– By Sanjay Jha

Has it ever struck you, common man, that we in India have stopped questioning some very basic issues which should occur to us with logical and biological precision on auto mode? Let me explain:

1) We all know that the Liberhan Report on Ayodhya demolition was leaked to the Indian Express and NDTV who naturally expectedly propagated the same with kinetic vigour. Shouldn’t the government, parliament , media, opposition parties, public etc find out who actually did it? Where? Why? When? What for? Why not the HT, Dainik Bhaskar or TOI? Why not CNN-IBN , Aaj Tak or Times Now? Who benefited by the planned expose ? What was the real motive? How can one pretend to be callously indifferent on an issue that has since resulted in unprecedented disruption of parliamentary proceedings post-leak ?

The Indian Express , in fact, categorically stated that it was “Home Ministry sources”. If so, they do know who was the surreptitious bureaucrat. Did it have the Home Minister’s blessings? Were various parties working in coherence?

In fact, all it takes is a subpoena from the court to get to the bottom of the fact. But who is going to bell the cat?
I think the “ leak” deserves a serious investigation as it is fast becoming standard operating procedure in our country.
Even the Ram Pradhan report on 26/11 has been allegedly “ leaked”. Why ? Are there deals between certain media houses and the purported conspirators? Does anyone care to find out? Till today we have no idea about what really transpired in the cash-for-votes scam in parliament where the BJP was rumoredly hand-in-glove with CNN-IBN; I think the public has a right to that disclosure. RTI anyone? PIL maybe?

2) All the TV channels , in particular, have failed to focus on the key element of the entire debate ; why is the ATR so remarkably insipid ? I hope the Congress is not relying on some old-fogy advice that by taking serious action in the ATR it will bring Ayodhya center-stage and give BJP an electoral plank on a silver platter to queer the pitch in the upcoming UP assembly elections and may be even 2014. It may be a fallacious assumption and a glaring lapse ; remember the raison d’etre of BJPs existence is the Ayodhya temple objective anyway. The BJP will continue to raise the temple issue at sporadic intervals to keep it’s vote-bank in a tight grasp and to accumulate sundry disaffected elements in its fold on the emotive issue. In fact, I believe that by allowing the ATR to look so squeamish the Congress has allowed the BJP to ridicule the Liberhan Report, and worse, focus all the damaging repercussions on to their own PV Narasimha Rao. I was astonished to see Salman Khurshid painstakingly state that Atal Behari Vajpayee is not “technically indicted” by the Report. That was Chandan Mitra’s job and not his. Worse, the BJP public relations machinery found a bonanza to whip in the over-the-top Beni Prasad Verma. Look at the consequent irony; the highlight of the parliamentary debate which should have been the universal condemnation of the Sangh Parivar and the BJP for the disruptive Babri demolition instead had India’s Prime Minister apologizing to the BJP for the indiscretions of a Congress MP. In simple terms, we have seen a catastrophic collapse of the Congress in failing to check-mate the BJP for it’s blatant disregard of India’s secular character.

3) On Telengana, frankly, the Congress has blown away a tactical political opportunity to seize initiative by being characteristically reactive . Frankly, the writing was always on the wall since 2004 when it was publicly stated by the Congress-TRS ( who fought the elections together ) that they supported the formation of Telangana state. By allowing one man’s fast unto death to catapult the government to it’s knees so dramatically reflects poorly on our great Indian democracy no matter how legitimate the demand. Once gain, Congress continues to lose extraordinary ground on account of it’s abysmal low-levels of pro-activity.

It must be getting chilly cold in Delhi for Congress spokespeople at the moment.


  1. Sanjay, will the party folks enjoy your frank outburst,actually both
    congress and bjp fancy creating news for the media which desparately needs revenues to cover its costs(.We in india will never be able to get over this,a good civilised person will get frustrated over such nonsense.I hope people like Rahul gandhi,Sachin pilot and Milind deora take charge and make some bold change for the better otherwise……..
    Come on congress folks wake up! YEH TO PEHLA SAAL HI HAIN.
    Well Wisher

  2. While mentioning Rahul Gandhi,Sachin Pilot,Milind Deora, you have frogotten TOP OF THE ALL Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu.When he speak people listen spell bound and cheer on his logics.He speak from the core of his heart.In present parliament no body matches him.He is NO 1

  3. Mr. Jha,
    For once I completely agree with your views on both Liberhan Commission & Telengana. Liberhan Commission Report, around 48 extensions, 17 years and what do we have a dead, decayed rat and that too with no foul smell. Justice Liberhan got extensions through 2 congress govts & 2 BJP (Led) govts. My only addition to your views is something which Arun Jaitley said in the Rajya Sabha during a discussion on the report,
    “The judge, instead of sticking to his basic task of investigating the events, took this as an opportunity to talk about changing the world. A man who got 48 extensions in a post-retirement job says in his comments on civil servants that no retired person should get employment.”

    This I fear is not the end of the story but its about time we should bury the ghosts.

    Telengana, land of the Telugus, though the demands of the people in the region are justified but the seeds of division were sown far back, as far as 1953. But the creation should certainly not be to satisfy the ego of a certain political class….I wonder in this all hooplah if anybody cared to revisit the Gentlemen’s agreement of Andhra Pradesh, 1956. But who cares! Its not the people who matter. I wonder who said that in a democracy its the heads that are counted…quite true and a fitting comment to the situation on ground zero….Ground zero where….Bundelkhand…Gorkhaland…Then it would be Roahailkhand….etc…etc…

  4. The very basic and fundamental question should be what is the legal status of all these inquiry commissions set up from time to time rather than who leaked the report and how. Secondly whether it is impartial? both the sides would accept the outcome of the commission? etc. We have seen in past couple of years that these inquiry commissions are set up only to buy the time. The reports are either shelved or kept in a cold storage. If these reports of inquiry commissions are not implemented/acted upon then why waste the public money. Is there any other means to bring the facts to the light and make it compulsory for the Govt. to take action ?

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