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Dear Reader,

Whether you support the Indian National Congress Party’s ideology or manifesto is not a limiting factor. We are keen to listen to your views on matters and issues that affect India. As a concerned proud Indian. Like the Jan Lok Pal Bill, Land Acquisition, Right to Food Security, and on other relevant issues such as electoral reforms, etc.

It does not matter even if you support other political ideologies or party. Often, we lose both sight and perspective by getting mired in our narrow short-term objectives.
In the process, we miss the woods for the trees. India and Indians must be strong and prosper – that is the bottomline behind the initiative. It is what HamaraCongress.com stands for.

While we are supporters of Congress party’s secular principles and it’s focus on an inclusive India, we do believe that there needs to be a constant dialogue with our larger active citizen base.

We invite your:  –

  1. Continuous feedback
  2. Reasoned and practical recommendations
  3. Ideas and suggestions to improve society, politics, economy, etc
  4. Highlight issues that impact us on a broader scale
  5. Post problems / difficulties experienced by you.

Please keep your inputs free of abuse and maligning anyone at a personal level by slanderous comments. Avoid references with provocative statements on sensitive matters such as caste, creed, gender, religion, etc

HamaraCongress.com reserves the right to accept / reject / edit or modify and amend your piece as deemed appropriate in the interest of readers and the larger community without impacting the core essence of your message.

Send us your articles / photos / comments along with your full name and email id at our interim email id at Sanjay@SanjayJha.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All the very best!

Sanjay Jha
Rajeev Gowda




  1. sir with all respect i want to bring one thing to your notice.Present people of india are educated enough to know what is right and what is wrong for them .And guess what you will feel good to know that we think you guys (explicitly pointing to congress) belongs to wrong side.Also if you have courage of not to undermine the people opinion then do publish this comment

    thank you

    1. I dont think they are on the wrong side. Every party has good side & bad. It is an unfortunate moment that so many wrongs are coming out almost in series and this is making the postion of Congress difficult.
      But, if good people come to the rescue of Congress, it will become a force to reckon with once again. No other party will have such elasticity. Any other party with so much against them would have got buried by now.

  2. nobody can question the class and creadability of The congress party.But sadly things have turned ugly everywhere and the image has got the beating.want to work for the party’s betterment specially my part of the country..where it is in the wrong hands.

  3. Sanjay bhai i would like to share my views on issue of lokpal bill n expect ur views in return ”I think it is an irony in our country that all of us know what the problem is . .but none of us know the solution n when someone like Anna in this case suggest a solution . .we just ran towards that goal without thinking about the path we chose to reach that goal. .we forget that if we choose the wrong path to achive a good goal then at last when we achieve our goal . .we found that this is not that goal that we r think of at starting . .as far as Anna’s goal is concerned i support him but i strongly don’t like the path which we r taking to acheive that goal” . . Second thing that came to my mind about electronic media ”It is a new era of changes that our county faces n it is the right time for media to behave maturely and help to strengthen our democratic system” . .Third thing can u suggest a way by which i can oppose the wrong path chosen by kejrival n
    team?? (Don’t get me wrong in either way . .i respect shri anna hazare to show n execute courage at the age of 74 but i don’t agree with peoples like kejrival n kiran ji!)

  4. Sanjay, I just heard your discussion in Head Lines Today. You
    physically looked impressed like an intelligent person, but when i
    heard your talks. You spoke like a third rated person. Where are you ?
    In India ? Every patriotic Indian would like to curb corruption. Why
    not you ? I totally reject your views. Ministers, Parliamentarians,
    Parliament procedures, rules, regulations etc etc are not at all
    important. People are the most important.

    Rohinkumar K. P.

  5. The Five Mistakes of Govt that made Anna the New Gandhi
    By aaam aaadmi

    From April’11 to August’11, Anna has come a long way ….. from being one of the well-known social activist to present-day Gandhi. Even, Anna must not have thought of this quick four month transformation. What factors contributed to this? Were these factors more of the doing of Anna & his team, or they were the result of the actions of Govt?

    To me, it is basically the moves of Govt. that provided opportunities for the Anna Team. It was the Govt. which created instances and Anna Team was quick to grab & hold on to them.

    The FIVE mistakes Govt. made, which made a social activist turn into a 21st century Gandhi

    1. Anna was Ignored
    The Govt. had committed its first mistake, even before Anna started his fast in
    April. As per Anna, he had written many letters to Govt, PM & Sonia Gandhi regarding the corruption in the country & they were not replied.
    If this is true, this is the first & foremost mistake of the Govt.

    The basic rule is Govt should not have ignored something, which had come from a well-known and award winning social activist. Govt. should have replied & engaged with him, so that spark does not transform into a flame.

    2. Govt. Panicked during Anna’s April fast
    Govt. was absolutely right in allowing Anna to fast in April, in the first instance. But Govt. panicked after a few days , when crowds started swelling. During that panic, Govt. succumbed to what Team Anna wanted. It made Team Anna more resolute to demand more, subsequently.

    A wise sense should have prevailed upon then, but the advisors of Govt. failed to think beyond a point. They did a quick-fix solution and ended Anna’s fast then.

