By Prashant Pandey

15 questions for the BJP to answer on coal….or risk getting exposed

A lot has been said by the BJP. All of it in media and none in Parliament. Given the nature of the TV medium, it becomes difficult to challenge in detail what a politician says. So here’s a compendium of questions that the BJP needs to answer:

1) Precisely what did the NDA do during its six years tenure on coal allocations? Was it the one that thought of or actually introduced auctions of coal blocks? Or did it also allocate mines using the same flawed screening committee process that it now accuses the Congress of doing?

2) In the amendments to the CMNA that the NDA government brought out in 2000, did it or did it not want to extend the benefits of “no auctions” to an even larger number of private companies? Is it not true that these companies could have simply “traded” in coal, which they got for free, rather than take up some onerous responsibility like generating and supplying power at highly reduced rates?

3) The BJD has made an argument that the UPA intentionally delayed auctions because the commodity price boom started around 2004-5. In reality, it started twenty years back, and is now entering a cycle of slowdown. Does the BJP agree with the BJD’s allegation?

4) The Shiromani Akali Dal’s spokesperson made a claim that the share prices of companies that benefitted from the free coal shot up dramatically after allocation. Till date, I have not been able to see this. I have analyzed all companies that are listed and that are named in the CAG report and since 2003, I have not found any exceptional share price movement. Does the BJP believe this theory?

5) What is the BJP’s stand on federalism? The last we heard was during the NCTC discussions when the BJP wanted the Center to “listen” to the state governments. Not listening would mean that the Center did not believe in federalism. Does the BJP stand by this position? Because if it does, then why is it complaining that the Center actually listened to the voices of the states during coal allocations between 2005-9?

6) Does the BJP believe in CAG? Then will it please accept culpability for the various CAG reports that have indicted its state governments please? Will they also please sack their CMs and lead by example?

7) Does the BJP believe that passing legislation is easy? If so, how come it was unable to pass its own amendments of CMNA in the year 2000? The answer of course is that the Left parties opposed the amendments. Why? Because the BJP wanted to extend the policy of free coal to all private companies and for the Left, anything private is anathema.

8) Does the BJP believe that a delay in passing legislation is tantamount to corruption? Because then there are tens of bills delayed by 1-10 years in Parliament. Why not accuse the Congress of corruption in all of them?

9) Does the BJP agree that by disrupting Parliament, it is itself delaying the passage of some 90 odd bills that are reportedly stuck? Will these delays also be tantamount to corruption?

10) The BJP has accused the Congress of “mota maal” as Sushma Swaraj said. Prakash Javdekar then put some bizarre calculation out – saying the Congress made Rs 50 per tonne of coal adding up to some Rs 50000 crores or something. Do both these esteemed politicians have some trail of cash flows? Who paid the Congress? If it is the private companies, does the BJP believe that companies (or their promoters) have so much cash lying idle? Because clearly the money must have been paid at the time of allocation in a “lump sum” manner….not on a pay-as-you-mine basis since coal mining has not even started.

11) Does the BJP by reverse logic also accept that it made a similar “mota maal” in Karnataka in the same mining business? And if it did, then where is all the money lying? Have they paid taxes (obviously not!)? And have they siphoned all of it off abroad? Will they please call up Ramdev on this subject?!

12) Since most states where the mines were located happened to be in the hold of opposition parties including the BJP, does it accept that all state governments also made “mota maal” in the entire process of allocation and mining? I say this because its CM in MP has been spotted lobbying for a particular private party.

13) Is it true that the BJP has demanded the resignation of the PM some 30 times before this one?

14) Does the BJP believe in Parliament at all? Because if it does, then merely the belief that the Congress did nothing in the past cases (assuming that’s true) is no excuse for disrupting Parliament. If it takes this disruptive stance, then why even have the balance of the 15th Lok Sabha term left? In fact, in the next Lok Sabha, some other opposition party could take this stand. We might as well do away with the Parliamentary system of governance. In fact, is it not true that Modi – its prime PM candidate – is extremely autocratic in his style of functioning? Is this what we should expect if the BJP comes to power?

15) And lastly, has the BJP thought of what the public thinks of its image? As per an NDTV poll put out last night, if 54% people think the Congress is corrupt, 46% believe the BJP is corrupt as well. While in the past Anna was targeting only the Congress. Now he also has realized that the BJP is as corrupt. If Kejriwal was “gheraoing” only Congress leaders earlier, he is gheraoing Gadkari as well these days.

