By Sanjay Jha

( As the Baba Ramdev imbroglio shows, the Congress has for long let the tail wag the dog.  It must start now to bark orders. And perhaps look for a Deputy Prime Minister ).

Baba Ramdev is the new nocturnal creature of the electronic age post-the midnight eviction from Ram Lila grounds , ably supported by one  right-wing political party threatened by increasing obsolescence , and the latter’s ideological masters in incandescent saffron. The fact that the Congress-UPA made a terrible miscalculation by giving the Baba a red carpet welcome added enormously to the Baba’s mythical aura. The regrettable attack on innocent citizens, even if inevitable in the mayhem, was something that the UPA could well have done without.

The main issues ( which included grotesque calls for death penalty for the convicted corrupt ) were always a subterfuge for the larger game-plan of augmenting  Brand Baba Ramdev and his rising ambitions, who was obviously not satiated with the TRP ratings of his Aastha channel. The overwhelming legitimacy given to another rank outsider Anna Hazare perhaps also emboldened him to join the bandwagon.

Naturally the principal subject of black money was ingeniously obfuscated by the constant blabbering Baba, who seemed to have emerged as the proxy President/ spokesman of the BJP. Suddenly he erupted with vicious lava by making  hackneyed references to Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origins ( a BJP-RSS favorite that boomeranged in 2004) and spreading the canard that the simple humble Sardar had plans of physically  obliterating him. Ramdev’s utterances sounded like a comical script as if he was auditioning for a role in Pirates of the Caribbean.. The Dark Lord of the Emergency was resuscitated. A laundry-list of grumpy grievances rolled out. It was like one of Smriti Irani’s many soap operas in fast forward at sputnik speed with everyone uttering emotional monologues simultaneously. Not surprisingly, Sadhvi Ritambhara adorned the guest-list in pure party colors. The last I heard, the recent “assumed resurrection” has led to Uma Bharati rejoining the BJP.  Ramdev finally ended up being the CEO of BJP’s BPO, an outsourced specialist.

LK Advani , forever loquacious, called the Ram Lila evictions the “ blackest day in India’s democracy”. Of course, like he momentarily blanked out on the Kandahar hijackings, he forgot  December 6th 1992 and the illegal destruction of a certain mosque called Babri Masjid that literally ripped apart our social fabric, plunging post-Independent India into dangerous communal turmoil. Needless to add, but the irrepressible Narendra Modi,  similarly affected by Alzheimer’ s , forgot the merciless brutality of the Gujarat riots. Elsewhere, Sushma Swaraj was caught doing a semi-salsa choreographed indigenously by the Sangh Parivar on a tune that would have impressed Lady Gaga. The entire drama , paradoxically enough, was held center-stage at Raj Ghat, a symbolic statement to make indeed, given BJP’s love for the Father of the Nation. This then was the gravitas  on display by the  party founded by the venerable Shyama Prasad Mookerji.  Lord Ram bless us all.

What amused and astonished me was that no one asked the fundamental question ( particularly the UPA itself)  : Who was Baba Ramdev to become the self-appointed bogeyman of overseas black money? Sure, everyone in a democracy has the right to protest on issues of public interest ( the standard prescription that practically everyone expostulated) , but does that mean that tomorrow any Tom, Dick and Haridwar can use that democratic freedom to make ridiculous demands ( an instant ordinance ) and exploit it for totally different reasons?  Frankly, everyone is aware of the dubious nature of asset-base of Ramdev’s innumerable trusts ; so how can the pot call the kettle black, folks? At least until Ramdev’s own monetary credentials are transparently cleared, what moral right does he have to champion the fight against ill-gotten wealth?

While obviously giving the suspect Baba Ramdev the platform for yoga practise was a monumental lapse, the intemperate and unreasonable utterances and attitude of Team Anna have only accentuated the discomfiture of the UPA and severely damaged the sanctity of our democratic institutions. I suggest Team Anna itself should now be scrapped from the Lok Pal panel draft committee and substituted by members from other political parties as it always should have been. Of course, their inputs , if any novel ones are offered should be taken up for consideration. Only Team Anna can achieve the dubious distinction of throwing the  baby out with the bathwater becoming the best palatable solution.

The BJP apprehending political atrophy has displayed intellectual myopia, moral ambiguity and electoral desperation by its flagrant advocacy of Ramdev’s charade. With the Babri Masjid case now in Supreme Court and unlikely to become an election issue in 2012 ( UP elections) or 2014, BJP is clearly looking bereft of any logical explanation for its existence itself . The recent ignominious rout in assembly elections is clearly hurting too. The foolhardiness as a result is showing.

