by Sanjay Jha

on http://www.HamaraCongress.com

Nothing succeeds like failure. Large sections of the social media, intelligentsia, public and especially the urban middle-class seems to be constantly complaining about the UPA government. There is a sense of disenchantment and despondency. Of course, some of the issues could have been handled differently, with greater finesse in appropriate time It is acknowledged that things could be better , but that is a truism that applies to every organized activity in life, be it business, politics, organizations, universally. While grave issues such as corruption, price rise, security, Maoism et al are all relevant that need to be addressed on a high priority, let us not become so jaundiced and blinded by our own exaggerated cynicism that we miss the woods for the trees. We have a predilection for giving pessimism a red carpet welcome.

Without getting into the political mechanics of it, a simple summary of affirmative developments under the Congress-UPA regime that is taking India gingerly ahead in a spectacular global race follows. Some may not be known to the swish Twitterati world ( such as MNREGA / Right to Food Security ) because that does not directly impact them, but believe me, they are changing lives. In more ways than one.

So here goes:

1) RTI : This needs no explanation. It is landmark act in transparency that as a free democracy India should be proud of. In fact, its implementation has become a deterrent to those who would have otherwise attempted to browbeat and circumvent our systems.

2) MNREGA : A well-enunciated policy to create livelihood, and ensure economic support to the deprived sections. Despite execution hiccups and sporadic leakages, it is a consummate initiative that is actually impacting lives in rural areas.

3) Right To Education : A large part of our problems has to deal with illiteracy, poor quality of teachers and learning aids, and inaccessibility to elementary levels of academic exposure. RTE is a genuine attempt to get education to reach those children who cannot afford them by making it compulsory and free.

4) Right of Food Security : Given our huge population living below the poverty line, the Right to Food Security is a step in the right direction, belated perhaps, but one of paramount importance. In a country where many die starvation deaths, this bill restores faith in our concern for the poor. Providing subsidized food to a bulk of India’s poor is a great step for a country that is growing at over 8% GDP for years and where income inequalities have created the India-Bharat divide. The gap needs to be bridged rather quickly.

5) Jan Lokpal Bill: Enough said! Much debated, thrashed and tossed around by the civil society, but it is under UPA that the concept was created and developed till civil society hijacked it in a public relations outburst that has put the UPA on the backfoot . In whatever shape and form it finally gets passed, it will be an epochal moment for our democracy. The current agitation only delays its much-needed launch.

6) Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation Bill : Perhaps the singular reason for large-scale corruption in India, besides election-funding, this Bill marks a salutary beginning to create a viable framework on a sensitive subject that affects both rural landowners and urban dwellers. It could lead to the kind of clarity needed where currently confusion reigns.

7) Indian Youth Congress elections: The transparent elections being held under the auspices of retired CEC’s has meant that today ordinary young people with no family history in politics can now make an entry on pure merit and take up a political career. It is a model that all political parties should adopt. Given India’s demographics, for the aspiring youth an ideal platform to take a giant leap.

8) Arrests of Suresh Kalmadi / dropping of Ashok Chavan: While obviously it is expected that people will complain that too little was done too late, the hopelessness apart, the Congress-UPA did sent out a message that it will take action against those who have failed the ethics test. It is a beginning, albeit there is a long way to go.

9) Coalition partner A Raja in jail: Despite being a critical coalition support for UPA, the former telecom minister of the DMK was arrested and is currently refuting grave allegations from Tihar Jail , as is the DMK President’s high-profile daughter. Unprecedented and a signal that the GOI responds not just to public and media pressure, but to also what is right and ought to be done. The cookie did crumble finally.

10) Corporate bigwigs in the cooler : Heavy-weight corporate honchos from powerful family businesses find themselves in the jail. It manifests the UPA’s resolve to address the unholy nexus between big business houses and politics; an admission that it is indeed reprehensible and a massive problem which needs to be resolved, means we are headed in the right direction.

