Narendra Modi–The Documentary Star!

To go along with his ability to inspire destruction, it seems Narendra Modi has the ability to inspire creation–of an array of documentaries that expose his destructive misrule. Sadanand Menon, writing on Rediff points out that an “impressive body of anti-Modi films accumulating since 2002, are now a ubiquitous part of the ‘documentary festival’ circuit, delivering compact body blows to the reputation of Hindutva’s puffed up poster boy.”

One comment

  1. I haven’t watched all of the films mentioned above but I have watched a few. These films seem to have a similar structure. Most films employ individuals as their protagonists and the story of the riots is then shown through their eyes. The trials and tribulations that the individuals and their families faced are shown in explicit detail and form a significant portion of the film.

    I agree with the film-makers that the riots, not only the ones in Gujarat, Mumbai, Bhayander but also the ones during partition were dreadful. It pains me deeply to see innocent people suffer. However, these documentaries seem to be using fallacious rhetorical strategies to iterate their point which reminds me of the ‘Daisy girl’ advertisement used by Lyndon B Johnson during the ’64 presidential campaign.

    An argument which ties together two entirely unrelated ideas is known as a non sequitur. The documentaries tie two entirely different ideas together: the Riots and the role of the government. The hardships and sufferings of the people during the riots do not prove the involvement of the government officials. By making extensive use of emotive discourse these documentaries convey incorrect information about the role of the Gujarat government in the Godhra riots. The role of the government is a ‘given’ for most of these film-makers and they do not feel the need to provide proof of the same.

    Much was said about the ‘autocratic’ style of functioning in Gujarat after some of these films were banned. Such misleading films which tend to reignite the passions which led to the unfortunate demise of our fellow countrymen can be harmful for our society

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