates , congress would have won close to 17 seats , they missed the opportunity. There has been a massive OBC consolidation like the KHAM formula of Gujarat earlier , karnataka has its own AHINDA ,meaning Alpasankhyat (Minorities) , Hindulidava (OBC) , DAlit factor will be the key factors in these results.

    Would like to

    1. Prosparity in backward comunities in karnataka have made them blind to the historical facts. Their forefathers were treated badly and they did not have right to enter the temple. This was because Hindutva did not treat all hindus equal. This equality and equal rights to boys & girls we enjoy now is because of the laws enacted by the first congress govt. Earlier generation could get cheap education because education was subsidied by early congress Govt. Because of this many poor from all cast benefited. Land reforms benefited to poors then are now rich. Even recently RTI act is instrumental in reducing corruption. There are thousands of reasons why we should vote congress. Neorich backward class people in Karnataka are worried that Hindus are in danger because of the brainwashing done by Hindu organisation. They consider themself BRAHMINS. They do not know that there is no upgradation system in Hindus. I wonder why people are not able to analyse their difficut past and able to think how their family benefited by Govt policies earlier.

  5. Congratulations on a stupendous victory. I read the Congress manifesto to see what is in store in terms of reforms. I strongly believe that it was the reforms of the past decade which has generated the limited means which today finance NREGA and the loan waivers . If we need to see growth ,reforms need to be jump started ( they were practically stalled during the past five years- maybe because of the left) . With that impediment out of the way the UPA should forge ahead. So it was really disappointing to see that the manifesto completely silent about economic reforms. Perhaps I have missed it . Would you have any information on what exactly the economic development/reforms/ opening up the economy plans are.

    1. You are right, BJP is out to destrpy the country, now leaning on the corrupt Kejriwal & Co for support. They were sleeping all these years and have suddenly woken up now since elections are round the corner in some states. Such anti national parties should be Banned

  6. the congress are a bunch of thieves that have sold this nation since it’s inception and continue to sell it, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty being their last major betrayal to our nation, I believe Indian politics needs a massive overhaul or a bloody revolution, corruption has reached disgusting levels and when you see a politician walk out of a brand new BMW 7 series outside a temple with a few poor kids sitting there by the sidewalk hungry and crying and nobody even taking a notice of them, you know there’s something horribly wrong with your country.

  7. [Sanjay believes that we in India need to get engaged with politics beyond the superficial level.] Below are some of my thoughts on politics and the educated Indian.

    I have come to believe that most educated middle-class Indians lack a well-developed political antenna and naively believe that a country as large and diverse as India can be influenced — or even actually run — by ‘’apolitical technocrats’’.

    Consider this — declaring oneself to be apolitical is also a political choice (just like they say that ‘’indecision is a decision, too’’); therefore, I have never believed that it is possible to take an “apolitical” stance on most issues. Agreed that it is perfectly valid to say that one will decide one’s stance on an issue on its merit rather than on the pull of any emotion; but having finalised one’s stance, the only channel for articulating it in a multi-party one-man-one-vote system is the political process.

    What persons individually declaring themselves to be apolitical are doing is condemning themselves to political irrelevance in a system that is completely dominated by well-organised political groups. Later, if these apolitical persons realise that there is strength in numbers and, therefore, join together to form a pressure group, that itself would be a political act, no matter what they choose to call their group.

    The crux of the matter is that even if we steer away from overtly political issues and limit ourselves to “neutral” issues like infrastructure and bijli-sadak-paani, the ultimate implementation will be done by elected representatives, who get into positions of power through a process of elections, which, by its very nature, is thoroughly and fiercely political. These men/women will only pay attention to those who can help them win elections, so if the ‘’apolitical’’ group wants to get any work out of them, it will be forced to either support them or refuse to support them (electorally, or at least monetarily), which again amounts to taking a political stance.

    The people I hold responsible for such confusion are the leaders of the fledgling modern nation of India (mainly Nehru and Gandhi) who used to avoid confronting tough issues and would always wrap harsh truths inside pious platitudes . This served them well in terms of avoiding tough decisions/choices and in terms of keeping up their holier-than-thou image, but the result was that over a period of time, we Indians have lost the ability to distinguish between harsh truths and pious platitudes.

    The most pious of these platitudes is the abovementioned widespread middle-class Indian belief in the “apolitical” approach to nation-building. The other extreme, of course, is the utter politicisation of every big and small matter by morons masquerading as politicians. Both of these co-exist. The upshot is that as usual, India ends up getting the worst of both worlds — on the one hand, there’s a naive idealism that denies us a host of strategic options because the chattering classes which consider themselves ‘’apolitical’’ are disengaged from the political process, and therefore can’t be mobilised to support these options; and, then, on the other hand, we have rank cynical politicisation of every big or small issue by full-time politicians.