The real truth is that the BJP has no grounds to stand on. The CAG should have merely pointed out its views on the policy of free allocations. Since its report came out after the government had already enacted coal auctions, it should have actually complimented the government for its action. Policies change all the time….the change of a policy for the better does not make the previous decisions wrong and the political party that took them corrupt. I understand the BJP’s desperation to grab power…..but even so, should it not be a little mindful of public perception?

We await the BJP response!!


  1. What will BJP reply on the 15 questions! I wonder who has eaten the ‘mota maal’ in the mineral rich states they rule. Did BJP join hands with Shibhu Soren for the love of it or was it to have control over Jharkhand, a mineral rich state? Remember Shibhu Soren! The very Coal Minister who BJP got removed from the Cabinet by stalling Parliament, for corruption and the PM had to take over that portfolio and what does BJP do? Joins up with Soren to form the Govt in Jharkhand and that too after Cong, being the largest party had rejected the call to form the Govt. Knowingly because had they done so, BJP would have gone all over the country to bring down that coalition in the name of corruption. The coalition they subsequently conveniently form. Never seen such a bunch of people flocking together as I see in BJP. An intolerable lot!

  2. There is no character of BJP, in past you can see its image, it says that BJP is the party of different ideology but in many stages it proves wrong. When Shibu Soren was in UPA they call him corrupt & often demanded resignation now BJP enjoys power in Jharkhand , a mineral rich states if India, it shows its mentality & expose its thoughts of having been in power. Similarly in himachal Pradesh sukh Ram was culprit when he was in Congress, after expelled from congress on corruption issue, he made Himachal Vikas party then this BJP made an alliance with sukh Ram & share power in this state. In Karnataka after independence almost all the time congress ruled over this state & made this state a IT, cyber city & today it is on of the best city in India in all respect i.e. education, Health Technology etc. but from last several years it is ruled over by the BJP & it is very interesting to know about the present corruption stories in Karnataka, this type of huge corruption was never seen in this cyber state,remember this is the only one state in southern india where BJP got chance to form a Government & you all can see that what they makes this state. They accuses congress for misusing CBI, but they forget the intention of defaming Laloo Prasad Yadav at the time of his daughter’s marriage in Patna by using CBI’s raid at his home. BJP claims that they are the greatest well wisher of Hindus but it never seen in action at any time except of giving riots in the name of religion & are dreaming to come in power. In coal scam they demanded resignation from PM but never accept scam in their owned ruled states which were also accused off misusing power for coal allotment. They do not want to run the house because of fear of exposing their real image to the people of India. so they running of having a debate on this issue in parliament . many blames that the congress is the family party & they encourage dynasty system but Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi were the two PM after Jawahar Lal Nehru from the same family, who showed their potential & run the country on progressive track. for example America got freedom in 1776 but it first atomic testing was done in 1942 by scientist enrico Fermi but India’s first atomic testing was done in 1974 under the dealership of Smt. Indira Gandhi apart from this the contribution made for the country will never forget by the people of india similarly Sh. Rajiv Gandhi introduced new syllabus & new education system in India, age of voting right from 21 Yrs. to 18 Yrs. , he introduced anti defaction law for retaining the stability in politics & Strengthening the Panchayati Raj system , the mind behind this for today what we are in the field of IT, of rajiv Gandhi. See he had just an experience of active politics of about 11 Years & he did so much for India what the others leaders of all party who were active in politics since 1942 & onward but did nothing for India but compares with the tall statues of PM from congress party. The dynasty system is common in all parties specially in BJP & its alliance In BJP Prem singh Dhoomal’s son is MP, Jaswant Singh’s Son is also MP , Basundhra Raje Scindia’s son was also MP & several other leaders in BJP whose son, daughters are in politics because of their family’s hold in this party. similarly in NDA in Punjab Prakash singh Badal’s political heir is his son, in Maharastra Shiv sena working president is the political heir of Bal Thakre, so we can say that dynasty system is prevailing in all political parties in India except Communists but the matter is about contribution for the society that is only seen in Gandhi family. The way smt. sonia Gandhi handles the situation is very impressive & have a lesson for them who are in active politics & senior to her. So in their case, the dynasty system can not be criticized because the have shown their leadership & contributed a lot for the country. At last I want to say that the people of this country is very intelligent, sincere & decision making but I urge every one that they must develop their own view & always remember the contribution made for the country.

  3. i feel BJP is going to split by the mid of this decade just like every other opposition party which we had in our history……take it janata party or janata dal….the next will be bharatiya janata party

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