Priyanka Chaturvedi

Priyanka is a columnist, blogger and District General Secretary-Mumbai Pradesh Youth Congress.


  1. aapne hame twitter pe zaroor block kiya hai.magar hamne aapko kabhi abuse nahi kiya tha ,used no bad and ugly words.talked only abt politics.then why?
    I have seen many congress guys on social media and electronic media posing like very polished,elite, brilliant.They talk as if they are the only saints in the world and those who disagree with them are sinners.Your Pavan Kumar bansal bhi parliament mai bade bade bhashn de rahe the on cah for querry scam pe.Morality ki baat kar rahe tha.aaj woh nanga khada hai.sharm unko nahi aap logon ko aana chahiye that you guys were pampring hm as a great man without any black spots for the past thirty years of his public life.
    winning lction alone is not democracy.Karnataka victory was not a positive one for the was anger against the BJP.But rest of India is not Karnataka.
    I have no grudge against the Gandhi family as I was an honest admirer of Rajiv Gandhi even after he was tainted by the Bofors scam but for you congress guys who sacrificed him for no fault of his.How shame that the congress is misusing a family for its selfish ends.
    I am envisaging a great India ahead where people will have an opportunity to elect a best man than a best party if the system and constitutional bodies are not tampered with.with independent investigating agencies I am sure the politicians will dare to make dirty money.and I am sure then congress will not be an attractive party.if you cant make money why would be in the congress.we may see an erosion of ranks from all the parties who oppose corruption.My wish is that India should have only a two party system and all the corrupt elements like the Yediyurappas and Bansals are nowhere bear.

  2. You blocked me on twitter.No big deal.I never abused you,never used bad worlds.I am forced to conclude that either you are intolerant or incompetent when it comes to fair debating.There is nothing personal here you know.Its so disheartening.
    Better keep away from Sanjay Jha.He is doing more damage to the congress than repairing the damage.I know you are a nice person.I have no grudge against Sanjay Jha ,Sonia or Rahul.The Gandhis are nice people.The corrupt in the congress have always misused that family. I was a true fan of Rajiv.I know he is not corrupt.but his party could not save him after misguiding him on Srilanka and he paid a huge price.Manmohan Singh is also a good man.Those who are not corrupt,intolerant will always be lovable people.
    Though I am not a supporter of the congress I only wish India should ultimately be a two party democracy.I know the compulsions of coalition politics.Winning an election alone is not democracy.Fulfilling the promises is.How long a party can keep on offering sops.We are a poor country no doubt.But poor are not bad people unlike the politicians.They want opportunities and not sops.dont make them know why you are unable to win Bihar and UP.its not because of those stalwarts there but because you never created job opportunities for the people there.Regional parties are opportunistic setups.
    I am sure if some people in the congress really and honestly give full autonomy to the CBI then congress will come out cleaner after those corrupt who will invariably leave the party.

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