    These politicians have been elected not by the ‘’apolitical’’, voting-day-is-Lonavala-day middle class Indians but by the illiterate unwashed masses who actively participate in the electoral process because they know they wield power only on the day they vote. The politician then cares far more about these voters, thus further accentuating the alienation of the middle class .

    To conclude, then, I believe that unless educated middle-class Indians — the ones who want to make a difference — sort out this basic contradiction in their minds, all their well-meaning “apolitical’’ efforts will flounder, as they have been doing for ages.

  8. Dear Sanjay

    I just read ur precious comments on ayodhya judgment…first i want to congratulate you..that u dont have belief in judgement which is given under the Rule of your loving central government. I want to clarify here that am not a political person and even what you write before about anti hindu sentiments..i just read your 10 reasons why india can not really move on…. what you exactly want sharia law… according to ASI that buliding which is against tenats of islam was build on a grand temple.. ..still u believe that decision is against ur favorite community ……i will not fell anything if these comments were wriiten by some body else than a high caste Brahman….

  9. After reading your article in india abroad i think is absolutely nonsense may be it seems like these 10 reasons are written by a sonia gandhi family who never wish india to come up as u are a author of u would do so. and let me tell u something India cannot move on until the congress party is in power end of congress party is beginning if developed india







  11. Sanjay,

    From a “Chamcha” of Congress, one cannot expect anything bad about Congress. It is understandable being on the payroll of the Corrupt Congress you are concerned about your next salary and therefore cannot talk ill about your masters!


    1. Great Rajesh! Well said.
      I just hate to see this man coming up on the TV. Certainily looks like being paid for every word he speaks by the Congress’ Ghaddafis. Not only should the Congress be routed but wiped out for ever. Enough of them. If it has happened in Greece and Lybia then why not in India?
      Let’s start a revolution!!!!!!!

  12. congress would be able to tide over this crisis because it has a history of genuine efforts by its leaders to give the best possible for the country;

    of course any other party pretending to be the alternative would not like this to happen

    jealousy and narrowmindedness of the opposition is apparent

  13. It is the people who are corrupt can only support Congress. The people who cannot see anything other than Congress are narrow-minded and communal.

  14. Manmohan Singh seems to be an honest person but has chosen a wrong party. The corrupt party is taking shelter behind his personal honesty. MMS should change his party and expose his party’s entire scams in the last 64 years!

  15. Dear S ANJAY,
    I don’t know that how much money are you getting to be “real chamcha of sinking congress” but I appreciate your fighting and “chamchagiri spirit” next time when
    you appear on t.v let the people of India know, how much money r u getting from
    Anand sharma, Rahul nakli Gnadhi
    P.S We think that congress leaders are hiding in shame behind curtains thass why
    sanjay jha has taken the charge

    1. Ask Digvijay- How many times did Jawaharlal Nehru set on fast with Gandhiji? How can Digvijay ask other Team Anna members to sit for Fast…..If RSS has agents like Anna then I should abonden congress and join RSS. I am congreess voter for years but now I hate Rahul-Sonia approach to IAC and whole lokpal dilly-dallying.
      On TV, team Anna members talk only on LOKPAL technicalities and try to explain LOKPAL. Whereas, Congress, BJP and other political parties just shout and blaim each other…see MAnish Tiwari, Kapil, Beni prasad, Digvijay……Even other pro-congress people come on TV and never speak about wrongs in JAn-lokpal that include you Sanjay…You people just shout… We are watching you and do not want to be part of party like this…we are a congress group on the verge of deciding leaving Congress collectively…
      On TV best argument against Jan-Lokpal comes from NCPRI…they technically explain where JAN_Lokpal is short. All neutral people support Anna – even with their disagreement on certain issues. Pro-Congress people look like paid-campaigners….

      Reply .

  16. Hi Sanjay,

    I wasn’t aware of this website until yesterday when I saw you on TV defending the right of the citizens of this country against fascists like Kiran Bedi and her cronies.

    I’ve been fighting a similar battle on and off on facebook where there are a number of us who stand against Anna and his way of doing things.

    I’m glad to and very proud to know that there are people like yourself who’re fighting for maintaining real democracy in India and not have our voices extinguished by Anna and his gang hoodlums.

    If there is anyway in which I can contribute more to this effort please let me know as I’d love to be part of a movement which stands for everything I believe in and makes me proud still to be a citizen of this country.


    1. Barun
      Please do contribute to our site, write articles, and also connect on Twitter. Really appreciate your feedback.