11) UID :Adhaar: The Unique Identification card for all citizens of India will lead to seamless electronic cash transfers to the targeted needy , which when it is fully operational will cut out middlemen and corruption. It is the need of the hour. Its benefits could be transformational as the earlier gargantuan financial fraud will be automatically negated .

12) NAC : The National Advisory Council, heavily castigated by many, was a sincere effort on the part of the UPA to listen to civil society, take feedback from those who work regularly at the ground-level on various social programs and incorporate worthwhile suggestions when formulating public policies. While it may have backfired politically judging from recent events , the intent was noble and welcome. And maybe in a modified form ought to continue.

1991 and financial bankruptcy seems like bad nightmare best forgotten. Right now we are in a position to create bail-out financial packages to defaulting western world countries in dollar-denominated currencies. At even 7.5% GDP growth rates, we do possess increasingly large share of world income growth in both money terms and purchasing power parity. India has an erudite qualified Prime Minister most apposite for pragmatic economic prescriptions during turbulent times. Kashmir is seemingly serene.

Often blamed for being too conservative, lethargic and media shy, the UPA has actually taken some ground-breaking initiatives. For a country that is such a vibrant young democracy compared to many of its well-entrenched affluent western counterparts, there is much that we should be proud of. Amidst all our mammoth challenges and difficulties, there is reason to feel sanguine. And hope for. India is not yet shining, but if we do not let despair , discouragement and dejection overtake us, shine we will.


  1. धूर्तों इसी अरविंद केजरीवाल और उनके साथियों ने आरटीआई के लिए लड़ाई लड़ी थी। तब कांग्रेस ने मजबूरी में इसे कानून बनवाया था। झूठ के पांव नहीं होते चोरों। 64 साल बेवकूफ बनाया। बस करो।

  2. i think it just like taking credit of thing that are done by other
    only a men who licks congress feet due to some favour by them could only write this
    disgusting thoughts and ugly writing

  3. I have 3 reasons for not supporting UPA from your posted points
    Point No 8) Arrests of Suresh Kalmadi / dropping of Ashok Chavan – These 2 peoples are daylight robbers – You have saved these people by putting in jail otherwise people would have been manhandled these people. what about Shiela Dixit man ?

    9) Coalition partner A Raja in jail – This is because of frustrated supreme court not because of UPA.

    11 ) UID – This is not approved by Parliament , then how you implement this. You people always singing song that parliament is supreme…(in the case of Anna Hazare).

  4. congress should feel ashamed for making baseless ,defamatory accusations against ANNA.The mad dogs manish tiwari, kapil sibbal behave as if they are the protectors of this private property of sonia gandhi. How can you take credit for kalmadi’s arrest,raja’s downfall? your loyal servant manmohan tried his ytmost to defend these cuorss by remaining inert.. how dumb and lost he loked in parliament yesterday?

  5. congress should feel ashamed for making baseless ,defamatory accusations against ANNA.The mad dogs manish tiwari, kapil sibbal behave as if they are the protectors of this private property of sonia gandhi. How can you take credit for kalmadi’s arrest,raja’s downfall? your loyal servant manmohan tried his utmost to defend these chorss by remaining inert.. how dumb and lost he looked in parliament yesterday?

  6. I am not sure that you are as naive as you appear to be.

    – RTI was a movement headed by Civil Society (though not the current actors) and the serving government had no choice but to pass it. The junta is not asking for alms there.

    – MNERGA – Possibly one of the biggest scams ever done in this country. Misappropriation of funds of a very large order (next to only the PDS maybe). And who gives you the right to name every scheme after a Gandhi. We have very huge regard for the Mahatma – but we refuse to ally with the pseudo games of naming almost every scheme after a Gandhi/Nehru/Indira/Rajiv. You might be a sycophant – we are not. Hate and detest it. India has many more heroes – or else name them neutral.