    One of the habits, Stephen Covey mentions in his “The 7 habits of Highly Effective People” is that you should “begin with the end in mind”. But, here, they ignored this basic principle.

    Had Govt. thought of this habit, they could have involved BJP & other political parties and could have made a committee comprising of members from these parties too. Not only that, Govt. could have made it more broad- based, by including some other well-known members from the Civil Society on their own, rather than only those nominated by Team Anna.
    Team Anna could not have opposed that then. And this step would have paved the way for healthy debate of the core group later on rather than Congress vs. Team Anna affair.

    3. Sibal’s media briefings suffered from Image factor
    Considering the fact, that this bill was not passed since sixties, it is enough reason to think that achieving consensus will not be easy. The difference of opinion was bound to be there.
    During this course of discussions & meetings, it is Kapil Sibal’s media briefings which distanced more & more people away from the Govt. The image factor of Sibal, after 2G & other issues, has contributed to people not showing closeness to Govt. Had there been some other person from Congress like Salman Khurshid, things would have been different.

    The problem with Sibal is that even if he is speaking with a smile on his face, people can make out his mischievousness from his body language.
    Govt. has seriously suffered due to this factor.

    4. Manish Tiwari hit a low
    I don’t think Govt made an error in tabling the bill, which they perceived as correct. They were within their right of democratic norms. It is another matter that their bill was claimed to be toothless. For that, parliament was there to debate.

    But Manish’s dig at Anna was the biggest mistake Govt made and that also when Aug16 fast was so near. Though Manish is an intelligent & astute speaker, I fail to understand what made him to speak so lowly.

    There was nothing serious in his charges against Anna, though he tried to make it so by his choice of words & body language.
    To me, it only demonstrated the frustration of Congress, at not being able to tackle Anna.

    The basic rule is you should never try to run after a moving bus. The bus will continue to move & in fact even pick the speed ; only you will make a fool of yourself by being left out stranded where you were.
    I am sure Manish & Congress will never repeat such a mistake in future.

    5. Govt.’s think-tank failed to think ahead
    On Aug16, Govt detained/ arrested Anna. Was it right or wrong?
    Well, I don’t think it could be clubbed as wrong move by Govt., going by the decision of that particular moment. Govt. has a duty to control the situation, and if in the fitness of things, they detained/ arrested him, they were within rules. Nothing wrong.

    But then, Govt. needs to think a few steps ahead. This is vital. Again the habit of “beginning with the End in mind” was ignored. Team Anna check-mated Govt, when Anna refused to come out of the jail. This was the smartest step of Team Anna, which had caught the Govt unaware.

    Had Govt not thought of this? If yes, then what was the plan to tackle this situation? But , it seems, it had not even occurred to them, that such a situation will arise, if they put Anna in jail. And if that is correct, then Govt. is in serious need of fresh blood of thinkers & planners. Govt. machinery should have enough think-tank to think of the consequences of a particular decision. Otherwise, they don’t deserve to take a decision.

    As we stand today, the big question is whether Govt should relent or not.
    No, certainly not. Then what is the way forward for the Govt to proceed & in the process redeem itself too
    Read on in my next piece.

    About Myself —
    Name: aaam aaadmi
    Email : aamaaadmi@rediffmail.com
    Engineer by profession
    A keen observer of politics & political happenings.
    Think & strongly support India as secular. So , to that extent, I always support Congress than any other party. BJP is a total no for me.
    But then, I am too saddened by the inaction of Congress for the corruption issues.
    Keenly watch TV debates.
    Find Arnab Goswami’s Newshourdebate ( Times Now) & Rahul Kanwal’s CentreStage (Headlines Today) much more interesting than Barkha’s or Rajdeep’s debates.
    Most of the time, I find myself to be having contrarian views on most of the issues, like in the Anna issue, I don’t think he is right & don’t support this time, which is contrary to mass opinion.
    And yes, cricket is another subject I can talk & debate well.

  6. Mr.Sanjay Jha,please congrats Rahul on behalf of me for his speech becoz in his speech the points he suggested was excellent.It is unfortunate that the government in rule is Congress.People don’t understand when you are in the hot seat cannot take decision immediately as the congress should take the consenses from other party members and opposition parties will never agree to suggestion immediately they will try to pull the the ruling party down create a situation that the congress is at fault and then brainwash people that they are willing to support.We Indians don’t have common sense.
    We must understand that it is the congress people who have ruled for so many years and now if other countries talk about India becoz of the growth in Science and technology and other reforms.all this is bcoz of the Congress people.The Congress is the only party who can face any situation whether good or bad and take bold decision at the same time protect our country from others.My support will always be for the Congress forever as I know that the present young leaders like Rahul,scindia,sachin,omar,jitin and many younsters are too good.and my congratulations goes even to young scindia who spoke so well in the parliament.Mr.Jha my sincere request insist Rahul to come out and interact with people we want to see more of Rahul and his team members on the channels.Could I have the email of Rahul and his team members so that i also can give my valuable inputs and suggestions to them.please send it to my email.My entire family love Rahul

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