  17. Dear Sanjay,

    I have been following this Team anna agitation for a while and have been frustrated the approach and methodology of this agitation and have been trying to voice by opinion on various forums. There are lots of points i would like to highlight about this agitation and they are as follows

    1. Media houses have marketed it as a Gandhian movement but what other attributes of Gandhian movement does it have apart from non violence. Gandhi always said do not treat others as your enemies but the ones having different point of view and movement is about bringing both these views together.

    2. Gandhian movement is about looking within and then pointing fingers at others. Gandhi said means and methodology of a movement is as important as the goal.

    3. Gandhi was a visionary whereas Anna is just a good human being.

    4. Team Anna say this is a democratic movement but on the official blog of anna, only glorification messages of Anna Hazare are accepted but no suggestion or critics view point.

    5. Who gave them the moral authority to be the sole representative of the People?

    6. There have been three such Anti congress movements in the past such as JP and VP Singh but why are people not understanding the real motives of Team Anna?

    7. Why have media not have any discussion on the nuances of Jan Lok Pal Bill or the Holy Grail? That is what important as that is what we are fighting for and as per my understanding that is a very flawed and dangerous bill.

    8. Team Anna held the parliament to their ransom and i salute the congress to not resort to undemocratic means to please the perception of the people.

    9. Can a civil movement have such a brilliant management,marketed attributes to a movement as only political parties have the kind of understanding and resources to organize and manage such like RSS or BJP in this case.

    10. Why was Team Anna so vivid about not including the NGOs under the purview of Lok Pal and everyone knows the working of NGOs in disguise.

    11. We have always felt proud of the power of youth but this agitation has brought forward a very sharp side of our youth which is that they can be easily manipulated and its very sad.

    12. This agitation has also shown us the real power of media and what kind of instability it can bring. I feel it is as important to regulate it as the passing of Lokpal.

    13. People have said that the delay in bringing such bill for last 42 years. But lets face it there are numerous laws which have been pending for decades like Medial Regulation Bill. So lets accept the fact we were not prepared to bring in such a bill earlier.

    14. There is a question we all should ask. Do these politician come from some other galaxy. Why are we saying they are corrupt and this agitation is between devil and a angel. Are we as civil society corrupt free. The difference is the availability of the resources and the intent. So movement is about cleaning things with a positive perspective.

    15. There are numerous good things that UPA 2 is doing but they have failed miserably to market it and make people aware the benefits of such laws.The only bill they have tried to market is RTI but why dont they try to make people aware of the Aadhar and its benefits…

    16. Why is congress not highlighting the fact that the Mauritius route for routing to and fro money to India was bought by NDA and thats the real culprit of the Black money. It was NDA which did the Promissory Notes and this led to cheap money coming in to the system.

    There are lots of other things which i want to share and would like the like minded people to make people aware that a Communal and a Leaderless BJP is the worst case scenario for India . Do we want a political party to run the government which is controlled a religious organization as Akalis.

    I wish at the end of the day when people look back to this anti graft sentiments than they look at the time when India moved forward and few people tried to blackmail,arm twist , destabilize the government.

    Thank You

  18. I have seen Mr. Sanjay Jha trying hard to get attention on TV by discussing sometimes on Indian Cricket Team and sometimes on Indian Polity. This is a clear move of a person who doesn’t have public sympathy but wants to make it high in politics. Mr. Jha, I am also Sanjay Jha.

    My suggestion is pls. try some social activities to get some local support. It’ll make you better personality and give you more listeners.

  19. dear chamcha jee

    saram aati hai aapke jha hone pe mann se aise aise gali nikalti hai aapko t.v pe dekh ke….dalali kha ke bhi koi kaise muskurata hai aapko dekh ke pata chalta hai….ek digvijay singh aur ek aap…..aur wo aapke saath budhha ke jodi mast lagti hai …..lekin 121 crore bhartiyon ki baddua to aapko lagegi to jaroor….saram aati hai aappe …….chiiiiii aur aap par thuuuuuuuu

    1. Every body are entitled to his or her views. Sanjayjee has his own and Swati, you have your own. But once you start Chheeeee and Thuuuuu….you dissociate yourself from the educated Maithil ladies. These words are not welcome for a noted journalist like Sanjay Jha. You are welcome to disagree but please do not be personal. There are a lot of Maithils who like his views. How would you react if they say the same words for you. In my view that would be absolutely avoidable. And the words will suit them.

    2. Ask Digvijay- How many times did Jawaharlal Nehru set on fast with Gandhiji? How can Digvijay ask other Team Anna members to sit for Fast…..If RSS has agents like Anna then I should abonden congress and join RSS. I am congreess voter for years but now I hate Rahul-Sonia approach to IAC and whole lokpal dilly-dallying.
      On TV, team Anna members talk only on LOKPAL technicalities and try to explain LOKPAL. Whereas, Congress, BJP and other political parties just shout and blaim each other…see MAnish Tiwari, Kapil, Beni prasad, Digvijay…Even other pro-congress people come on TV and never speak about wrongs in JAn-lokpal that include you Sanjay…You people just shout… We are watching you and do not want to be part of party like this…we are a congress group on the verge of deciding leaving Congress collectively…
      On TV best argument against Jan-Lokpal comes from NCPRI…they technically explain where JAN_Lokpal is short. All neutral people support Anna – even with their disagreement on certain issues. Pro-Congress people look like paid-campaigners….

