By Sanjay Jha

An extract from my concluding paragraph in article “ KASHMIR: Not for talks” published in The Sunday Pioneer dated August 8 , 2010 ); also on http://www.HamaraCongress.com

I quote:

“ The two countries can take a cue from two fairly unheralded tennis players — Aisam Qureshi of Pakistan and Rohan Bopanna of India. They are a wonderful doubles combination, partners in one of the most competitive sports in the world. They play together as a team and travel from one city to another, even as their political leaders continue to squabble. Neither come from countries that have good tennis playing facilities. And yet they have won titles in the ATP tennis circuit and even entered the Wimbledon quarter-finals this year, not for once allowing the inimical relations between their nations to derail their friendship, partnership and faith in each other”.

“Therein lies a story.  Of hope.   Of  opportunity.  Of  possibility. Of a tomorrow.”


  1. “Of hope. Of opportunity. Of possibility. Of a tomorrow” ….
    With whom? A country whose administration never kept good faith with us since its incpetion? If we are talking about People to People relations then its a different story altogether… But Pakistan’s administration never represent their people. Lets be frank, we cannot negotiate with a country like Pakistan being equal with them. The only way goodness can be brought to both the countries is by dominance of one country that has good intentions. And this ‘CAN’ be India. For this we need to move ahead fast economically, Military wise and Diplomatically.
    I think one such example is China-India stand. These days we accept, keep silent or turn a blind eye to anything what China does to us. May be we can use the same tactics for a good intention against Pakistan. But for this we need to be in a Strong Position First.

  2. I might have deviated from the core issue of Kashmir.. but we cannot avoid Indo-Pak relations in the purview of Kashmir…

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