AMIT SHAH AND THE Rs 2.50 cr bribe!

Arjun Modhwadia,

Ex- Leader of Opposition, Gujarat Vidhansabha Congress Party

Press Note                                                                                9th February, 2010

  • CID (Crime) reports to the Chief Minister on acceptance of bribe by Amit Shah worth Rs.2.50 crores to ensure preventing imprisonment of Ketan Shah in Rs.1600 crores Madhavpura Bank.
  • Meeting of Ketan Parekh and Amit Shah at residence of Girish Dani – withdrew SLP (Special Leave Petition) by accepting Rs.2.5 crores bribe. 
  • CID (Crime) Report suggests sufficient evidence of telephonic conversation among Ketan Parekh, Girish Dani and Amit Shah during the period of said so-called bribe deal.
  • The CID (Crime) Report to the Chief Secretary recommends handing over investigation against Amit Shah to CBI after getting advice from the Chief Minister.
  • In the meeting presided over by Amit Shah on 31-8-2004 decided to move for cancellation of bail due to failure of Ketan Parekh to pay Rs.380 crores as per condition of the Court.
  • CID (Crime) report opines that but for consent of Amit Shah, no officer would have dared to withdraw SLP from the Supreme Court.
  • Appearance of Arun Jaitley in Supreme Court defending Ketan Parekh in Supreme Court and withdrawal of SLP for cancellation of bail from the Supreme Court is not possible without blessing of Narendra Modi. – Arjun Modhwadia.
  • Arjun Modhwadia demands probe by CBI in the CBI (Crime) Report to look into role played by Amit shah and to sack him out of the Cabinet as also investigate role of Narendra Modi.

Shri Arjun Modhwadia, ex-Leader of Opposition in Gujarat Assembly today in a press conference exposed the scandal, by producing documentary evidences, wherein Mr.Amit Shah – Minister of State for Home and the then Director of Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank – of accepting bribe of Rs.2.50 crores from Shri Ketan Parekh to free him from imprisonment, who was responsible to siphon away Rs.1600 crores of Madhavpura Cooperative Bank and as much as Rs.5000 crores of other cooperative banks in the State and Shri Modhwadia demanded to expel Amit Shah from the Cabinet and to hand over investigation to the CBI by arresting him.

Shri Arjun Modhwadia today made public copy of short confidential report of investigation submitted by the Addl. Director General of Police, CID (Crime) on 1-8-2005 to the Chief Secretary of Gujarat in respect of the application addressed to the H.E. Governor of Gujarat by a depositor of Madhavpura Coop. Bank named Mr.Hasmukh Shah.  In this short report, the Addl. Director General has reported that it has been alleged by Mr.Hasmukh Shah in his application addressed to the H.E. Governor that out of entire amount of scandal of Rs.1600 crores of Madhavpura Bank, Ketan Parekh was benefited with Rs.1030 crores.  Ketan Parekh was arrested in the said offence.  Mr.Ketan Parekh was released on bail by the Metropolitan Court of Ahmedabad on the condition that Ketan Parekh shall deposit amount of Rs.380 crores with the bank within three years.  As the order passed by the Metropolitan Magistrate was upheld by Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat, Madhavpura Bank approached Hon’ble Supreme Court by way of preferring S.L.P. for cancellation of bail granted to Ketan Parekh.  Hon’ble Supreme Court issued notice on 5-5-2006 in this case.

