By Sanjay Jha

Vikram Buddhi only posted some hate messages on a Yahoo chat room against the US President George Bush and his cabinet colleagues ,  and found himself imprisoned for propagating an anti-state statement, in the world’s supposedly most sophisticated democracy obsessed about civil liberties and individual freedom. And that too for the disastrous Iraq invasion for which Bush was globally condemned ! Worse, Buddhi’s anger was a pure individual’s outburst, not some orchestrated group planning an incendiary attack and a presidential assassination . Frankly, isn’t the internet choked and overflowing with innumerable and worse messages against several politicians, sports stars, artistes, diplomats, media , and celebrities?

Before condemning the Indian state and government ( always our perpetual soft targets ) for its “ brutal ways” and mocking India’s freedom and democracy in a public platform , Ms Roy needs to do some serious introspection on her much-postured predilections on Kashmir’s Azaadi . A lesson in history might help, including contemporary politics  Or may be it is time to take a long sabbatical in Kerala’s backwaters perhaps, and  write a book titled The Goddess of Nothing !


  1. Ms. Rai seems to be in a hurry for something. After she won Booker she, it seems, has lost her literary creativity. She is actually in search of a plot to write upon. But she has associated herself with a wrong cause called Azadi for Kashmir.

    She deserves to be tried for anti national preachings.

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