Modi and the Law of Diminishing Returns

By Abhishek Mishra

When God created World, he would have thought my people who are the most unique creature would complement my worldly arrangements. The gift to mankind in our 21st century has turned into rifts and turmoil; especially India with an eclectic background has in-depth history, faced facets of deviation in name of culture, communalism and chaos.

India has a long story with history reflecting its triumphs and defeats in different point of time. After all the pull and thrust, our developing nation wants to do more, achieve more and to do so we have to widen our wisdom and stick to the secular pillars which is the foundation for democratic-ness.

Our political views have come into the clutches of “divergent thinking” rather than “diversified thinking”. Our future is depicted by our crippled mood which is orbiting our country for a period of time. This is prerogative due to falsification rather than making a wise assessment based on facts and figures. We are grabbing substitutes/fake products rather than putting efforts in researching for real options created by our Heroes.

BJP’s agenda presently is polishing on “one man show” which actually depicts to the country as “the only man show”. Their aggressive projection pretends as if this was the only hope on which they based and built their 2014 election campaign.  The man with a sword has all of a sudden seemed to be the man with a pen. Surely his steps seem suspicious and deviated from Mahatma Gandhi’s governance.

Our pre- election marketing gives a picturesque view to us in soliciting our aspiration for the forthcoming election. We all understand that it is vital for all political parties to present their political views and agenda from past to present. Past achievements and present plan with an improvised marketing strategy will cater to the pillar to success for 2014.

Modi does it the meaner way.

IDay Speech:

Two months back, such kind of provocative marketing stunt was observed in the over-hyped skirmish of the speech delivered on occasion of I-Day, 15 August 2013. It projects the deliberate attempt to publicize his self-acclaimed candidature for future Prime Minister-ship position. He not only disgraced the auspicious day which witnessed the brutality faced by our fore-fathers who had brought us to this day of glory but also disgraced our Prime Minister. This act flashed and created a buzz around media, Social network, print media, eminent politicians including Advani and their allies like Shiva Sena, etc had condemned his diminishing deed.

His simple stand and ideology speaks of condemning the government and glorifying himself. Why not do clean politics based on credentials and not violating vigor of an institution which is successfully prevalent for past one decade?  His agenda less campaigns and rallies, and his recent deliveries of speeches show a contrast of corned consciousness and dilapidated marketing techniques.

The 2002 Ghost haunts:

Modi’s recent ‘Puppy’ remark has re-stamped his view towards victimization of the innocents who died in 2002, a communal political conspiracy. Certainly, he is boastful that Supreme Court has given him a clean chit and nothing much can be done if sadly his car runs over puppies. Incident turned accident can never be covered and justified with prosperity and peace. Mayaben Kodnani, a state legislator and former state education minister, close companions of Modi who acted gruesomely in the killings. She alongwith 31 other were convicted for master planning the savage attacks. Modi folded himself from the tragic mien despite strong testimony pinnacling the “Axiom Truth”. A quote from his own website www.narendramodi.in says “A protector for the peace and prosperity of the present and posterity” instead he is unapologetic and unsympathetic towards the sufferings of people specifically the minorities.

The 2002 ghost still haunts him and has labeled his ghastly acts as “Modi’s Menace”

RSS dictates:

People’s perceptions make a big difference. Why is he the “chosen one”?

The one man show, Modi’s presidential politics which dominates BJP and their veterans. The biggest blunder by Advani to support Modi long back post 2002, has made him bitten deep. Petrified with his game plan and backing of RSS, Modi had made his sweeps ahead of the stalwarts of BJP, who had no options but to stick with his gambit. The recent anointment of Modi for PM candidate captured by the electronic media for more than a week created suspense/hype for the viewers.

His provocative hype and hoopla today in electronic/print media and social network impacts the perception of people and defines his ideology. It gives me goose-bumps where today we talk beyond growth and achievement, and such perceptions impregnate irrationalism towards choosing the right leader. Are we are caught in the perception paralysis, where we cannot distinguish between the good or the bad?

Very Recently, Chidambaram repelled the advent of Modi on the national political stage as “largely media created”. “I don’t think that Narendra Modi is a stronger candidate than either Vajpayee or Advani”

We all know it is the RSS who rules and governs BJP. It’s evident by all their recent interventions during key decision making of the party.

Modi is merely ‘an old wine in a new bottle’. He is just a repackaged product by RSS governed BJP.

Foreign Disconnects:

Modi’s constant criticizing in rallies towards slamming the External Affair Ministry or the PM’s affection on Peace talks and making strong statement insulting the status of our country’s Prime Minister. He further blossoms it by mimicking Nawaz Sharif’s statement towards India. Such a shameful statement can create larger negative impact towards Indian Foreign Policy. He added that PM had headed aimlessly in G20 Summit. Whereas, we all know PM’s speech in St. Petersburg was focused on the clear agenda of sustaining global economic recovery and regrowth.

As a Prime Minister in his wildest of thoughts, where his arrangements with the west would indeed be a toughest protocol. He was forbidden by the west after his bloodshed violence image in Gujarat in 2002. In the repercussion of the riots where innocent Muslim’s died, the European Union and United States declared Modi as “Persona non Grata”, finishing diplomatic arrangement with the state. This in return churned out to rejection of his visa giving him an indirect travel ban, additionally creating an unpleasant and negative aura of his image towards Obama, who is likely to avoid Modi’s presence in Indian affairs.

How does he think can he manage the most sensitive and the most strategic foreign affairs?

India is collective not conclusive.


Anointment as a PM candidate doesn’t mean a Prime Minister by default. Three times Chief Minister of Gujarat doesn’t mean the only one fit to be Prime Minister. None are the traits which make him eligible to be aspiring for a Prime Minister-ship, but there are no stoppages to ones aspirations.


Modi jingles of a vibrant Gujarat and sells its model all over the country, I would like to point out and there are facts which prove there are many states other than Gujarat, which have performed marvelously but have not showcased like Modi does through his magnetism or aptly the right word is “narcissism”. But it is evident to all that the problems of illiteracy, malnutrition, and unemployment are the same as in any other state. He is misled by the fact that people are drawn towards his charisma; it’s just a boil in the milk, which will settle and turn cold soon. India is a diverse country and all states have their specifics and complexities.

Minorities are a strict no towards Modi, irrespective of whatever he or the party does, the 2002 ghosts still haunt them and the community is apprehensive that such riots may spread all across if he is heading the nation. Muslims are not ready to accept him because of his divisive communal image and will never go to his side.

In 2014, over 60 percent voter is youth which cannot be fooled by such arguments and false claims. They will vote only for the party that has formulated and rolled out development schemes and done reforms on the ground.

Modi has an edge of being the opposition’s PM candidate and on top the current media favorite TRP grabber to splinter no-holds-barred attacks on the government and get away with it. Alas he forgets of himself diminishing his image as he was supposed to be a leader with great ideas which banked upon the winds of change. Where are these winds of change vanished?

Modi has been exposed beyond limits; His image is like a hot air balloon, in which the air is being filled constantly. The question is till when?


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