      Reply .

  20. sanjay jhaji 1997-1998 mein jab aap ANZ Grindlays Bank connaght place Delhi mein hote the to aapse regular aapke office mein meri mulakat hoti thi. Soumya sushil aur haste huye.Hum log maithili mein khub sari batein kiya karate the tab aap sayed aise nahi the,na hi aapka pariwarik pariwesh aisa hai phir kyo aap apne aap ko badal dale ,kewal sasta prachar pane ke pher mein ya moti tankhwa ke liye .BJP mein sayed out door se itni asani se entry nahi mil pati

    .Maithil pichhlaggu kam hoit chhai yaad karu Amarnath jhaji ke jinkar bichar dhara kahiyo Nehru ji sa nai milalain

    1. he is not going to give any reply ….so no need to comment
      may be after sometime dis comments will be deleted
      i simply wanna say whoever hate his PLEASE DONT COME TO HIS PAGE AGAIN for any reason
      because he only wants money ….so no traffic on site means no money
      the END

  21. Dear Mr. Sanjay;

    You are not doing what you should. You have good qualification but contributing to wrong side.

    So you are playing role of Dushashan in Mahabharat.

    Pl. get corrected as soon as possible.


    Well wisher

  22. I am quite disgusted with your views on Team Anna. They are fighting for a corrupt free India, which somehow disturbs you a lot. Its only today I realised you are a congressman. Like your colleagues Digvijay, Manish Tewari, Beni Verma, you too are actually disgusting, biased and undigestable. You say you are a congressman becuase they are secular. Is vote bank politics securalism. Being nationalist does not mean one is a RSS agent. Is it not better being that than an ISI agent?? You make me sick and next time I see you on tv i will switch channels.Jai Hind.

    1. I am no congress man nor am I am politically affiliated to any party. But its a fact most of Anna team members are CROOKS. Bhushan father son duo must declare their black wealth with which they have acquired property in India. It is well known that one cannot acquire property in the country without paying a big chunk of the cost in cash. To my numerous mails IAC have decided to remain quiet. Kiran Bedi also made hay while she was in Delhi police. IAC is undoubtedly an extension of BJP whose only aim is to destroy the country??

  23. Your madam. Sonia Maino, son Rahul Vici and Rajiv Gandhi have black money accounts abroad. You want to deny that then I challenge you, give me your email id and I will send you ALL the details along with all the other congress men and UPA allies.

  24. Mr.sanjay jha namaskar
    mein appko star news ke maha bahas(25/12/11) mein sun raha tha aur app jo bol rahe the woh belkul ek tarfa(one sided) baat bol rahe the e.g.appne kha “mein bhi(yani app) civil society ka admi hoon” lekin meine app ko kabhi corruption ke khilaf bolte ya andolan karte huye kabhi bhi news mein nahi dekha aur nahi suna chahe jo bhi party satta mein ho. Lekin jabse Mr Anna hazare ne apna andolan corruption ke khilaf start kiye hain tabhi se mein kiya dekhta hoon ki desh mein ab bahut sare admi aur society yahan tak ki kayee party bhi ab apna apna credit lene keliye samne ane lagi hai joki mere nazar mein galat hai, yani pahle kahan thein yeh sare log.Mein bhi(family members & relatives) apna vote last election mein congress kohi cast kiya tha aur pahle bhi.Lekin desh mein “Mahngayee (infalation) aur Corruption” belkul apne charam seema (peak) pe hai aur aiyse mein ek 74 saal ka zayeef (old) admi jeske na biwi hai na bache hain agar woh iss dow (two) mudde ko lekar hum sare neutral logon ke samne aaye hain tow yeh hama farz (rights) banta hai ki unhe support karein baqui baatoon pe hum log na kare tow koi baat nahi hai.kuyunki hum log waqayee corruption se nejaat chahete hai tow hum mein blindly support karna chahiye “corruption” ke liye chahe jo bhi admi ya leader agge kuin na khada ho.Mein yeh bhi dekh rahoon ki koyi bhi national ya regional party ya uske leaders kabhi bhi saaf saaf apni baat Lokpal ke liye nahi kar rahe hain If & But lagakar hi baat karte hain.Kiyunki mein news daily 8 se 10 hr’s dekhta hoon woh bhi sare news channels aur internet mein bhi dekhta hoon.Isleye ,If Mr Anna hazare or any others are fighting against corruption then pl’s don’t let him down otherwise our future generation will be more sufferer.Pl’s think about only corruption don’t look the person.If it is solved by existing laws then implement it firmly and honestly in place of Lokpal.

