49 Impatient Days

By Abhishek Mishra


He claims to be the amplification in addition to rectification, transforming the rubrics of India’s political environment. He claimed the only reason to enter the political fraternity was to refine the dilapidated system and to fight against corruption. How far will he walk the talk of reforms was a major question, now this question comes to stand still as it comes to a closure in 49 days.

Arvind functioned like an Anarchist, was debated by many political pundits and activist with difference in their thoughts. He still goes on to reject the existing framework and benign to AAP’s ideology which is very different to the current standard and many exceedingly criticized.  When asked, Arvind Kejriwal agreed upon the controversial tag of being functioned as a crusading Anarchist, which allowed him to perform in his terms and condition.

He privileges himself as man of action through “Dharnas”, a political revolutionary who runs the government on streets of capital. His core strengths and skills on “Dharna Pradarshan” before Delhi’s election got him into the system and later out of the eyes of the common people who casted their valuable votes to give him a chance, a chance to change.

His thick skinned stand for his law minister Somnath Bharti, who conducted a “raid” without the warrant and forced the police to arrest Ugandan citizen in the south delhi neigbourhood. Impatient Arvind overlook the enquiry ordered by the Home Ministry on the alleged police officers. He said, “I want everyone to come and join us for this protest,” said Mr Kejriwal, over-riding his tweet which urged ‘the public not to join him in his demonstration because it would interfere with arrangements being made for Republic Day celebrations on Sunday’. Chetan Bhagat, and avid supporter of AAP went to the extent of calling Arvind’s party an “item girl of politics”. Former Karnataka Lok Ayukta and India Against Corruption core committee member Santosh Hegde condemned Arvind’s act of violating prohibitory orders, which he said had been made worse by the fact that he is the chief minister and he has been inciting others to do so too. Even more surprising was the stand of newly joined AAP member Captain Gopinath stating, Kejriwal must govern from their office. In addition to this, within home boundaries AAP MLA Vinod Kumar Binny had already accused the party of “cheating” alleging backtracking on its election promises and called Arvind a “dictator”. Controversial writer Tasleema Nasreen also slammed AAP on Twitter quoting “AAP is endorsing sexism and racism. So scary, losing hope”.

In last 49 days, Arvind has failed to improve governance in the city, rather has been instrumental in creating ruckus, From swearing in ceremony drama at Ramlila grounds, to shifting residences, to sitting on dharna’s, to running the government from street. He made a mockery of governance. Launch of an anti-corruption helpline which virtually collapsed within no time. The janata durbar which witnessed a near stampede the very first time it was held and was later scraped. The ordering of an audit against power distribution companies, now stuck in a legal battle. One after another, and above all ordering of a police enquiry against serving and former Union petroleum ministers, the head of Reliance Industries Ltd in a matter wholly outside the purview of his governance.

The controversial headline maker’s concluding comedy act was futile attempt to introduce the Janlokpal Bill in the Delhi Assembly. In spite of clear legal advice and explicit instructions from the Lt Governor of Delhi not to introduce the Bill without prior permission from the Union government, Arvind was hell bound towards its misguided course, with a much guided and well planned exit.


Arvind Kejriwal, who pledged to eliminate corruption in Delhi, should have run a marathon, but alas he failed to sustain his tumultuous journey and called it quit in mere seven weeks.

The hurry man is no more people’s favorite as they have realized the huge gap between what was promised—cheap power, free water, ending corruption within days and more—and what they could realistically attain.

He needs to pause, look around and move ahead rather than being in a desperate to search for what to do next.

By Abhishek Mishra

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