By Sanjay Jha

The glaring distinction between the two men who have hogged headlines recently is as dazzling the sunshine outside of my window.

As things stand today, getting murkier by the moment, it is obvious that while former MOS for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor was perhaps a “ misfit” , IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi for sure is “ unfit” to govern IPL going by his expanding grocery-list of alleged indiscretions.

While Tharoor quit from his ministerial position over “ potential material gains to be realized , if at all, in the future and that too indirectly” , Modi despite a tank full of crawling worms alleging irregularities committed and gains siphoned off , says—-I will not resign. Honestly, quite a remarkable contrast.

While Tharoor has not earned a single paisa and has resigned over the “ perception of both wrongful intent and misuse of public office”, Modi’s advance tax payments increased from around Rs 2 million ( pre-IPL) in 2007 to Rs 110 million 2010. Frankly, one cannot doubt the integrity of the numbers as he may be having several sources of income delivering outstanding returns and as a private citizen he has a full right to confidentiality. Moreover, if there is any irregularity it is for the Income Tax to investigate. But that celestial jump of over 5500% in 3 years is mind-numbing, don’t you think?

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