  25. एक नया चाटुकार आया है। जब पैसा का भूख बढ़ता है , तो ऐसा हीं व्यक्तित्व पैदा होता है। थू थू …. मैथिल के नाम का कलंक। जिस व्यक्ति को बिहार में लोग खारिज कर चुके हैं, वह टीवी पर बैठ कर लोगों को इंसाफ दिलाने की बात करता है।

  26. Mr. Sanjay Jha – Agent of congress party, Agent of Rahul Gandhi, Agent of Sonia Gandhi. He shold not be considered as journalist even. Journalists are neutral and he always is on the side of one political party i.e. Congress. That clearly shows he is a biased person with vested interests for reasons we all know. Supporters of corrupt and specifically ‘Weak lokpal bill’ are themselves corrupt. Tonite on TV he was trying to convince that Group C and D Govt employees, if comes under the ambit of lokpal, will make it a draconian elephant which will not be able to function. This shows the committment to kill corruption, which unfortunately such people will never have. The class which indulges in corruption day-in-and-day-out, if left out from lokpal will make the law useless for ‘we common people of India’. Also, Lokpal without investigative wing will be useless piece of junkyard, which ‘Aka’s’ of such people will never fear-of and will continue with their evil way of doing things for eternity. Its time to change the way we and our future generations live in the kind of ‘India’.
    May God give you ‘Sadhbuddhi’.

    ‘A Common Indian’

  27. Do u believe in ‘every publicity is good publicity’. You think going against Anna will make u popular.I think your strategy has worked well.But you are going a wrong thing.

  28. Good to see you as part of the panel sharing space with likes of Bachi Karkaria, Shobha De etc etc..infact what was aparent was that the so called intellengesia had finally realised that despite the corruption chirade, this nation was still better off with Congress than any other political party, and why not so, we all witnessed the Anna team debacle, the indentity crisis they are going through and the “mobilism” they are supporting.
    Lets hope that the party you so passionately support gives the likes of you a chance…infact just wish they dont have a choice!!!!

  29. He look like a jobless person. He is trying for a job in Congress with his chamchagiri. Are finally congress ke musibat ke time pe dosti nibha raha hai.

  30. Everyone has got the right to express.That’s why you all are expressing so well.But to analyse and say correct things r not easy. So whatever comes in ur mind u all r saying.Mind it before u write anything.Sanjay is putting his side if u can, please do that. Well done SANJAY keep going.

  31. Mr.jha may got ticket from congress in future. congress & his spoke person speaks as people is fool & unknown . in this time politics is not for service only for rule. diggi failed in M.P. & will be failed on national level.

  32. Some ppl says that this is black day in Indian history n killing of democracy . .(on adjournment of rajya-sabha on lokpal on 30-12-2012)

    I would like to tell u that there is nothing unusual to react . .this is a normal procedure in any democracy . .

    May be u all seen it first time n u need time to understand . . But one thing is sure u all should thank to Shri Anna Hazare on this that atleast u all took interest in all these democratic procedures . .

    Now stop blaming govt. on this . .govt. have majority in Lok sabha n govt. get the lokpal bill passed in Lok sabha . .

    In rajya sabha govt. have no majority . .so here it is duty of opposition to get it passed . .

    Now many of u argue that why opposition support to pass a weak lokpal bill ?

    (though i don’t think govt. lokpal bill weak)

    India has wait for 42-43 years for this bill . .even if it is weak the priority should be to get it passed first instead of further delay. .

    You can alter the weaknesses in the lokpal bill n make that strong accordingly later by amendments . .(we have seen that in RTI act)

    I am neither defending or offending the govt. .but i request to atleast apply ur mind before coming to any conclusion . . Jai Hind!

  33. main ye nhi smajh paa rraha hu jo log sanjay ko pasand nhi krte wo follw kyun krte h,aur ulta sidha likhte h.mei najro me to wo bahut hi acchakilhte h,bolte h aur sochte h.keep it up sanjay,we r with u.u made us praud as maithil great work.

    1. Can you think or just follow people since he\she is a maithil? This Jha is a useless guy by any standard. Be far from this Jha, Mishra jee.