Said applicant Mr.Hasmukh Shah alleged that Mr.Girish Dani convened a meeting at his residence with Shri Ketan Parekh and Shri Amit Shah in the first week of October, 2004.  As decided in the said meeting, Shri Amit Shah was to see that the SLP preferred before the Hon’ble Supreme Court for cancellation of bail be withdrawn as Shri Amit Shah was the Director of Madhavpura Bank.  During the said meeting itself, amount of Rs.2.50 crores was paid  to Shri Amit Shah through Girish Dani as a reward for favoring Ketan Parekh.  As a part of this understanding only, SLP preferred before the Hon’ble Supreme Court for cancellation of bail granted to Ketan Parekh, was withdrawn prematurely by Madhavpura Bank.  It was further alleged by Shri Hasmukh Shah that just for the sake of formality, Madhavpura Bank preferred application before Metropolitan Court for cancellation of bail granted to Ketan Parekh.  Lower Court and the Hon’ble High Court upheld the bail.  SLP was filed before the Hon’ble Supreme Court against the order passed by the High Court wherein also the strategy was designed as such that Ketan Parekh would get time without making any payment.

On investigation of the said allegations, CID Crime could trace the following facts:-

(1)       For the period from 1-9-2004 to 21-6-2005, from mobile no.98250-05051 of Girish Dani, there were 4 phone calls made on mobile no.98208-05163 of Ketan Parekh and 14 calls on another mobile of Ketan Parekh being mobile no.98209-97366.

(2)       For the period from 2-9-2004 to 21-6-2005, from mobile no.98250-05051 of Girish Dani, there were 31 phone calls made on mobile phone no.98240-10090 of shri Amit Shah (which include two calls made on 3-10-2004), 13 calls on phone no.27499070 which is residence landline number of Shri Amit Shah, and 8 calls on Shri Amit Shah’s office phone nos.23225920, 23243503, 23250231.

(3)       In addition to this, Ketan Parekh came to Ahmedabad on first day of October, 2004 by air and was present in Ahmedabad.

The CID (Crime) had clearly opined that Shri Amit Shah, Shri Girish Dani and Shri Ketan Parekh were in touch with each other during the said period and the allegation that Shri Amit Shah accepted bribe during said period is supported by said facts.

It has been further stated in the said report of CID (Crime) that once a decision was taken about initiating action for cancellation of bail to Ketan Parekh, on 31-8-2004 in the meeting convened at Annexe Circuit House, Ahmedabad which was presided over Shri Amit Shah, Minister of State for Home and Director of Madhavpura Bank with officers of DGP, CID (Crime) and CEO and officers of Madhavpura Bank, no officer can dare to take decision to move for withdrawal of the SLP preferred for cancellation of bail of Ketan Parekh in the Supreme Court without depositing Rs.380 crores by Ketan Parekh, but for blessing of Shri Amit Shah.

It has been further stated by CID (Crime) in report that the allegations are mainly and specifically against Shri Amit Shah who is Minister of State for Home and Director of Madhavpura Bank.  Since Shri Amit Shah was holding important office in the State Government, it was recommended that in the interest of justice said case be handed over to CBI, Mumbai for further investigation by connecting it to the original case against Ketan Parekh of Madhavpura Bank, after bringing said fact to the knowledge of the Chief Minister.

Shri Modhwadia stated that the episodes of withdrawal of SLP from the Hon’ble Supreme Court and retaining renowned Advocate and high ranked leader of Bhartiya Janat Party Shri Arun Jaitely are not to distinct incidents but it can happen only with knowledge of the Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi. In case if the Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi claims to have a little bit of honesty left with him, he must immediately make Shri Amit Shah to resign and direct investigations through CBI by lodging offence against Shri Amit Shah in respect of the report which is primarily investigated and found substance in the allegation by the Home Department which is under him only.

Shri Modhwadia further stated that the leaders in Cooperative sector of Gujarat could earn reputation worldwide by attracting small depositors by investing deposits worth million of rupees with Cooperative Bank through their honest administration, however, with blessing of the Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and his associates defaulted Rs.5000 crores of the Urban and District Cooperative Banks.  After said huge amount worth Rs.5000 crores siphoned away by Shri Amit Shah, he played successful and important role to project the Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi as hero and “Sahib Bahadur” by staging fake encounters. The Chief Minister rewarded Amit Shah for his said “achievement” by showering him with additional “Departments” and in turn, Amit Shah managed to hand over “management” of millions of rupees of Gujarat Cricket Association to the Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi.


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