By Aaron Pereira

A day after Gujarat CM Narendra Modi referred to Union minister Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar as a “Rs. 50-crore girlfriend”, Tharoor chose his favourite medium – Twitter – to hit back.

Tharoor’s tweet, “@narendramodi My wife is worth a lot more than your imaginary 50 crores. She is priceless. But you need2be able2love some1 2understand that,” which was retweeted over 1300 times and favorited by nearly 300, led to a Twitter fight between supporters of both the politicians.

Speaking to reporters after he tweeted, Tharoor said, “He (Modi) was silly to make that remark.. so I replied saying my wife is priceless.. and I added that he needs to love someone to understand that.. now we have to see if he is capable of understanding that..”

Narendra Modi has not yet responded to Tharoor tweet.

The Gujarat chief minister, in a veiled attack while campaigning in Himachal Pradesh said, “Wah kya girlfriend hai. Apne kabhi dekha hai 50 crore ka girlfriend? (What a girlfriend! Have you ever seen a 50-crore girlfriend?),” apparently in reference to Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar.

Modi was alluding to the 2010 IPL controversy which led to Tharoor resigning as minister of state for external affairs. He however stopped short of naming either Tharoor or Pushkar.

Modi at the rally also hit out at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh dubbing him ‘Maun’ Mohan Singh.

The tech savvy chief minister, whose account has more than one lakh followers on Twitter, seemed to be at the receiving end of brickbats for his comment, while there were those who stood by Modi.

Earlier in October, it was reported that over 40% of Modi’s followers were fake, according to a social media tool ‘Status People’, developed by a group of engineers in London.

Tharoor, too, is not new to Twitter controversies. When asked if he would travel cattle class when he next visited Kerala, Tharoor tweeted, “Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows!”

Here are some of the popular tweets:

@mesushovan: Guess, minimum 50 priceless ladies unfollowed Narenda Modi on Twitter by now to follow Shashi Tharoor.

@NigelBritto: Can we all pause Twiiter for a while and give a standing ovation to @ShashiTharoor to standing up for his wife so magnificently?

@Pawankhera: And now the turn of Modi’s ‘fake followers’ expressing genuine anger against Shashi Tharoor.

@thecomicproject: Narendra Modi is a crass apart.

@mihirssharma: Confused. Exactly who expected @narendramodi to be an evolved thinker about things like misogyny?

@Joydas: A Fabulous and Dignified reply by @ShashiTharoor to @narendramodi who had hoped he will manage to drag Shashi Tharoor DOWN to his own level

@AriAsher: What do people see in Narendra Modi? He looks repulsive firstly, he murders innocents, and he’s sexist. Is that the kind of PM we want?

@OyeMaria: *stands up & claps* RT @ShashiTharoor @narendramodi My wife is wrth lot more thn ur 50 cr.Shes priceless.But u need2b abl2luv sum1 2undrstnd

@adityampaul: Sorry but there is no need for @narendramodi to malign a woman to prove UPA is corrupt.

@RohanEkbote: #Modi’s take on Shashi Tharoor’s wife, sounds more like a Jealous single teenager’s comment.. Grow up Mr CM

@irdj: Alright so now we have Modi n Tharoor who are deciding the PRICE of a women.. #indianPolitics#shame.Just wondering what next.#future

@dhruvhere: Dear Modi,Wayside local politicos speak in sly language to catch attention of both people and their leader,why should you?

@ratigirl: Shashi Tharoor u have nt learnt ur lesson…u lost ur last ministry cos of ur wife! looks lke u want a repeat!!

@MrsGandhi: @ShashiTharoor @narendramodi ‘s love for his motherland is way above the love you’re talking about!!

@Sshankara: Shashi Tharoor “you have to love someone to know love” yeah we’r seeing it in your 3 marriages, you have lots of love to give but no takers

Courtesy : http://www.hindustantimes.com

Read More : http://www.hindustantimes.com/Specials/Coverage/Gujarat-Assembly-Elections-2012/Chunk-HT-UI-GujaratAssemblyElections2012-TopStories/Wife-priceless-Shashi-Tharoor-on-Modi-s-jibe/SP-Article10-952158.aspx

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