2014 Elections are about the battle of two ideologies

Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh
March 22, 2014

  • 2014 Elections are about the battle of two ideologies
  • I want to make India, the biggest manufacturing hub in the world.
  • UP will have unprecedented development when the Congress comes to power in the state and in the centre.

Tearing through the false propaganda of the principal opposition party, Congress Vice President, Mr. Rahul Gandhi asked the people of Uttar Pradesh to unite and defeat the forces which are spreading hatred and hostility in the state. Addressing a massive public rally here, he highlighted that these elections are about battle of two ideologies, one of peace and love and the other of divisiveness.

He cautioned the people of being misled by the false propaganda of the opposition party. “We faced resistance from them during the land acquisition bill’s passage. When a rich person sells his land, he gets to do so at the market price however when a poor farmer sells his land he doesn’t get a fair price. This farmer bleeds and sweats for the country and fails to get a proper price for his land. The opposition tried stopping this bill at the standing committee level but yet we managed to pass it,” said Mr. Gandhi.

Sharing the ideology and the vision of the Congress party, Mr. Gandhi promised the people of UP that the state will have unprecedented development when the Congress comes to power. He added that the ideology of the Congress is of love, peace and brotherhood and the BJP can continue dreaming about removing Congress from India. “They don’t realize that the Congress party is not an entity,
it is an ideology. Every person in India irrespective of their religion and caste has this ideology in them,” he said.

Talking about the potential of the state, Mr. Gandhi urged the youth of UP to unite and work for the development of the state. “The day the youth of UP come together, UP will leave everyone behind because the progress will be that immense. I promise you the development in UP will be unprecedented when there is a Congress government in the state of UP and the Centre. UP can
become such a great state that people from Maharashtra and other states and even other countries will come in search for better opportunities here,” he said. He added that he wants to make India the manufacturing hub of the world so that youth have ample job opportunities here in the country. “We have developed an industrial corridor and rail corridor between the major cities in India which is going to create lakhs of jobs and open up the manufacturing sector in the biggest possible way,” he said.

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