The truth is that Congress –UPA suffers from one serious handicap that it needs to internally acknowledge. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is indeed an incorruptible man with noble intentions and great erudition , but he is quintessentially apolitical. Wily statecraft, Machiavellian ploys, impeccable oratory, political negotiations and high visibility are not in his DNA. In a free-wheeling parliamentary democracy particularly in the age of coalition politics and regular media surveillance , that is tantamount to an amputated limb. It is like playing golf with one hand, simply impossible. Thus, the perennial trouble- shooting solution in crisis times for the UPA is the magic formula: a Group of Ministers. That instant relief pill can work on a one-off tactical issue, but cannot become a strategic tool. It takes a toll on all participants, as they have differing views and personalities , and frankly, no one can be held directly accountable. That is the precise reason why the four senior Congress leaders blundered their way to the airport. A leader finally has to take that tough call.  Leadership is not always about collective brainstorming, or a majority opinion, or an agreed  consensus. It is often the decision of one man  against the recommendations of several. Like Barack Obama did on Abbottabad; one that could have severely  backfired with deadly consequences . The leader has to be prepared to be perpetually in the hot seat under 24 hour scrutiny. .

In cricket, players do  play with a niggling injury. Congress needs to overcome the mental roadblock of a “ coalition hamstring pull”. When you govern, you do the right things irrespective of disturbing neighbors. By taking on the corrupt DMK, Congress has demonstrated that it can go the whole nine yards when it wants to . Despite intermittent hiccups and numerous derailments, this UPA regime has achieved significant milestones: RTI and the soon to be passed Lok Pal Bill are and will be truly historic for any democracy world-wide.

The UPA will perhaps benefit for the rest of the term if it alters its leadership command structure. What I would recommend is the creation of a new post of a Deputy Prime Minister, who takes charge of “ real brass-tacks political management” that is currently done by odd assortments of GoM’s. That will deservedly insulate Manmohan Singh from needless exposure to political chicanery and prevent the rising ambitions of all kinds of disruptive forces. The choice could be between Pranab Mukherjee or Digvijay Singh. Or Rahul Gandhi. Or any other.

The UPA needs to act. And fast ( pun intended).


  1. Well…another Congress sponsored website comes up…phew! Evidently the writer seems to be appear to be a crony of the congress party!

    1. Dear Mr. Jaggudada & Puneet, with reference to your comments on respected writer’s point of view, I would request you to kindly write on this board only two (02) point where you think you differ from Mr. Sanjay Jha. Secondly, in my opinion it is becoming fashion now to make derogatory comments, baseless allegation against celebrities, writers, journalists when they differ from their point of view any logic or clear view on the subject. It simply shows their lack of knowledge, intolerance and disrespect. Best regards..

  2. Another Paid Blog…Disappointed! It simply licking Corrupt Congress foot..Not at all balanced. Enjoy the Cheque you received for writting but nobody will pay a heed. lol 🙂

  3. Mr. Jha, i must remind you of a basic principle of Journalism – “it should be un-biased….” . Reading this article makes me think that you are on congress payroll, and if you are on congress payroll, then there is nothing wrong in it….just accept that and then write articles. Believe me then people might valueyour opinions more.

    Can you answer three questions:
    (1) Why people like Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare has to take these steps??
    (2) Why congress didn’t wait till morning to arrest Ramdev and used force against innocent children and women?? (even British Empire never took a step like this in those days)
    (3) What is the big deal in trying to bring the black money back into the country?? why can’t congress accept this simple demand?? Guess what….because it will uproot congress politically….

    1. You Highlighted basic principle of journalism- it should be unbiased, what about basic principle of Politics by our political parties? Ramdev is affiliated with a controversial organization RSS+BJP, so the intention on corruption was not noble, but to fool the people and ride on vote bank, there are few examples which I want to mentioned here will tell definitely expose dual and dubious standard by BJP+RSS:
      a) Sukhram (Former Telecom Minister, Congress)-RS3.6 coror found from his residence, sacked from congress and convicted by the court – Same Person ally with BJP in Himachal Pradesh Government. When the money found from his residence – BJP was vocal against him on corruption, now there is no problem for BJP at all???
      b)Sibu Soren – BJP stalled the parliament procedure to remove Soren from UPA-I cabinet on the charges of corruption and criminal case. Soren was removed from the cabinet. Same Soren is in the Government of BJP in Jharkhand – what you will call it? Now Soren is not corrupt?
      c) Taslimuddin Kishanganj – Same thing happened with Taslimuddin – BJP agitated in parliament and other forums of his corruption and criminal charges, Now Taslimuddin is in JDU and ally with BJP, now BJP doesn’t see any corruption or criminal charges in Taslimuddin.
      d) Bangaru Laxman -Caught red handed taking bribe in sting operation, what happen to him, was he expelled from the party until charges were not clear?
      e) Pramod Mahajan was started his carrier as Primary School teacher, when he died, left billions for his family? What business he did in a very short span of life, I want to know, so that I will also follow same.

