By Sanjay Jha

Why don’t we Hindus help build a mosque at the disputed territory and our Muslim brothers construct a Ram temple at the same time, together?
Frankly, aren’t the warring parties and all individuals concerned all Indian first? Faith is so nebulous and yet such a powerful sentiment ; so why not respect each other’s feelings, empathize with our situation, and just move on with life leaving everyone fulfilled and no bitterness lingering on. After all, despite the court verdict, which we must accept without complaining, isn’t one of the two communities still going to feel let-down and cheated?

Over to you. What do you think?


  1. The day something like that happens I would really be proud of our Secular roots. Hope Good sense prevails amongst leaders of both the sides.

    What an Idea Sirji….

  2. Can’t imagine such a naive idea! India has given Muslims much beyond they have asked for and imagined, at least compared to what Pakistan and Bangladesh have done to Hindu community. As a gesture of their deshprem, I would imagine Muslims will not get any bigger opportunity than this to offer the site to built the Ram Temple. In the Muslim relegion, there is no significance of the place except Mecca and Madina. For Hindu’s, this is a sacred place.

    It is a time for Muslims to give back – and Hindu’s to rightfully construct the temple in their very own nation!

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