    – Your own Mr. Kapil Sibal – with his I-am-holier-than-thou smile and his ridiculous arguments and unjustifiable technicalities – advocated a 0-loss on the 2G. Who are you kidding man? And after the court jumps in and puts your minister behind bars – you take credit for it? Shameless

    – Kalmadi is a scapegoat. Allegation – but why is that scam not being probed with urgency?

    – Which scam have you unearthed till now? None …all are by the media.

    Shame shame shame shame

  7. Three reasons why I would support Congress:-

    1. For their Boldness & Courage in tackling issues confronting them.

    2. Because of their impressive spokespersons. No opposition spokesperson is a match for them.

    3. For implementing e-governance which has reduced a lot of corruoption.

  8. Dude, really?? These are the reasons to vote for congress? Open your mouth when you are ready to say sheila and mms was part of it too.

    So this site is a joke basically rubbing congress egos.

  9. RTI – was brought, drafted and passed based on the trend and demand of civil society. If the UPA government wants to take the credit of forming a law on this during their term then I would like to point out event if it would have been a government by some other party, it would have been approved.
    MNREGA: Your own statement “execution hiccups and sporadic leakages” shows that corruption at the grass root level need to be tackled for effective implementation of such bills, which is ignored in the Government Draft of Lokpal Bill. May be GoM who drafted the government bill faces Short Term Memory Loss disease.
    Right To Education: There are more Political Leaders led Private Institution whose only job is to fill the pockets of these leaders. Instead of a Right To Education in Government Institutions(which are minimal compared to these private institutions) it makes sense that if you are really worried about right to education to the poorest then you pass a bill to allow all Educational Institutions owned by Political Leaders to be demanded to provide Free Of Cost Education to the poorest.
    Jan Lokpal Bill: Too much said about this, the Congress Leaders are wondering whether this man will be able to fast for 2-4 days because they donot know that most of the rural population today sleeps empty stomach many times because of the high prices of commodity. Well in a sense the government has actually helped such people by forcing them to fast for no cause everyday.
    Arrests of Suresh Kalmadi / dropping of Ashok Chavan: Both the Jokers are an embarrassment to the congress, and you point it out as one of the bright points in UPAs tenure… gone mad or something ? o_O
    Coalition partner A Raja in jail: YUCK !! .. Just to be in Power you are ready to accept such coalition partners who are well-known thief … [PS: WHAT ARE YOU DOIIIIIIIIIINNNNG ??? ]
    UID :Adhaar: Damnit … You already got PAN for Tax Payers and Voter ID for every individual above 18years in age, so UID can be considered as an asset to catch citizens of India below 18years … hmm, you are spending this extra cost of Aadhaar for people who are not allowed to earn their living as they are in Law – Dependents and would restrict them form doing the kind of transactions you have mentioned in the enlightening essay above.

  10. i have plenty of reasons to support the grand old party’congress’. The only party which has the creadability to lead the nation to a right way..the history says and now only time will tell and silence the critics.

  11. I have a plenty of reasons to support the grand old party congress..Its the only party which will lead the nation in the right and progressive path..The history says it all..It will pass the right bill at the right time..Have faith in them..only time will prove it..Jai hind.

  12. Lol, another goof up to mislead people , as Congress and their supporters are in a habit of doing of, apart from UID adhar, and somewhat right to food security bill, each and evrything is farce and fake

    lol, are u kidding me, that Kalmadi, raja are behind bars, Due to Congress led UPA, what do you think are we fools or what or Blind Congress supporters. As if we don’t know it was Supreme Court intervened and then these things happened , and only after the Sc’s intervention Kalmadi and raja are behind bars, Congress tried to protect them till the time they could, remember that 0 revenue loss by Kapil Sibbal.,:P

    If Congress is that morally correct then why sheila dixit is still in power? Ain’t CAG report and Shunglu Comm report provides enough direct evidences against her, now again if SC intervees and orders her arrest or removal, am damn sure Congressis will try and take credit fot that.congress and Morality:D, MY FOOT!!!!!!!

    regarding RTI: again a crap , as if we are ignorant fools and not aware of the fact that shree Anna Hazzare was the one who sat on an anshan and due to his efforts an effective bill was introduced there in maharatsra , and it was Shremati Aruna Roy and other RTI activists whose efforts led to an effective RTI at centre with 153 admendmants…:D

  13. Mr. Sanjay Jha has been working more as a congress spokesman instead of a blogger. Thumps up to u as a pro-corruption (as ur comments seems) activist.