  34. I just hate your presence in star news , dont you see what congress has been doing . Every where corruption , cunning kapil kuteel digvijay singh they are trying to put a complete fullstop over the voice of people even. rahul Gandhi does not deserve to be a clerk in PMO and you people are trying to adorn with prime minister ship fie on you it is not his Jagir to succeed. we are trying to make our people enlightened not to vote for congress, in jharkhandwe rather go with independent If BJP has made a mistake in Dec 1992 Congress has been spewing venom against the unity of this country by trying to apply divide and rule policy,

  35. Sanjay Jha ji I am listening you nearly daily on any one of the channels but it seems now congress is becoming a party of Laloos , you all speaks in the style of laaloo and stop all your opponents from telling the truth. What you think this will place you in third position in UP assembly? certainly not ultimately the tally of congress will be somewhere between 30 to 35 despite die hard efforts from BABA.

  36. If congress wins UP election it will set a trend for every political party that to win election the criteria required are to involve with huge scam to arrange fund, to kick people who protest against rahul gandhi to blame other for charges of corruption loudly keeping silence on own.

    People of UP should bare the insult n can’t excuse themselves if they vote for the corrupt party.

  37. Sanjay Ji,

    I could not control my HANSI…When you & your colleagues are defending Chidambaram & Manmohan….You are running a govt not a mockery show. Show some responsiveness & show some moral values left in your culture & accept the mistakes done by SONIA & HER TEAM.

  38. Are u broker of Congress???…When Public of India is sensing corruption in 2G case, u start protecting govt..Even Mr. Swamy fought legally to aquire relevant documents from CBI. And Govt. is not ready to loose control on Investigation Agencies. Now SC proved the public view on its verdict on 2G. Ab to sharam kijiye sir…Sabse badi baat… aap bataiye ki aap blogger hai ya Congress sponsored agency??????…Maine aap ke comment ko kafi pasand kiya tha kabhi on cricket etc ..aap usi par concentrate kijiye nahin to aap ke NIYAT par bhi sawaal uthega..

  39. I salute you Sir, I have not seen such a big Chamcha like you. Digvijay pl. keep him your pers. secretary. Give him a job.

  40. India got talent but unfortunately that talent gets wasted. if we see Mr Jha’s profile undoubtedly he can do a lot more than what he is doing now. Having a political ambition is not wrong. we need educated people in politics too. but what he is doing in not acceptable. how could he be so biased in his opinion.Mr Jha, Its a shame on you. Congress is destroying this nation like anything. Congress’ apatite for money has gone up through the roof and you are supporting them despite so much corruption done by them…..

    1. sanjay jha,
      daily i am listening to u on various news seems that u r a tounge sleeper dog of congress.u have a political agenda and u r speaking like a monkey.u r shameless and a corrupt person.u r a thag and agent of digvijay seems that u have been sold by digvijay singh.u r a burden on india and chamca of manish tiwari

      1. u r a bhadwa dalal of bjp. inspite of seeing the rampant corruption in karnatka, madhya pradesh etc, if you can only speak against the congress, then you are a rss dog and a pimp u r a leashed monkey who jumps and parrots its masters iin the sangh.

  41. Sanjay Jha – a modern day “Jai Chand”. Mr. Sanjay Jha you are shameful person who always ready to protect the corrupt. Hundred shoes to your name.

  42. Mr Jha, many of your views are not inline with what the man on the street thinks. Unfortunately, this webiste talks more anti-BJP then talk good about congress

  43. While listening to Mr. Jha’s cricket comment, I thought he thinks logically. However, after coming to this website, I realize that he is another useless congress chamcha. Thank God.

    – Jha

  44. One more congress slave has come for there support. because of these people whole journalist community are getting notorious.
    the way he supports the congress it shows he has become a pimp.
    Some one should put a RTI for his founding.
    He is a Traitor, who can sell anyone in this country.

    1. everyone has a right to support any party. he is far better than bjp maa-ke-dalals and pimps like ramdev and anna who show as if they are civil socity , but actually act as pimps of bjp chaklas

  45. vo isliye is sanjay nam ke gadhe ko fellow karte hai taki usko uski aoukat pata chalti rahe aur vo is galatphamahi me na rahe ki vo logo ko bevkuf banata rahe aur log bante rahe. he is a big stupid, nothing more than that

  46. i don’t know if you read the comments on your website or not but if you do you will very well know what the public perception of you and your party is among the people of this country who your party leaders have claimed to “OWN” for the last 64 years. Let’s be frank and why don’t you tell the whole country how much money you are being paid by your masters to carry on this baseless propaganda….are you in hope of a RS seat??? or to join your masters on tha dias for a quick photo op for your living room??? or is it just the money that is too good to resist??? the problem with you people is that you think you can fool the people of this country for eternity… let me tell you that is your biggest mistake and if you have got any amount of shame left in you go tell your masters behind whom you wag your tail that the end is almost there and as for you have some self respect and stop licking the boots of your paid masters.
    jai hind!

