Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra is a young congressman, hailing from a veteran political family from Raebareli. He has grownup up observing and learning the underpinnings of Indian Political environment. At present, he is based out at New Delhi and shuttles between Delhi, Raebareli and Lucknow. He is Member of Indian National Congress & Indian Youth Congress.

Benevolent in Social work, Abhishek has emerged from diversified background, an entrepreneur who balances his work by contributing to humanity and channelizing his dreams into veracity. He is actively working to support and create a positive point of view towards congress party’s work and building its brand image. He is a Columnist, Proficient in Writing and an eloquent orator in voicing opinions. He has been conducting socio-development programs for creating awareness amongst the youth, women and children.

Abhishek is the Co-Founder of SattvaSoul-NGO. He envisions and creates the blueprint of “SattvaSoul”, which is a professionally run charity organization working towards revolutionizing the society in a holistic approach. Working across India, it aims to bring revolution and mass movement towards the deprived strata of the society and bring an impact-full change for tomorrow.

He also, conceptualized “The Resource”, a strategic consulting firm. It is a professionally run diversified consulting organization catering to customized solutions, primarily focusing on providing Strategic and management consulting to Start-up’s, Corporates and Institutions.

Academically, Abhishek is a MBA qualified entrepreneur from IMT Ghaziabad with over 8 years of diversified experience in Strategic Planning, People Management, Public Relations and Decision Making and restructuring business with brands like Bharti, Amul, MetLife, HSBC, ICICI and Religare.

Abhishek feels that each of us can, in our own small way, be agents of change, and when enough of us are moved to this, the impact would be lasting change for the better.

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