Modi also ‘gifted’ DLF Gandhinagar prime land

By Ajay Umat & Harit Mehta, TNN

AHMEDABAD: Chief minister Narendra Modi never leaves a chance to hit out at the Nehru-Gandhis. But he has thus far remained silent on anti-corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal’s allegations against Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra. Interestingly, Modi himself is alleged to have allotted one lakh square metres of prime land in Gandhinagar in 2007 to the realty major at concessional rate.

According to a memorandum signed by all Gujarat Congress MPs and MLAs, which was presented to then president Pratibha Patil on June 3, 2011, this allotment was done without an auction and caused a revenue loss of Rs 253 crore to the Gujarat exchequer going by current market rates. The exchequer lost Rs 142.28 crore as a result.

The memorandum further says DLF got this land for developing a special economic zone but later approached the state government to denotify the SEZ and convert it into an IT park. The request was granted by the Modi government in 2009.

In other words, it was the Congress’s Gujarat unit which levelled the allegation that the Modi government had gone out of its way to favour DLF by allotting the land at Rs 5,000 per sq m near Infocity in Gandhinagar. This, according to Congress leaders, was much less than the then market price of Rs 30,000 per sq m — the minimum rate prescribed for registration and payment of stamp duty prevalent then was Rs 19,000 per sq m.

However, the recent report submitted by the Modi government-appointed commission of inquiry headed by retired Supreme Court judge Justice M B Shah has given a clean chit to the Gujarat government in the matter of allocation of land to DLF and 14 other cases of corporate houses getting concessional land.

The Modi government accepted the report of M B Shah commission on October 3 – the day Sonia Gandhi addressed a public rally in Rajkot — and forwarded it to the governor.

The Congress has rubbished the Shah report but are fighting shy from commenting on DLF now, fearing Congress high command’s wrath. But it’s Modi’s silence which is more deafening. Question is whether he will rake up this issue in public on Thursday in presence of BJP president Nitin Gadkari.

Courtesy : http://www.timesofindia.com

Read More : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Modi-also-gifted-DLF-Gandhinagar-prime-land/articleshow/16759616.cms

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