  47. Sanjay Jha is gandhi bhakat, he and his other friends like Digvijay,Kapil,Manish,Chidu have uprooted congress from the eyes of the public,The current UP result is a live example of that.They have decided to keep the Gandhi family out of reach of public, so gandhi’s don’t know the ground reality and they have to compulsorily believe that what this guys are saying is true.This guys have no selfrespect,they will stoop to the lowest level to please the gandhis.They will argue very vaguely without any sense to defend their masters.No Intelligence pure swamibhakti……

  48. Congress is a dead Party of this countrey and people should rethink about listening the words of leaders from this Party.This party believes in divide and rule and the leaders of this party are like slaves who always bark in favour of Gandhi Family. I give an idea to congress think tank for losing Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections due in 2013. JUST SEND DIGVIJAY SINGH for campaign than BJP leaders need not to do any efforts to win because they will win because of Diggy

  49. Sanjjay jha proved it again..that Kutte ki dum agar sidhi bhi ho jaye wo kutta hi rehta hai….He is like true congress man..who is 24*7 available to lick Sonia feet

  50. This is stupid. Why wld anybody in their right mind do something like this? This is insane. May be this was setup with Italian money

  51. Sanjay Jha.. must be getting money from congress party to talk in their favour… This person is shameless talking nonsence on any topic… today i saw him talking on IPL… Mr. Jha is a total jack of all trades and master of none.

  52. What a shame… such a talented guy joining the wagon of Suresh Kalmadi.. A Raja… Abhishek M Shinghavi..I watch news hour on Timesnow TV and this guy is trying to portray that all are thieves except him and congress…He must be getting funds from Robert Wadhera to start this …..

  53. I don’t understand all the uncharitable comments about you.Everybody is entitled to have an opinion.One can disagree but why be abusive?

  54. sanjai ji aap ka profile padh kar mujhy badi hairani hai. aap jo vichar tv programme main rakhtai hain us,sai azaar guna achai or badiya vichar to is desh ka anpadh admi rakhta hai.

  55. All my worthy friend,instead of wasting time in argument and counter argument,lets start in a humble way to correctly look towards refining our individual acts and attitude and then try and challenge or critique any party.Problem is in fundamental thinking “I AM OK OTHERS/HE IS NOT” INTRO-INSPECT FRIEND OF INDIA.

  56. Sanjay Jha you are such a illogical man? how does greece election will impact india where its business with greece in minimal, Congress has failed and will loose election of 2012 at all fronts, they have weaken every india businessman, household but has increased swiss bank wealth, Congress is synonymous to corruption and Crime and Sex Scandal, no moral, no policicy

  57. This site is most effective and the matter which have been posted here is useful for public at large , may be some negative comments will receive from visitors but this will strengthen the life of this site works for public use.

  58. Mr Jha,since I have been following you on twitter(bchowla), out of curiosity I visited this site.
    My congratulations,you have an enviable CV.
    It doesn’t mean I agree with your views,but,having worked in pvt sector I realise how important is a good CV

  59. Sanjay Ji, recently I was watching you in discussions related to Coalgate. Very much disappointed to see a person who I regarded high can go upto this level of arguments. Why you are attempting to make this whole episode into Congress Vs BJP battle. Yesterday when anchor asked for your viewpoint in regard of charges against a DMK minster you started with mention of Mr. Nitin Gadkari. How tragic!! It seems intellectuals like you are not interested in finding where was the fault but in finding the face saving ways that BJP is also doing.
    So many scams are surfacing day-after-day. Now figures are coming in range of Lacs of Crores. This is never before situation in the history in India or probably in world also. And that too in a poor nation who is still fighting on Food, Cloth and shelter. Sanjay ji farmers are committing suicides in this country. This is not the question of Congress or BJP, who is better, question is that can’t we do better to serve the people?
    Can we argue better to find the actual role players in these scams? Can we discuss a event at a time rather than going back to different era while discussing for a recent case? Can’t we discuss cases of different regimes separetely? Is it correct to site “we are following a policy of previous govt”? Are we not responsible for the present or we are not wise to understand what is right for today? You talk about state CMs when asked for PM? What is this? Was PM blindly accepting CMs advice? Who was the custodian of whole process? Citing others name doesnot provide him shelter for all wrong doing. Secondly, I am also disappointed to see how congress is targeting CAG. Very few days we were witnessing ideal speaks of congressmen that constitutional bodies are supreme, we need to respect it, when it comes to Team Anna. Are they same congressmen today who are leaving no stone unturn in abusing CAG?
    There are many such questions. You must be wondering, why I am writing to you. As I know, you are b-school graduate and all such learned people have bigger role to play in nations development. I expect every such person, who are not borne/hardcore politician, to contribute in correct way. Or I appeal, at least not to contribute to the way where nation and its people are at loss. I believe you are wise enough to understand what I am trying to say.
    Hope to see your much expected contribution towards the people of India, in coming days….
    With Warm Regards

