” I understand your pain”

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

In Jharkhand yesterday, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi visited the family of slain inspector Francis Indwar, a victim of rising Maoist violence.

Gandhi visited the house of slain Inspector Francis Induwar and told his three children that he understood their pain since his father too had met with a violent end at the hands of a suicide bomber.
The Congress general secretary during his 20-minute stay at the house interacted with the special branch inspector’s widow Sunita and her children. Induwar was beheaded by Maoists on October 6 in a Taliban-type killing. Gandhi told them that he too had lost his father, former PM Rajiv Gandhi, to a suicide bomber in Tamil Nadu’s Sriperumbudur in 1991.

“I too lost my father. But I was 19 then, much older than you. Study well,” he said. “Rahul Gandhi also asked me for suggestions to curb Leftwing extremism in the state and I replied that basic amenities like health, education and roads should be provided in rural areas,” Sunita told reporters. “My son Avisekh told Rahul Gandhi that he would become a police officer and fight Maoists who his father died fighting with,” she said.


  1. @Navin yeah getting a degree from abroad is one of the difficulties that normal Indians face.

    Rahul’s parents died because of their mistakes. The children of slained inspector’s children died because of their mistake too!

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