When we talk about the poor and the weaker sections, the opposition attacks us

Koraput & Nabarangpur, Odisha
March 31, 2014

  • We will fight your battles, Mr. Rahul Gandhi tells the people of Odisha
  • Odisha is a rich state but the people are poor
  • Congress Vice President blames Odisha government for diverting central funds meant for the poor, tribal and weaker sections
  • When we talk about the poor and the weaker sections, the opposition attacks us

Accusing the state government of Odisha of diverting funds meant for the poor, tribal and weaker sections of the society, Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi vowed to fight their battles along with them. Speaking at a massive public rally in Nabrangpur, Mr. Gandhi said, “Odisha has money,
natural resources, forests and water. It is a rich state, but the people are poor. The state government takes your money and gives it to the industrialists. They don’t use it for building schools for you, or providing education, health and jobs.”

He added that the Congress led UPA government had made special allocation of funds for the welfare of tribal people, but the BJD government has diverted these funds to other things. “The job of the government is to help you. You should have a railway line. The water which should be used for irrigation is diverted for industrial uses,” he said. Mr. Gandhi emphasized that while the industry needs resources, it should not come at the cost of farmers and there is a need for balanced development.

Elaborating on the measures taken by the Congress led UPA government over the last decade, he told the people at Koraput that the Congress government is for the poor and weaker sections and that the party believes in taking everybody along. He added that these measures have lifted 15 crore people out of poverty in the last decade.

Mr. Gandhi also exposed the false show of support by the BJP towards millions of Indian farmers. “When we waived farmer loans worth Rs. 70,000 crore, they said this is a waste of money. This is not waste of money. Farmers toil hard to take India forward. When we help you, we help India move ahead. They also opposed us on the new Land Acquisition Bill. Today you get three times more than the market rate for your land” he said.

Sharing the vision of the Congress Party that seeks to remove poverty from India, he asked the people to join the Congress in this fight. Expressing happiness over the presence of women in the rallies, he assured the women that the Congress Party will make full efforts to ensure 33 per cent reservation for women in the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha.

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