Rajeev Gowda

Rajeev Gowda
Rajeev Gowda

Blood Type: Congress +ve

Two score and five years ago (=45), Rajeev was born into a family of freedom fighters. Patriotic songs were the lullabies that rocked him to sleep. The exploits of his uncle and father inspired him to action.

Out on the campaign trail even as a kid, Rajeev presented a bouquet to welcome Indira Gandhi to Bangalore during the historic 1971 election. And he resolved to learn more about politics and policy so that he too could help Hatao Garibi.

So, after scoring a 99 in Chemistry and earning his engineering merit seat, he seemingly rebelled and switched to a BA in History, Economics and Politics at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. He managed the interesting combination of being both an elected student union leader and Bangalore University’s Gold Medalist in Political Science.

A scholarship took him to Fordham University, New York, for a Master’s in Economics. Finishing up in a year, he moved to the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. There he earned a PhD in Public Policy and Management, and discovered the joys of research and knowledge creation.

A post-doc at the University of California Berkeley was next. Followed by a few years on the faculty of the University of Oklahoma. Then, after attaining promotion and tenure-the academic equivalent of nirvana-he packed his bags and returned to India. It was Y2K. 16 plus years had passed since he had left India’s shores.

Rajeev joined the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, and he’s been there ever since, teaching courses like “Business, Government, and Society,” that help students understand how the world works. He’s been involved with helping startup companies. He’s been a friend of many NGOs, and recently started his own-Resurgent India-which focuses on Youth Empowerment.

Most importantly, he’s an active Congress politician. He participated in the 2003 Congress brainstorming session at Shimla. He was part of Smt. Sonia Gandhi’s younger generation team for the 2004 election. And he’s part of every Congress campaign as an activist, and is preparing to contest sometime soon.

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, exhilarated by Indira Gandhi’s achievements in Bangladesh, space, and nuclear energy, committed to Rajiv Gandhi’s vision of India in the 21st century, Rajeev is working hard at crafting his own agendas for India, and is planning to write a book on the paradigm shifts that we are living through.

He does manage to have fun. All the time. But one of his strange ideas of fun is quizzing. He co-founded the acclaimed Karnataka Quiz Association in 1983, and was national runner up on BBC TV’s Mastermind India in 2001.

Opinion is divided about Rajeev. One section thinks he’s totally hot. Another section thinks he’s totally cool. There seems to be no middle ground.

To make up your mind about this passionate professor politician and to engage with his dispassionate analysis, check the blog.


  1. Hey Sanoop,

    I just subscribed to this blog from Google Reader: just type in Hamara Congress in the search and two feeds from the website will show up… does that work for you too?


  2. This is from the Congress manifesto: “The Indian National Congress remains committed to ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance in private companies, especially to protect the interests of small shareholders and small investors. Regulations will be made to ensure good corporate governance, ethical business practices and accountability to all stakeholders.” And the greatest corporate fraud in the Indian history was committed during a Congress regime, while Ramalinga Raju is still unpunished.

  3. Congrats Rajeev; but I am disappointed about the Karnataka outcome; when are the old fogeys in the KPC being replaced? its time, guys like you were given tickets.

  4. India is a huge country and has numerous problems. Therefore to focus on most urgent problem we need to develope info network dedicated to specific problem. Bijlipanisadak.com should provide updated the info on Bijli pani & sadak. similarly Ruraleducation.com and swasthiya.com should provide regular updates on the progress of rural education and health.

  5. rajiv ji, your articlrs are very informative.could you tell me the exact date of banglore session of congress which led split in congress and congress urs came in to existence. i will be highly thankful.

  6. There cannot be anything more shameful than being associated with a party that is the cause of everything that is ill with the country India! Shameless, indeed, Mr Professor!

  7. उनका कर्ज चुकाने को,
    अपना फर्ज निभाने को।
    नया ख़ून तैयार खड़ा है,
    राजनीति मेँ आने को॥

  8. Namaskara Gowdruge…!!!!
    Well Mr RG u may be a supporter of Cong but how will u justify Mr.MMS as he became PM by chance but not by his experience in politics as he never stood for any elections and fought in Democratic India and as rightfully the BJP has said that he is ‘Lame Duck Politician” but i can damn bet u that u also want to become a minister in the years to come in cong like our own Pradhan Mantri by garnering the sympathy of cong leaders for being associated with IIM….

