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Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi

By Sanjay Jha
– Isn’t the choice obvious?

Narendra Modi is on a publicity blitzkrieg in the run up to the Gujarat elections later this year. Rahul Gandhi bashing helps BJP and his cause. but the effort maybe an exercise in futility.

Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi – The Choice Is obvious
Rahul Gandhi Narendra Modi Comments
Age 42 62 Gandhi best represents the aspirations of a young dynamic and evolving India!
Current Office Twice MP & General Secretary – Indian National Congress Twice Chief Minister of Gujarat One has national-level pan-India experience, the other is a regional satrap albeit a powerful one. Modi has greater administrative experience
Political Philosophy Democratic, secular, liberal, pro-poor Autocratic, parochial , fascist, pro-rich Modi’s politics have been fissiparous, even embarrassing the RSS. And he threatens India’s social fabric itself.
Media Relationships Respects media,  keeps low-profile, no unnecessary plugs and PR Desperately courts media, makes events out of nothing. Hype over substance. Modi seems insecure, rattled by recent acutely awkward revelations. Perception matters, but this is desperation.
Visa Status Welcomed all over the world Barred from entering USA for human rights violations, death of 2000 innocent people The Gujarat massacres have left an indelible stigma. His unapologetic stance has accentuated matters. A diplomatic embarrassment
Corruption Charges NIL Rs. 26000 crores in latest CAG reports, several other violations ( subsidized land etc) could make that number look  like a pygmy Modi once paraded an ” incorruptible image”. That is now exposed as a massive fraud. Corruption reigns unchecked
Cases under active investigation NONE Several cases against the Modi govt include fake encounter killings, subversion of justice, and Godhra , of course . Cases had to be transferred out of  Gujarat; a monumental shame Serious allegations for any CM to pretend to wash them away.  Don’t forget, former President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak was sentenced /held guilty for ” failing to prevent” deaths
Respect for law Fully Accused of intimidating bureaucrats ,  influencing SIT, manipulating witnesses Modi’s respect for democratic , civil society is abominable. He could destroy democratic institutions
Sprit of Leadership Has strengthened Youth Congress from grass-roots; the process of direct entry for youngsters is on. Took responsibility for UP results, even if it was a collective responsibility Is disruptive,  has split BJP /RSS into factions as well as the NDA itself.  Gujarat BJP itself has rebelled against him Modi lacks the ability to create a consensus. National leader?
Lust for power Despite repeated chorus to become  PM, has patiently worked hard for the party. Respects the PM Manmohan Singh immensely . Is a team-player Desperate for power. Quotes opinion polls, foreign magazines like TIME to buttress his cause You judge this for yourself!!!
Marital Status Single Married; but  pretends otherwise Immoral, unethical personal conduct
Development credo Accepts India has a long way to go despite high GDP growth, and India’s super-power economic status achieved under UPA . Gap between Bharat and India needs to be bridged On most comparable growth criteria, Gujarat struggles behind other states/ national average.  Inherited a developed state. Gujaratis are intelligent, hard-working, good businessmen anyway; Modi just takes credit Modi alters  facts and figures to suit his own political ends. Highly unprofessional and questionable
Milestones Under UPA- landmark legislations have happened;  – RTI, RTE, MNREGA, NRHM, Aadhar, Lok Pal bill ; high GDP growth, Doubling of Per capital Income, reduction in poverty etc Vibrant Gujarat was a total hoax, and the promised investments barely trickled in. Patchy track-record UPA has not marketed itself well perhaps, but Modi has taken the country for a ride
Vision of the future Of a strong, united, equitable,  pluralistic, stable and fast-growing India The whole foundation is on shaky ground. He has alienated vast sections of India’s weaker minorities Gandhi’s vision encompasses all Indians, Modi’s is at best blurred and bigoted
Corruption Senior minister of UPA  was jailed, including  Suresh Kalmadi. CMs and senior leaders resigned when allegations leveled. Passed historic RTI Act that has been India’s game-changer law. Modi avoids appointing Lok Ayukta ,  prevented discussions on CAG, has resisted transparency Modi has protected corrupt ministers of his government with extraordinary impunity. Poor credibility on corruption
Oratory Gandhi is soft spoken, focused, raises fundamental issues and speaks from his heart. Above all, his speeches are  inclusive in nature, like his political philosophy Modi is a powerful orator, and packs in a lot of punch. But as his speech in Mumbai showed, his vitriol , bitterness and content ( Nirmal Baba obsessed) reduces impact to near zero. While Gandhi talks substance that he deems relevant, Modi is like a media-trained soundbyte man, repetitive , predictable and usually foul.
Theatrics What you see is what you get. He once put on a farcical theatrical performance and got himself admitted to a local civil hospital to get his assembly seat of choice . Incredibly ridiculous stuff! Can India really afford such entertainment-inspiring funny characters who are capable of silly cameos to aim for New Delhi? You got to be joking!
Twitter followers He is not on Twitter. Zero followers. Several Modi-inclined columnists talk of his Twitter power. Modi has 756, 064 followers as of morning of July 12 2012 But  first Mr Modi needs to overtake Congress MP Shashi Tharoor himself who has twice Modi’s followers at 1, 406, 921.
Perverse judgment No such decision taken Rewarded Maya Kodnani with a Cabinet post, fully aware of her role in perpetrating human tragedy. Does it not established that Modi was hand-in glove?
Moral responsibility Although collective responsibility for a lackluster show in UP, took full onus on his shoulders Was CM and Home Minister during Gujarat riots. After Maya Kodnani’s conviction, should have resigned. He lacks a moral fibre; PM material?
Parochial Politics Talks of India First and only On a visit to China, hard-sells Gujarat but at the costs of running down other states by misrepresenting facts and figures. Inclusive? National? He remains a small- thinking regional leader.

Frankly despite the cacophonous rabble-rousers, turbo-charged PR machinery , slavish Sunday columnists and immaculate market ” positioning”, how can a great country like India even contemplate Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister ever???

I rest my case. Your call.


  1. Its a great comparision. RG may have no experience, but did his father have any experience or for that matter his grand mother? Even Sonia Gandhi, with no experience has kept the Cong in much better cohesion than her counterparts BJP. But he has a much better idea of the real India than Modi. Modi is only for the rich and by the rich who are looking at only freebies for themselves. Why else are Gujarat’s social indicators worse than UP. Last Fin Year’s per-capita income ranking was, in ascending order, Goa, Delhi and Haryana (going by print media reports). All are Cong ruled states. Where was Gujarat!! 8 or 10th, meaning benefits are not trickling down. Only small %age benefitting. In today’s times, contemporary world history is warning, that only ‘uplifting’ the rich is going to lead to revolts. France has got a socialist Govt, Republicans in the US are not getting anywhere. Socialists in Germany are on the rise. So Modi with his pro-rich approach will only widen the rich vs poor gap, which may not be a good situation for India. That way I am more sure about RG’s approach than Modi’s. In this regard Dr. Singh’s approach is better by concentrating on social benefits for the needy and removing them for the middle class, however tough it may be for them.

  2. Modi is a hype…Let him be projected as PM candidate and I am sure it would be a suicidal call for BJP and BJP is fully aware of this. Modi may polarize the environment by the venom he spits but and may get a considerable support from chaddi wallahs all over but his nomination will equally polarize the common public away from BJP irrespective of cast creed and religion ,for sure among minority. However its time Rahul Gandhi should shoulder a bigger responsibility and work for the inclusive growth he talks about..He will succeed…

  3. Modi is not acceptable even in BJP, how will he lead the India. In my view he is a good Marketeer and always try to be in News by anyway.

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