By Sanjay Jha

As has already been stated in an earlier article by the author on the Women’s Reservation Bill, the Bill should have ideally a fixed quota of only 20 %. Secondly, it should be time-bound to a maximum of 20 years and then de-reserved as two decades is a long time to ameliorate and emancipate the social and working conditions of women in a structured and focused initiative to be undertaken by women Lok Sabha representatives from different political parties , which is a significant percentage. Keeping any reservation policy in an interminable zone or in perpetuity is senseless as over a period of time it creates the very inequity it is meant to correct.

What is your view?

One comment

  1. I feel 20% is a reasonable figure. In order to achieve success, parties will nominate atleast 20% ladies as candidate, overall representation in Parliament may reach upto 33%. Moreover, too much reservation will lead to proxy power centers. 20% figure is likely to represented by able women candidates.

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