By Abhishek Mishra

15th August mesmerizes our feelings of liberty, freedom, and patriotism. Independence Day is a time of kite flying, cultural celebration, backyard barbeques, department-store sales, blockbuster movie releases, patriotic decoration and flag hoisting–in short, a time of leisure, feasting, recollecting triumphs and historic felicitation.


67 years of freedom, still in clutches of our mentality.  Our pride, passion, prosperity comes to a standstill when our perspective gets diluted over our moral values. Our value chain started before since our dynasty of Raja’s and Maharaja and then lapped to Mughals and later to British imperialism.

Long back in 1855, India’s biggest secular party took birth. Their main agenda was to uproot and oppose British imperialism. It comprised of eloquent, moderate and loyalist membrane of people. Several agitations were made, but they were not impactful. In addition to the British Raj, their formula of “Divide et impera” later resulted into formation of Muslim League in 1906. A minority party headed by Jinnah, in order to seek supremacy and create a political voice in the imperial structure and represent their interests. This further stemmed Jinnah into pursuing a partition and formation of separate nation for Muslims.


Jawaharlal Nehru, then Congress President presumed that situation will fade away for formation of Pakistan and Jinnah would re-think to push for a new partition, which was inevitable. British Raj was intimidated by India’s condition which was slipping away from their grip. They were exhausted and near bankruptcy. Their investment in India was turning around and splashing on their red faces. Britishers intended to cut and run and to consolidate the present scenario and get the bug out of their system, they voiced in the same direction with Jinnah and his blue print for a two new sovereign nation. India’s struggle was boiling and now “Purna Swaraj” was everyone’s ultimate goal. Gandhi and Nehru was against the notion of separate nations but were handcuffed with the pressure and dominance of British in such an illegitimate proposal, which torn apart India in brutality.

Knowing the dynamicity of India and along with it comes the complex society and diverse human psychology. India is rich in culture and heritage and at the same time it is divided into caste and communalism.  Here in this land, we see contrast of living standards of people.

Even after all these years of independence, the larger story for all of us is our struggle for “Intrinsic Independence” from disparities circling the society. Youth is emerging and questioning the on-going dogmatic trend behaviour of the political parties. Congress continuous effort brought vernacular India to vast spectrum of growth in a holistic approach. They have bequeathed India with large scale capital investments in infrastructure, in railways, canals and irrigation works, shipping and mining; the commercialisation of agriculture with the development of a cash connection; the establishment of an education system and of law and order creating suitable conditions for the growth of industry, enterprise and employment; and the integration of India into the world economy.

Since Independence we have welcomed people from all parts of the world to India to enjoy our freedom, opportunities and liberties. They have embraced our laws, Constitution, flag and proudly call themselves Indians. This is what has made India strong and great. We have been the beacon of light and hope to the world that freedom reigns.

Having said that still there so much more to achieve and before we get there, all of us should compound our Axiom of strength and versatility.

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