  14. Remember the Kargil coffin scam? ‘The then ruling, BJP-led Nation Democratic Alliance bought about 500 caskets for $2,500 each, which is believed to be thirteen times higher than the actual price’.

    An interesting fact–LK Advani owns two plush flats in Heritage City in Gurgaon, and another in Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad. It is easy to guess the worth of real estate in such posh places. The question- How has this accumulation of wealth taken place? What have his sources of income been? Apart from being the Dy. Prime Minister, he was also the Home minister in the BJP led NDA government and a Minister in the Janata government in 1977. Other than the salary he had drawn as a minister, his only other job had been as a journalist with the RSS mouthpiece Organiser, where he earned only a stipend as most Sangh employees do. How, indeed, has he accumulated these staggering assets?

    Do we know who actually funded the BJP ‘Toyota Rath Yatra’ in 1990?

    Former Minister for Civil Aviation Rajiv Pratap Rudy apparently forced a public sector undertaking to cough up Rs 2.44 lakh for a private holiday he and his wife took in Goa for New Year’s eve. It is fact that he is worth more than Rs. 43.67 lakh. Rudy, who joined the Cabinet in 2001 and was an MLA in the early 1990s, was teaching economics at the Magadh University prior to that.

    Where was Anna Hazare and his noble motives then? Was Kejriwal and gang asleep like Gulliver? Or do they have a wee bit of a soft corner for a certain shade of orange?

    Political overtones in this whole brouhaha is so apparent but few seem to realize it. Protest against corruption by all means; we need to have our voices heard. But do not indulge in herd mentality; use your own analytical power. Just as our Constitution with all its complexities was not drafted in a day, similarly the Lokpal Bill cannot be perfected overnight.

    Corruption is no new phenomenon. And yes, our PM is Mr. Clean. Be patient, stay focused, act responsibly and maintain dignity. We will be given our rightful Lokpal Bill. We will be the trailblazers but through peaceful public uprising.

  15. I think the Congress party missed the populist trick with its version of the lokpal bill. In the end, the country is going to get a strong bill. They could have done this on their own instead of allowing the whole agenda to be high-jacked by the Anna movement. I hope they do a good job with the impementation part and recover lost ground.

  16. The people who r making such absurd statements sayn that the congress party is nt working to curb corruption is bizzare! The action against the people who r behind the bars prove,by the way by whose influence they r making anti congress statements..communal n corrupt party who is in the opposition? They shud knw where they stand before they such caustic comments.The congress party has done what aam aadmi needs with its secular n progressive nature intact.

    1. Well done Rajkiran. I hope u r not that loser(that actor Rajkiran) who couldn’t do well in Bollywood. Its ‘bizzare’ that few hard core Congress supporters r supporting this party blindly. They read news,knows every truth,however they prefer to be in illusion that Congress party is innocent. Those ministers r in jail bcoz of the probe setup by Supreme court,otherwise so-called honest PM Manmohan Singh had already registered his statement in Parliament that A.Raja is completely sinless. CBI could work independently against the UPA ministers bcoz it directly had to report Supreme Court.

      Come on,Man. Chill. don’t try to show urself a paid worker of Congress. A true supporter is the one who doesn’t hesitate to raise his voice when the party is doing bad. I felt bad that i had voted for this party in 2009 elections.

  17. This writer Sanjay Jha should be awarded Bharat Ratna for supporting Congress party in present times, when every 2nd person abuses this party. He gave 12 reasons to back UPA. Send him in the public, we will give him 1200 reasons to slam UPA.

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