  9. Rajeev,

    From a “Chamcha” of Congress, one cannot expect anything bad about Congress. It is understandable being on the payroll of the Corrupt Congress you are concerned about your next salary and therefore cannot talk ill about your masters!


    1. Common Rajesh, first don’t be impolite by calling him a ‘chamcha’, an intellect like him knows about himself. And secondly don’t put him in an dilemma, to use his conscience and write the truth, even if it means criticizing his paymasters.
      Rajeev: Don’t get carried away, after reading this, even if your conscience wakes. Have a concrete plan to support your family and then take a wise decision.

    2. This website does not have a single article or news related to either the CWG, 2G, coalgate or the railgate scams. How very convenient of Mr. Sanjay Jha and Rajeev Gowda. Please stop claiming to be representatives from civil society. It is very clear that you are part and parcel of the Congress camp and hence dare not put a single line on the mega-corruption that has affected the UPA-II. Mr. Jha you are very much entitled to support and hold your opinion for the party you want to in India being a democracy, but please stop this sham of pretence and trying to be holier than thou by claiming to be a unbiased person.

  10. It is the people who are corrupt can only support Congress. The people who cannot see anything other than Congress are narrow-minded and communal.

  11. भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ वर्ल्ड अगेंस्ट कोर्रुप्तिओन ? जो लोग देश में भ्रष्टाचार मचाकर गंदगी कर रहे है वह लोग सतर्क हो जाये अब वर्ल्ड अगेंस्ट कोर्रुप्तिओन और साक्षात्कार करेगा खुलासे पर खुलासे ? आप भी वर्ल्ड अगेंस्ट कोर्रुप्तिओन और साक्षात्कार.कॉम से जुड़े | अगर आपके आस पास भ्रष्टाचार फैला रहा है तो आप सीधे अपना प्रोफाइल वर्ल्ड अगेंस्ट कोर्रुप्तिओन डाट.ओर्ग पर बनाकर पूरा खुलासा कर सकते है नहीं तो आप हमें मेल और फ़ोन कर सकते है | संपर्क सूत्र –०९१६७६१८८६६ http://www.worldagainstcorruption.org http://www.sakshatkar.com http://www.writerindia.com

  12. educated people Do not take one political party Side.
    Chamchas and funds from ruling party make differences.
    Do not take advise from biased uneducated experts.

    1. Aam Addmi ( Mango Man) you are 100% right.
      we do not want Chamchas to educate us.
      We want honest and clean people to train us.

  13. Some ppl says that this is black day in Indian history n killing of democracy . .(on adjournment of rajya-sabha on lokpal on 30-12-2012)

    I would like to tell u that there is nothing unusual to react . .this is a normal procedure in any democracy . .

    May be u all seen it first time n u need time to understand . . But one thing is sure u all should thank to Shri Anna Hazare on this that atleast u all took interest in all these democratic procedures . .

    Now stop blaming govt. on this . .govt. have majority in Lok sabha n govt. get the lokpal bill passed in Lok sabha . .

    In rajya sabha govt. have no majority . .so here it is duty of opposition to get it passed . .

    Now many of u argue that why opposition support to pass a weak lokpal bill ?

    (though i don’t think govt. lokpal bill weak)

    India has wait for 42-43 years for this bill . .even if it is weak the priority should be to get it passed first instead of further delay. .

    You can alter the weaknesses in the lokpal bill n make that strong accordingly later by amendments . .(we have seen that in RTI act)

    I am neither defending or offending the govt. .but i request to atleast apply ur mind before coming to any conclusion . . Jai Hind!

  14. As long as corrupt people like gowda will be in the congress, its downfall is certain. No wonder Kannadigas have thrown the congress thugs out of Karnataka.

  15. Congress is like Sphinx, resurfaces out of ashes! Otherwise it could not have survived for 127 years while maintaining its biggest size in the world! Congress had seen Punjab, Assam etc where 20-30 years back, taking the name of Congress use to be a sin but the wheel of history always circles a full cycle for the Congress; so does the case for Karnataka.

  16. Congress is not a political party, but a grand alliance of nation wide people. Long live the Indian National Congress.

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