– By Sanjay Jha


1) Why did not Union Minister Sharad Pawar use his celebrated “ personal rapport and good relations” to ask Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray to stop his party’s senseless agitation and mindless violence against Shah Rukh Khan’s film My Name is Khan when he met him to seek his “blessings” for his IPL tournament and allow the Australian players to participate ? After all, is not the law and order situation in Mumbai the responsibility of the NCP which is part of the Maharashtra coalition?

2) Uddhav Thackeray says the Shiv Shainiks are taking to the roads in a “ spontaneous reaction” but Manohar Joshi states that “ we will not allow the screening of the film MNIK till SRK apologises”. Spontaneous ? Or clearly deliberately provocative?

3) One particular TV editor kept asking SRK if his statement on Pak players was a “ publicity stunt”. But the same channel brazenly promoted the SRK interview a thousand times during the day. Bottomline; who really needed the “ publicity”, SRK or the channel itself? And why are channels still inviting Shiv Sena spokesmen to spew their venom instead of allowing for a rational discussion amongst saner elements ? Or is the prepared mayhem part of TRP strategy?

4) NDTV’s coverage of the SRK-SS conflict was the best, moderate, reasonable and mature and brought out the endearing human traits and inner strength of India’s superstar. Dr Prannoy Roy’s interaction with SRK-Karan Johar was indeed rich, dignified and had sheer class written all over it. But what of the others?

5) It was great to see Headlines Today’s anchor Rahul, the first TV anchor ( or maybe second to Nidhi Razdan of NDTV ) to have effectively put his namesake from the Shiv Sena in place. Now can the others learn their lessons fast enough ?

6) How come no one is asking about the conspicuous silence of the MNS? Let me give the media a story opportunity here , why do Shiv Sena and MNS hunt in an alternate pattern, one follows when the other finishes , when their targets and goals are the same?


  1. Dear All,
    This is the high time that when the supreme authority of the Judiciary should intervene inthe matter and take the SUO MOTTO action against those who try to divide the society on the lingvistic manner and try to create haters amongs the People of India,the hight of the same was seen in last fortnight when the MNS hoardings all along the city were saying yes this is the thret if you think it is thret we will do and hanle the matter in our own way and not abibe by the rule of law ,after this no other additional supprting eveidence shouls be required to take the punitive action against those who have done that and the dtterent action should be taken so that no other people, party or leaders should think of doing so .
    Those who are staying in wells doest know the consequance of their mdness’s effect on the image of the country , ttrade, and economy of the country , my friend in HK and china were supposed to visit india in dec 09 they have cancelled saying that they have heard that there is no safty in traveling in INDIA and specially MUMBai , This is he reputation earned by our so called Wada pav walla’s

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