Communal Politics


( One can underestimate the Congress party despite the lukewarm response in the UP elections at their own peril)

By Sanjay Jha

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One comment

  1. sir, you are correcting saying that nobody should underestimate congress despite its poor showing in up, because it remains the party with most corroupt of the mostly corroupt politicians of India. now if some cd is made on anna team member, congress police says it is original and some other police says it is doctored, but when manu cd is there, congress does not want it to hand it to police, even its own cbi, as it knows it is not doctored or morphed and puts persons like to save manu by defending him in public.
    is manu not capaable of defending himself.

    please utilize your resources and good will with the party in power to free cbi from government clutches and then see, whether someone is able to peep into so called personal lives of people you like or dislike the most. please please please free cbi from government control and take a step towards saving our lovely country

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