      What drama baba did at Ramlila was seen by entire nation and his intention for making Army of 11000 youth tells his noble ideas. So tell me whether BJP+RSS is right to fight against corruption in view of above few examples where they are also involved? In Fact BHP+RSS knows they dont have moral to fight for corruption, that is why they have outsourced this to a controversial baba who didn’t sustained of fast for even one weeks,went to ICU?What kind of Yogi he is, what is the credibility of His Yoga teaching that his teacher cannot sustained for even one week? He is Dhongi Yogi as well as his medicines.

  4. Dear Shamim,
    Obviously you will like people only to agree with you…aka the Congress Party on the Jan Lokpal Bill….
    It is nowadays a fashion to brand people holding a different point of view as detractors. This only exposes the bogus idealism of the writes who wish to force their view points on gullible public taking full advantage of the medium that they are priviliged to use.
    While such writers use blogs such as these for baseless, false and downright derogatory propaganda, the common man’s fitting reply is trivialised as the fashionable trend of putting down celebrity writers.
    My humble plea is to keep this forum unbiased as it looks increasingly like another Congress propaganda machine. Are you sure it is not?

  5. Sanjay Jha, with due respect to you, you don’t qualify to write the smear on Baba Ramdev. He has had a positive impact on people’s lives, whereas you will remain a congress wannabe doing all possible rope tricks to earn the attention of your in house Baba!

    You writing a sermon defending the corrupt congress is a pity. Basically it is education wasted. One does not have to essentially be right-wing to take on congress as you make it. Please get a life!!!

  6. India will do very well if 2 things happen.
    1.’Gandhi’ family with its corrupt mafia supporters is deported to its ‘home’ country
    2. BJP with its narrow minded ‘hindutva’ and casteist hierarchy is dismantled.
    God save India

  7. Crime ratio is very high in Delhi. Police can’t show their strength/power against them but but they are showing their power to saint person like Baba, if the Dheli Police want to show their power, they need to show their power to daily crime happing in Delhi……

  8. You talk of Ramdev’s Credibility. What is Congress’s Credibility – The 12 pointers of Claim to fame you mentioned ???? Sad extremely sad only 12 points 😦

    Oh So Sad ! If at all congress would not have done that too then GOD also could not have saved them. They would have been kicked out before the next election.

    1. Kalmadi Arrrest ??? – We know he will be out soon and Congress had to get him arrested cause they had to do something to save their ass.

    2. Janlokpal – ??? – Should i mention the link where you can read the difference between the 2 bills proposed by your congress and OUR ANNA ??

    3. Right to Information Act – Are you talking about the one which was ARVIND KEJRIWAL’s baby. Do i need to say anything else

    3. Right to education – Government first approves they educational institutions when crores reach thier place and when the new minister walks in then they derecognize them, just because you were not payed – they play with the future of lakhs of students

    4. MNREGA ?? – Half of the allocated budget of which goes into the concerned ministers account showing fake documentations.

    5. Right of Food Security : My maid who is below the poverty line – cribs about the sky high rate of basic necessities….so you better not talk about this freaking act …its just an act with no benefits

    6.Coalition partner A Raja in jail – The cookie as you said had to crumble because there was no other way because things were tooo clear and they couldnt possibly find a way to save Mr. Raja

    (RAJA – who im surewould have offered the govt crores to cover up …but SAD govt Lost the opportunity to get a share of RAJA’s sampatti coz everything was too transparent )

    7. UID – claim to fame of congress lol – When ill get one ill talk of the success.

    8. Indian Youth Congress elections: forget about youth election….congress gives bottles of whiskeys and also money to jhuggi walas to vote for congress in the national elections. and this is TRUE. MY maid is a witness to it. TALKING OF BACKING CONGRESS ! huh

    What more do you want and ya i must say that u are a true journalist – I am 100 percent sure this is not a paid article because congress would never pay for this 12 point essay .

    But you know what this is a great essay for 10th and 12th class students to fetch 10 on 10 on the essay – MY GOVERNMENT ,

    I may not have used polished words like you because being raw is the need of time.

    Best of luck next time – JAI HIND !!! and sorry for slapping the UPA on its face here ..

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