  60. hellooo sanjay sir , u r doing such a amazing job…. i salute u with deep of my heart ..
    sir m also a follower of congress , sorry m lover of congress ,,,, aur m apni congree k liye bht jyada work karna chahta hu ..i have completed my education that is MBA and working with a company ….. but i want to work with or for congress …but dont know how ?
    please reply me via email
    thanks and regard
    varun dua

  61. ialways like your arguments on t.v have u any hindi site os blog sir? i worked hard for congress party for more than 35 years. but because of pt jawaharlaal nehru and indiraji are my ideals.. but — ab naye leader purane logon ko sath le kar chalana pasand nahin karate is liye ghar me aaraam farmma rahi hoon lekin vote marate dam tak congress ke liye hai chahe haare yaa jeete. ye mera dharm hai aaj neharu jee kee kripa se rozti kha rahe hain bhaakradam jaisa mandir hame diya to service milee aur retire hone ke baad bhee pension ke uper guzara achha chal raha hai | aapako shubhakamanaayen

  62. Sanjay Jha is one of the most honest and sincere persons that I have seen and known in recent times. He is an asset for our country. In times like these when politics of religion and corruption are engulfing us, Sanjay seems to be one of the few rays of hope left.
    We need leaders like him.

  63. Mr Sanjay Jha, dont worry about the criticism that you recieve. When an elephant walks along the road, streets dog do bark !! India is a democratic country and you have the full authority to decide which party you should support and which party you should criticise. Let the BJP – Kejriwal supporters write anything abt you , but we are with Congress, we are with you.

  64. Sanjay Jha- A Cheap Guy. I am really surprised that he is an XLRI Jamshedpur alumnus. He sounds very cheap category person when he argues on news debates. He never argues on solid grounds. He clearly shows his political interest.

    He crossed the line when I saw him arguing & defending congress on Railway & low minister’s serious scams, on TIMESNOW.

    In one word If I describe MR. Jha- A STREET DOG LOOKING FOR A HOME (Congress)

    You suck MR. JHA. Stop talking nonsense. Now, people of India are not fool to listen your cheap & baseless arguments.

    You are MBA, so do some qualitative research, understand the people of India. Then you will realize that you are a barking dog.

  65. Sanjay, how much money are you paid to serve your corrupt bosses in congress and to loot the country? The problem in this country is that the educated people are using their knowledge for self serving and not for the public good. Shame on you!!

  66. we need a neutral thinking; in place of leaning towards any political spectrum. the day our voters start thinking neutrally in the interest of the nation neither corrupt congress nor rss controlled bjp will come to power. and accountability in parliamentary debate is a must congress adjourning the parliament sine die & sacking ministers is not a morality but the biggest coward act & showmanship committed by high command of congress party. If this decision was taken in right forum than only we can believe that you are taking a corrective steps to distance your self from corrupt. But, having taken a decision in coward manner means you are trying to hide the skeletons below the carpet or behind the ward robs

  67. Aisa besharm chamcha nahi dekha. Jo itne rabish kumar ki fatkar khane ke baad bhi fekta rahta hai. Lekin tumahe dekhte tumahare mba degree pe shaq hota hai.

  68. I have seen hum log program on ndtv on 12th may 2013. By seeing this program i feel that if there is world championship in telling false u will be world champion and its title will be feku world champion. We call u faku jha of congress. U think that u r very clever but people see fool in u. Please see that program of ravish kumar. People r laughing when u talk by seeing ur sillyness, foolishness. By seeing that program u can come to know ur reality. We see the program in which u r present when we r tired not as knowledgeable program but to see comedy circus. This remark is only for u and not for other clever representative. When u talk we get remembered the joker of circus. Thanks for free comedy. While u r present on tv and we want to see serious discussion if u r present we dont see that chanal. If want to see joker, feku, comedy on tv then i request all to see channel where feku (sanjay) jha is present.

  69. Sir, I really respect your loyalty towards congress. Even my grand parents were like you, but even they are changing their views. As a youth, as a professional, if I think logically, I can`t find any reason Why I should even talk about supporting if not praising congress. I don`t have to put forward any reasons for this , and that itself proves my point!!!!! I think congress need to work on their basics and do something worthwhile to win back the support .

  70. I notice with interest that most here try to belittle Mr Sanjay Jha without backing up with facts . It shows how much our Feku lover literate but uneducated middle class fear an upright and logical person like him !!! He makes informed comments on TV channels and logically demolishes the half truths and lies being spread by Feku and his team. Those who criticise him,suffer from ” since i have already made up my mind, i wont change it” syndrome. Carry on guys. The more you resort to cheap criticism, the more it gets established how hollow your hero Feku . Keep it up Mr Sanjay Jha.

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